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EFTPOS Machines

                            - EFTPOS Machines -
                           - Written By Anubis -

Ok girls and boys here is a way to get free shit and not have to worry bout any
hang ups. Tis all bout using eftpos machines and ya own key card....

Now this is 100% safe to do, it has been vererfied by both the anz bank and a
police member ...

Now first what ya have to do is get off ya fat ass and decide that ya need some
petrol and food for that pitting trip......

Day starts - Go to ya local Bank and tell them that ya key card has been stolen
and that ya wanna kill access to ya key card....

Next ring the Police and tell them that ya wallet has been stolen from some
remote location (ya can include that ya got bout $100 bucks in the wallet or
they might think that ya are a wanker for wasting there time.)

Next rub the (your) card against the ground so that it kills the magnetic strip,
so ya cant run it tho the eftpos machine. Best to do it on the ground as it
looks right, ya could just scratch it with a knife or sumthing but it will
prolly get the operator suss.....

Now we have that done the fun starts...  Go to ya local Supermarket ( ya feeling
quite hungry now !!!! :) ) Start filling up ya trolly with food for a party eg
munchies for ya pitting execise and go to the checkout.

Now here the fun begins for the operator.... let them put all ya stuff thru and
when they say, how would ya like to pay for that Sir, ya hand them ya key card.
They wont check the back first, they'll swipe the card and tell you that the
card hasn't gone thru, they'll prolly try bout 5 times then they'll call a
superviser.. dont worry 'bout these people they r just as dumb as the operator
believe me i know :) heheheh !!!  she'll either say sorry sir ya card doesn't
seem to work (fucking no shit woman heheheh) well have to do a manual
transaction. then she'll get a machine and take a carbon copy of ya card and
get ya to sign ya name... then she'll hand it back to ya... and ask ya to show
some other from of id with a signature on it (make sure it doesn't have a picky
on it or you'll pay later!!)

Now just sign away heheh no worries and leave. Now cause the Bank has cancel
ya key card that money that ya just drew out goes out of the Banks insurance
and not out of ya account as ya have already told the back that ya card has been
stolen :) ya might think why ring the cops and say ya wallets been stolen. The
answer being if the Bank rings the supermarket and asks did ya verify the
signature and they say yes then they'll ring the cops to verify it being
stolen. Best to be safe i say :) But none of this gets checked till bout 5 hour
after ya made ya withdrawal.. but it does happen!

Then ya drive to ya petrol station and do the same just this time fill up with
petrol,  what can he say "NO" we'll have to take that petrol out of ya car!
we wont do a manual transaction :) like hell heheeh, Petrols stations will
always do a manual transaction, as they know they dont loose out, the bank does
but with the supermarket they just might say that they cant do a manual
transaction, but then all that happens is that ya leave the stuff that ya
collected, for them to put back on the shelves for the next 1/2 hour, they'll
really love ya for that :) heheheheheh

[note: The best way to check whether you'd stuffed the card is to swipe it
       thru a Credit Card fone.  This way you avoid getting harrased by staff
       and you dont lose your card.  Blade..]

Now for the tech. info on new eftpos machines..

Woolies and most big groceries corp. r using a new brand of id check to see if    
the card is stolen. What happens is that all eftpos machines have a direct
phone line in/out to the banks computer networks, which is always connected.
When making a transaction it first checks the card to be either reported stolen
or out dated if either of these come up then the company is entitled to
retain the card at store level... to be returned after a Bank employee have 
verified the card personally....in the case of out of date then the card is
kept and destroyed.. in the case of damaged.. the store may opt to do a manual
transaction, and finally in the case of stolen the store is not permitted to
take any action agains you in any form, they will try to stall you there as 
long as possiable and the eftpos machine will inform the police of where the 
card user is and at what time. This process happens as soon as the eftpos 
machine comes up with card stolen.... On the hand terminal you'll see a error 
codes and a display of card invalid remember this means that the above process
has already started...

Stay turned for my next piece on the programming of eftpos terminal and codes
that you can try....

         [ some petrol stations have camera's, so avoid these at all times ]

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