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HackerZ Hideout FAQ

HackerZ Hideout FAQ v1.0
Written by kM

This FAQ was written due to the amount of repeated questions asked
Via email.  I receive anywhere from 100-300 emails daily asking
me questions about hacking.  This hopefully will answer some
of the more common questions.

(Q) Why doesn't the hideout have anything on viruses?

(A) I personally do not believe in viruses.  They are not a form of
    hacking.  The intent of viruses is to be malicious.  Some viruses
    are not malicious but there are few of those.  I do however like
    to see new and exciting ones.  Most nowadays are modified copies 
    of original viruses.  Plain and simple...if you want to learn 
    about them read an Assembly book.

(Q) Where can I get that cool background music you have on your

(A) I don't mind people taking me stuff...in fact it's a form of 
    flattery in my opinion.  However you should know that in Netscape
    (and maybe other www browsers) you can view the document source
    code.  Look for the .MID and copy that code.  If you want to 
    download the file direct.  www.hackersclub.com/km/midis/midi.html and download 
    the ones you want.  I've also made it where you can listen to them before you download.

(Q) Why don't you carry Warez? (Pirated Software)

(A) Should I even answer this?  All emails of this nature are deleted without an 
    answer.  Its simple pirated software is illegal.  Do you want your server seized?
    Most of the Warez Websites you see won't last 3 months.  SPA/BSA will find you along
    with MS reps and other software companies who pay people to hunt these sites down.  
    Your best bet if your looking for this software and such is either look for these sites 
    via a search engine or join IRC and jump into channels like #exceed and download to 
    your hearts content.  I did write a text file on getting pirated software in IRC. 
    Download it from the file area.

(Q) No cracks either?

(A) Yup.  Cracks are illegal too if you use them to crack software *YOU* personally didn't buy.
    You can read the legit SPA form in the LAW area of the HackerZ Hideout.  However if you
    use the cracks on software you own already (registered copies of course) it is legal.

(Q) Do you personally hack?

(A) Long time ago I use to mess around and cause havoc.  Now I just bring together all aspects
    of the scene and deliver a small piece to people.  I am retired and will stay that way.  
    My plans are to run a good hacking page for people who are curious in learning.

(Q) What do you use for your graphics?

(A) Adobe PhotoShop v3 with the Alien Skin Plugins.  Most of the graphics are made by me or by 
    my wife.

(Q) Why does it take so long for you webpage to load? 

(A) I did a lot of graphics and added music to the pages.  I wanted my site to be visually 
    appealing along with being a good source of information.  If you have already seen the
    site with the graphics, I have put together a TEXT version of the Hideout.

(Q) Can I link to your site?

(A) By all means go for it.  Tell everyone about this site.

(Q) Why do you ban links from Geocites and Angelfire?

(A) Those 2 places seem to censor and move Hack/Phreak/Warez pages off to frequently.  Plus
    with only 1-2 megs in space there isn't much a page could have.  Links and information 
    maybe.  I will only make cases for those pages that really do have a lot of information.

(Q) What is Warez-Waldo? 

(A) Warez-Waldo is nothing more than an IRC channel on Effnet.  We don't trade Warez or 
    distribute pirated software.  We are a group of people who go in there to hang out and 
    converse like everyday people.  We are not a pirate group, hack group or courier group.

(Q) Do you subscribe to 2600 magazine?

(A) Yes.  Don't you?  Magazine is full of goodies and the chief editor happens to have the
    same last name as I do. =)

(Q) Why run a hacking page?

(A) I've thought about this for a long time.  I think the reason I run such a page if for 
    learning purposes.  I think because of all the research and hands on training that I have
    had it has helped me achieve a goal in corporate America.  I have a well paying job and
    I know what a hacker might think of in terms of breaking in that most system admins can
    only dream of.  I live, breath and lust for computers.  All I can say is that for once
    in my life I have a job where I am happy and haven't complained and I owe it to playing
    on the computer.

(Q) Will you ever hack again?

(A) Of course but it will be only on my personal machines or maybe even helping out people  
    at work protect their data.  

(Q) How do I view your files?

(A) The files that I have are most than likely compressed using pkzip.  If you are a windows
    user I would suggest getting Winzip.  You can download a shareware copy at www.winzip.com.
    If you're a beloved dos user, you can download the latest pkware from www.shareware.com.  You
    will need to save these files to your computer's hard drive and use these programs to 
    uncompress them.  ** ALWAYS ** scan the files before executing them.  

(Q) What do I do with the C files?

(A) These C programs are for Unix.  You can download them but you will need to compile them
    using your Unix shell account.  

(Q) Can I get on your mailing list for updates?

(A) On the Entrance page to the Hideout there is a section at the bottom where you can choose
    the page to monitor on the Hideout.  When it gets update you will receive an email saying
    it was updated.

(Q) Why you put a lame dos trick/hack in the newbies area?

(A) How many people know the ASCII blank??  I would say most people don't.  Especially parents
    and teachers.  Its a good little trick to *START* off with.  Mainly to get the brain cells
    in people's mind to start churning.

(Q) What do you suggest for a newbie to start out with?

(A) A Hex Editor, some .EXEs to modify...and a small short term goal.  Perhaps hack your own
    system.  Learn some basic programming.  RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH...Hacking something big
    will *NOT* happen over night.  You must learn it all like you would Math.  No one can jump
    right into Calculus and know all the answers...one must learn the ways.

The End..

Until I get more repetitive email questions....


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