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An undocumented feature in Secret Service Pinball


Secret Service Pinball, Data East, 1988
Undocumented Feature by Dethme0w, 1999

Here's how to get extra balls in play simultaneously in Secret Service
pinball without going through the ramp:

At the beginning of the ball, don't shoot right away.  After a few seconds,
a second ball will be presented.  Shoot just hard enough to launch one of
the balls, so that the other one comes back down.  As soon as it hits the
switch, or at least within a few seconds, if there is a third ball in the
sewer, it too will be presented.  Now just shoot both balls and you've got
three in play!  This can be repeated each ball, and the game is aware of
the ball count on the table, so you are safe to lose two of them.  This
will not work if there is a ball in the ramp trap, as the machine only has
three balls.  In that case you can only get the two balls.

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