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Some more Prank Call transcripts

PrankPhone Calls

Some transcripts of PLA Texas' member prank calls.  (Currently all me)

ME: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Jenkins please?

THEM: This is he.

ME: This is Robert with AT&T Corporate Security, I'd like to talk to
you about around $2000 dollars of illegal fradulent calls made
from your house.

THEM: Excuse me?

ME: Do you know anything about this?

THEM: No, I don't know anything about any calls.

ME: I'm sorry sir, but our records show that these calls were made from
YOUR house.

THEM: It must be a mistake <sounds worried>

ME: You'll have to pay for them.

THEM: How much did you say the calls were? <probably hoping it was <$50
so he could just forget it>

ME: $2,010.30.  I can fax or mail you a list of times the calls were
made and the duration and cost of the calls.

THEM: Well I didn't make those calls, I'm NOT paying.

ME: Then AT&T will give your name to a collection agency, and your local
telephone provider will shut off your phone line.

THEM: <getting real pissed> I told you, I didn't make any goddamn phone

ME: I'm sorry sir, but you did.

THEM: <hangs up>

I then sent him a nice letter with a collection agency letter head asking
for the $2,000 dollars, called him again and said I was with Southwestern
Bell and was shutting of his long distance because he had made fradulent
calls, and then shut down his long distance carrier and all of his calling
cards.  To this day I don't think he can make a long distance call :)


Here's a transcript of me harrassing my "Current Loser of the Month"
of Jan-Apr 1996

ME: <dialing> 1-800-225-5288

ATT: duh, duh, duh, duh, duh  How would you like to bill this call?

ME: Collect

ATT: Number please?

ME: 214-923-0810

ATT: Your name?

ME: Hank Moore

PHONE: <ring> <ring>

THEM: Hello?

ATT: Hello, this is AT&T Operator xxxx (I forgot), I have a collect
call from "Hank Moore", will you accept charges?

THEM: Why sure!

THEM: Hank?

ME: Yeah bitch, whatcha doing?

THEM: Hank????  <utterly confused>

ME: Your phone been asking you for quarters lately?

THEM: huh?

ME: I just wondered how your phone bill is doing?  <i had billed
about $350 to their credit card before MCI shut it off>

THEM: You are an evil person.  I hope you know you are going to hell.

THEM: <hangs up>


THEM: Hello, Waxahachie Christian?

ME: May I speak with John Box please?  <john box=big boss>

THEM: just a moment...

THEM: Hello, this is John.

ME: Hi, this is Eric with the Internal Revenue service.  We would like
to inform you that an employee of yours is cheating on his taxes.  We've
found huge discrepancies in 5 of his tax returns, and have launched a full
scale investigation on him.

THEM: Who is it?  What do you want?

ME: Is a Mr. Hankford Moore not employed by you?

THEM: yeah... he's an honest man though, he wouldn't cheat on his taxes

ME: I'm sorry, but he has gotten huge sums of money from somewhere, and
they haven't come from his job.  Do you know anything about this?

THEM: Well, come to think of it, he has been coming around here with a new
car, and fancy clothes.  And I heard he and his wife were going to build a
swimming pool for their kids...

ME: Do you have any idea where the money came from?  The FBI is currently
investigating that matter.  <notice my small discrepancy here, but John
never notices>

THEM: I've been pretty upset at him lately.  Someone keeps calling here,
asking for him, and hanging up.  Also, most of his mail comes here now.
He's always late, and jumpy a lot.  And that stunt with the businesses was

ME: what are you talking about sir?  <grinning because I know exactly what
he's talking about>

THEM: at 8:15 in the morning, about 20 people from lawn repair, to
painters, to piano tuners knock on my door and ask for Hank Moore.  It took
me 'til 10:00 to get everyone to leave and then at 12:00 I got 5 x-tra
large pepperoni pizzas delivered.  I was madder than a hornet.

ME: uh, okay, but what about the taxes?  could you withhold his paycheck
until we get this cleared up

THEM: sure, if I don't fire him

THEM: <hangs up>

<i laugh>

That mention of the lawn repair, etc. was a variation on RBCP's theme,
except I ordered the services to Hank's boss in Hank's name instead of to
Hank's house.

Here's a transcript of me having fun with my OKI cellular phone, breaking
into other people's conversations using debug mode:

ME: <scanning channels>

THEM: blah, blah, blah

ME: <#42-01> (OKI code to turn on DTMF 1)

THEM2: what the heck is that awful horn? (sounds like a senior citizen)

ME: <#43> (turning it off)

THEM: what horn?  (only one side of conversation could hear my DTMF)

ME: <#42-01> for about 2 seconds

ME: <#43>

THEM2: that horn

THEM: i don't hear any horn, I'll hang up and call you back <hangs up>

<I find them again>

ME: <#07> (OKI code to transmit)

ME: I AM GOD!!!!

THEM2: What?

ME: I AM GOD!!!!

THEM2: Do you hear that?  Someone is speaking in my phone besides

THEM: Have you been taking something Janice?

ME: The world ends tonight!

THEM2: God just told me that the world ends tonight through my cellular

THEM: Maybe you'd better get some rest.

THEM2: But I heard it.

THEM2: Really I did.

THEM: I'd better talk to you later.


THEM2: But i really heard him!!!

<transmission ends>

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