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How to Hack Prodigy

                   þárotherhood of Gíds and âetardsþ      
                         "How to Hack Prodigy"
                           Desolated Dream

Prodigy is one of the easiest things in the world to hack.  all you do is call
up Prodigy at 1-800-776-3449.  when it answers, you listen to the little shit
message.  it will then tell you to press 1 if you have a touch tone phone.
then you get a menu that says, press 1 for purchasing for 1st time, 2 for the 
best phone number to use, 3 for billing questions, 4 for installation problems,
or 5 for trouble using after install.  i will go into all of these in detail, 
but for now you hit 4 for installing problems.  you get the for quality 
control and training purposes message, then play some musicit will either tell
you that all lines are currently busy & to call back later, tell you that 
all reperesentatives are currently busy, and to hold on, or just give you an
operator instantly.  then when you get the operator, he/she will ask for your
membership id.  you just act like an idiot.  tell them you just recieved the
Prodigy pack for your Birthday, and you have just set it up, and you ran the
program, but it keeps asking for a membership id, and password.  just say you
looked in the box and at all the books, bbut you see no id or password
anywhere.  he will tell you to hold on, and he will get you a new id.  when he
comes back he will ask you for your name, address, and tel#.  the beauty of it
is that you just give him bullshit stuff, and he gives you an id.  you thank
him, and hang up.  now as for getting a number, you call the 800 number back,
and instead of going to 4, you go to 2.  you get the monitor message, get put
on hold, then it says to press 1 for 2400, or 2 for 9600.  you always press 1.
you don't have the ability on the first call to connect at 9600.  you must d/l 
the upgrade file once you're online.  you get the access numbers, setup the
prodigy software, login new with the temp acct.  you must then fill out the the
newuser info, and say yes to the disclaimer.  you have to have a credit card #
it don't have to be valid, nor does the name, address or phone#.  as for the
credit card number, amex has 14, mc 16, and visa 17.  once you get on, you can
d'l the 9600 upgrade, sign up 5 more members, and get 2 more free accounts by
jumping "instant member".  and you have free full member packages sent to you
by jumping "member get a member".  you can get access to everything this way.
BTW,  for the skeptics about tracing the calls.  the only place that has that,
and the only place where anyone has ever been busted is in the state of ny.
and you can also card shit this way if you have a valid card...

that's about it for this online service hacking issue from desolated dream and
áGâ.  look for hacking delphi, getting free internet accounts, getting free 
money from visa and mc cards, getting free money from amex cards, and the art
of dumpster diving without getting cought...

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