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Wrap Those Disks! A low-tech cyber prank.

  Ŵ                                              Ŵ
  Ŵ               WRAP THOSE DISKS!                 
Ŵ   Copyright (C) 1992  by  Timothy Campbell     Ŵ

  This one's a breeze.
  Walk into a local computer store.  Wander over the shareware rack. The disks
  are usually wrapped and sealed in plastic.  Buy one that looks popular.
  Go home.  Open the plastic envelope very carefully.  Play with the program.
  Now delete it.  Write something of your own.  Copy it to the disk.  Put the
  disk back in the plastic envelope.  Reseal it. Wait a day.  Drop by the
  store.  Sneak the envelope back onto the rack.
  That part's easy.  The tough part is deciding what to put on the disk.  Your
  typical unimaginative slob will write a program that says "HAHAHA YOU LOOSER
  YER HARD DISK IZ HISTORY BUBBA!!!!!" and scramble the root directory.  Yawn.
  I would recommend that the program display an official-looking message like
       ATTENTION:  This disk is the property of the National Security 
       Agency and must  not be allowed to be used on machines that do 
       not carry the NSA  unlocking hardware.   All sensitive data is 
       encoded and thus you are in no danger of compromising national 
       security.  However, we ask you, as a faithful American, to let 
       us know the  circumstances under which this disk has come into 
       your possession.  Call Inspector Murphy at ...                 
  If you have a payphone near you that accepts incoming calls, give that
  number and have fun with the victim who calls.  ("Place the disk in a taxi
  and send it right over.  Yes, you'd better come along, too.  No, don't take
  an airplane.  Yes, we'll refund you the money.  We're located about 40 miles
  outside of Washington, in the middle of what APPEARS to be a field.  Here's
  how to get there...")
  If that seems too nasty (gosh, doesn't it, though?), you could simply give
  the REAL number of the NSA and chuckle at the thought of the poor guy trying
  to explain himself when he calls.

  PRECAUTIONARY NOTE:  This trick is best done in winter, when you can wander
  into the store while wearing gloves.  That'll help you hide your finger-
  prints.  You might wanna do that.  The NSA isn't known for its sense of

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