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Fucking up assholes at work with PC's


 Have you ever been fucked by someone at work ?
 Has some one at work ever told you boss about this great thing
 they did, ONLY you the one who really did it ?
 Have you ever had a person at work just totally fuck with you
 to know end ?

Now do you want to FUCK'EM back ?  And not get caught doing it ?

Here's some real bad things to do to people that will make them
look like total assholes in your boss's eyes.
                    F U C K ' E M  -  O N E

This one is bad news for assholes who don't do back-ups on there
computers at work, but it is also effective as just an

Do this early in the week like on a Monday..  First make positively
absolutely on one see's you on or near or even in the area of the
asshole's PC..
Now remember what application the Asshole's PC is in (Like Wordstar
2000 most assholes use this)  now go to the "C:" prompt or go to
the DOS directory (Most assholes put there DOS in the root) but
then theirs always the chance someone with intelligents set-up the
asshole hard disk and made a DOS directory.
Now type FDISK.  A menu will appear chose the one that says DELETE
A DOS PARTITION this is number 3 in dos 3.3.  Now remove all the
DOS partitions and push ESC to exit out of the program ** CAUTION
** must be exercised here go slowly.  

When you see PUSH  Ctrl+ALT and DEL to reboot the system DON'T
Instead PUSH Ctrl+C.  hehe

This will exit the program without rebooting the system !  Now
jump back in to the ASSHOLE's application that he was using like
Wordstar 2000, Put his system back just like he left it.

From this point on his computer is a time bomb,  every thing will
work normally, normally at least until he dose a warmboot or a
reset then hehe that "NO BOOT DEVICE" will be glaring at him !
O shit you here him say,  He now boots up VIA floppy and try's to
jump on to C:, now his computer reports "Invalid drive
specification", in desperation he will try Nortons, PCtools and 
even call for help HAHAHAHAHA no luck ! that data is gone forever.

Now for the best part watch him tell your boss he just lost all

                    F U C K ' E M  -  T W O

 When the ASSHOLE go's to lunch or what ever boot up a game on his
system that make hell'a noise.  When his boss goes to check it out
he will find out that the asshole is playing games on his pc
instead of doing his work..  Use a program like waituntil to
execute the game so your not around when it starts.

Better yet make a directory called GAMES and copy hell'a games out
there. so his boss will see'em all.  Make sure to use one of those
games that you have to reboot the PC to get out of it.

                    F U C K ' E M  -  T H R E E

 Install some commercial software on the assholes PC like Wordstar,
Lotus or any other big name.  These companies normally have a 
phone number you can call to rat off on someone using there
software without an licence,  I've seen it happen there will be
hell'a shit to pay **** WARNING **** this could cost the company
some $$$$.

                    F U C K ' E M  -  F O U R

 Make a directory like ALT+255 (the extended Alt keyboard char.
set) this will make a blank space.
Now do an XCOPY C:\  C:\"ALT+255"/s/e.  this will fill up his hard
drive so he won't be able to save anything.

This is good as long as the asshole doesn't know anything about dos
or doesn't use anything like nortons.

Make doing back-ups take hella long too !


Sure these aren't anything spectacular but they are effective !
and remember..................

 If you got an ASSHOLE TO DEAL WITH don't get mad....

   F U C K ' E M ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
>>>>> The She Devil <<<<<<


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