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A workplace prank involving an office phone system

Newsgroups: alt.shenanigans
Subject: Work Shen (I think)
Reply-To: tweselak@mts.net
Date: Wed Jun 14 13:57:15 1995

Admittedly this is my first post (period), but I think I found the right
place to put it.

Where I work we have a phone network where we can call people according to
their extensions. Not unusual.  If I and another person are talking, I can
simply flash the hook, put the person on hold by hitting two numbers, and
then transfer him to another person(extension).  Also not unusual.

The idea here is to have two people call each other without wanting to.
You need an accomplice, or two phones close together.  You then call your
accomplice from phone A at phone B.  You then figure out who's in their
offices (targets), you then simply transfer the call to phone C and your
accomplice transfers the call to phone D.  If all goes well both persons
will pick up, say hello, and not know how they got connected.  The problem
I have with this is that if one person doesn't pick up it rings back at the
originating phone A or B.

If this is done for, say, once a day for a week or two, I'm sure they would
be fairly confused. Or if there are two people in the workplace that hate
each other, and you want to see sparks fly,..... enough said.

The only condition is Accomplice(not always), and knowledge of the targets'
whereabouts.  Better if you can get the two connected in different areas of
the building!!!

I would love to do this, but where I work, I don't think it would go over

I hope the this inspires someone, if this hasn't been proposed already. If
this has showed up before, please forgive me.

Tim Weselak

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