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Pranks #12 - Tele-Phun I

The FIXER presents.......

Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem 12:



OK, here are a few tricks you can do
via telecommunications channels.....

- Did you know that some BBS programs
  crash when the number of users gets
  too large?  I wrote a program called
  "Byter Writer", named for Jas0n
  "c0ckbyter" Anders0n, which gives
  your favorite sysop all the users he
  could want and then some.....It spent
  all night logging onto Byter's Board
  logging on plebian users...
  BYTER 376
  BYTER 377

  "Fatal error!  Too Many UserXHXYglyGYLF7r87('07f0f7('(rfvF68I['0:0@9u@**erhy8v828b98v0v0(08bp0@:*@90*8vvVVVv0@q:q:udmnqnq8bq@f121f*6FNFCB0BN0HF8HN781N0NVB8Q2N2878287874NJVL7VBNFNKJTKNHKG56G4

  You get the idea.

- Here's a quick way to take a pay
  phone off line:
  (Thanx to TT for this one)
  Just go up to a fortress, dial 0,
  and yell "Hey Wench, You Suck,
  I Rule".  The operator will
  disconnect the phone from service,
  and these have been known to stay
  out of service for hours this way
  (until the op that disconnected it
  ends her shift...)

Ah, the joys of auto-dialing Jas0n
Anders0n's voice line.  Before I put
up a BBS, and before Byter Writer was
written, I used to sick non-carrier
detecting auto-dialers on him.
(jas0n was an asshole, he deserved
everything he got and more)
One day, though, I heard a recording
emanate from my Hayes: "The number you
have reached is not in service".  He
had changed the number!  Well, most
vengeful types would say "SHIT! I'M
SCREWED!" but not me.  We simply went
over to Byter's house at 4 AM one day
with a Bud Box.  After making free
calls at Byter's expense for awhile
(we also did a lot of Blue Boxing, just
to make sure he got a visit from Bell,
thay are about his only friends now
that they make a killing changing his
number all the time), we did a ANI
(it's 211 around these parts) and
within 6 hours everyone had the new
number.  We haven't been back to his
place lately but it is rumored that he
has Krazy-Glued his grey Terminal box
shut.  *SIGH*  guess I will have to go
over there with some KRAZY GLUE
SOLVENT (remember you are reading a
file by KING Krazy Glue) and open that
sucker up again.  Maybe install a
nice scarlet box and re-glue it.

Some auto-dialing tips (while we're
still on the topic).
- Overnight, it's best to have the
  dialer go only once an hour or so.
  This is because, no matter how often
  your dialer dials, the victim will
  only let it ring his phone 3 or 4
  times before he wises up and takes
  the phone off the hook.  If you let
  it run 10 times a minute, the victim
  will leave the phone off the hook all
  night, and get a good night's sleep,
  and that won't do, will it?  You let
  the dialer run every hour on the hour
  and you will completely ruin the
  victim's sleep, for he will be up
  every hour all night answering the
- Conversely, when auto-dialing a
  business during the day, have your
  dialer run as fast as it can.  In
  fact, since there are usually two
  lines in a business fone, have two
  dialers running (get a friend to
  help).  A business can't just leave
  the phone off the hook and if both
  lines are tied up by your dialers,
  they can't call the phone company
  to complain either.  This worked
  rather successfully when I had just
  quit a local Bingo place.  I set my
  dialer to wait a while before dialing
  so that it wouldn't start until I got
  there.  I wanted to see the look on
  everyone's faces, plus I could not
  be blamed because I was right there
  and obviously not at a phone...
  Anyways, almost the second I walked
  in the door of the Bingo Place to
  pick up my pay check, the fortress
  fone on the wall started ringing.
  It rang 3 times, and stopped.
  Then the business phone rang.  It was
  answered by an employee who got
  silence (the modem was in originate
  mode so it sent no carrier).  CLICK,
  and the payphone went again.  Then
  the business phone.  This was all
  very noisy and pissed a lot of people
  off because they couldn't hear the
  Bingo Caller over the phones ringing.
  On my way home, passersby couldn't
  understand why this crazy guy with a
  paycheck in his hand who just came
  out of the Bingo Place was laughing
  so hard.....

- If you have a CAT or other modem that
  supports digitized speech, have your
  dialer utter a few words every
  time it dials.....
  Jas0n: "Hello"
  modem: "Jas0n is a Space Fagg0t!!!"
  Jas0n: CLUNK!!!!!! (he fainted,
                      this is the 27th
                      time today this
                      has happened...)

What else is fun?  Ah yes, everywhere
you go you see rodents bitching that
their Call Alert fucks up their data
calls.  And it does, and unless you
have selective call alert, you can't
do much about it.
Wouldn't it be REALLY r0dently if a BBS
line had Call Alert?  Every time it was
busy and someone else called in, "poof"
BOTH callers get fried.
So, call up your local CO's business
office and order Call Alert for your
favorite sysop today!

Here is a way to defeat callback
security found on some BBS systems and
other online systems:
When you call a number, you remain
connected to them until YOU hang up,
not them.  So, when you call a BBS with
callback security,  you just stay on
the line after it tells you to hang up.
The BBS's modem will hang up, and then
pick up again, and you will hear it
touch-tone the number  of the person
whose account you are trying to get
into.  The BBS will then offer you its
carrier......and you're in!


(I will be building one of these in
early 1988, it has not been tried yet
to my knowledge).

A while ago some friends and I were
talking about gaining Calling card
codes by eavesdropping at payphones
and listen to the codes that the saps
verbally told the operators.  Well, we
came across a problem.  Now that you
can directly dial a calling card call
without going through the operator,
it is rare that someone will still use
a calling card verbally these days, and
so standing around eavesdropping didn't
sound very productive anymore.
Well, at the time some of us were
playing with bugs and wiretaps, and the
thought came to me:  What if I were to
install a bug in a fortress?  I could
tape record everything said on the line
plus I would have every touch tone
dialed!  This sounded fine until I got
to the touch tones.  I for one am tone
deaf; I couldn't tell what tone was
what number if I tried.  So, why not
run the tones through a DTMF receiver?
Sure, then every single digit dialed
on the pay phone would just appear on
my computer monitor...this would not
only include calling cards but also
any extenders that anyone might
legitimately use, plus accounts to
ADS systems.  The potential to gain
phreak codes in this manner is
Anyways, now you can see why I call it
the FISH box; you are essentially
fishing for codes and if you are
persistent eventually someone will
- Getting the bug into the payphone can
  be a problem but we are working on
- You still have to be relatively close
  to the fone in order to get good
  reception of the bug.  Don't sit
  around for hours, find a place to
  stash your tape recoder and bug
  receiver where no one can find it
  and come back for it later.  If there
  are lockers nearby and they are not
  made of metal they will do fine.

Anyways, I will be writing the official
box plans next month.  If anyone has
any luck with this project before then,
let me know how you made out.

-=( The FIXER )=-

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