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Pranks #14 - Tele-Phun ][: Huge Phone Bills



       [Yawn] another PRANKS, REVENGE, and GENERAL MAYHEM file

       from THE FIXER

       July, 1988

       I guess this makes #14 now...

   THC-][ (604) 595-0085                   Metal AE (201) 879-6668 pw=KILL

[1] Huge Phone Bills:

  1.1 If your intended victim has a middle- or high-end answering machine
      or subscribes to a VMS service, you're in luck.  These are usually
      endowed with the capability to remotely change the outgoing message
      tape (or memory, whatever) and are protected with a pathetic 2-4 digit
      code.  Once you crack one of these, change the message going out so
      it says "This machine accepts ALL collect calls".  Then get all your
      friends and relatives in Europe, south America, China, Antarctica, etc
      making collect calls to it.  They don't have to say anything, just keep
      the line open.

  1.2 The bud-box.  It's not a box at all really and it's the k-neetest way
      for losers like your victim to phreak.  What you do is hook up your
      modified phone to the victim's outside terminal box (not too
      difficult unless you're Capt. Kirk
      would do is call 1-976-PORN for a few minutes and then bugger off
      scared that someone might see them.  This won't really cost your enemy
      too much and he'll have his box steel-plated next time you come back
      (Jas0n C0ckbyter Anders0n did this after someone went to his box to
      do an ANI with a bud-box to get his new phone number.  It had just been
      changed because SOMEONE had posted about a 200 meg AE being at that
      What a vengeful phreak with brains would do is call the most expensive
      phone number he can possibly think of (there are some south Pacific
      Islands that are obscenely pricey to call; Marisat is a good ripoff
      too...) and instead of sticking around for weeks, just put a 600 ohm
      load (preferably a 10 cent resistor from Shack) across the box terminals,
      and leave it there.  The line will stay open until someone starts to
      wonder what's going on, and by that time you'll be long gone and there'll
      be about $1,000,000,000,000 in Long Distance charges already billed.

  1.3 Steal his Calling Card.  Post it on every BBS and AE in the entire
      US of A.  I don't need to say more about this and it's been done many
      times anyways.

  1.4 Befriend him.  Include him in your elite circle of hacker friends
      (none of your REAL contacts, just other losers...).  Make him think he's
      just totally k-awesome.  Then get him excited about  blowing up his
      area code with a Blotto Box (ha ha ha).  InSIST that every major
      phreak has Blotto Boxed their exchange at least once and that if he's
      ever going to be /<ool he should do the same.  When he does it, call up
      Crime Stoppers...  He won't destroy the NPA but there will be damage
      done to Telco and that will give your victim a record...and you'll be
      able to anonymously provide the pigs with a name, address, phone number,
      set of fingerprints, etc etc etc...
      (This prank inspired by "Get People To Kill Themselves")

  1.5 Raid your enemy's mailbox daily.  If you see a phone bill, take it.
      About 4 months later your enemy's phone line will be cut off for
      non-payment.  Too bad he didn't get to see the "Final Notice".


Sorry this file's a bit cut-off but I had to translate it from WordStar to
PCWrite (ASCII) and in the time it took I couldn't be bothered to add anything
else.   So sue me.

-=( FIXER )=-

1988 (November now... look for 15 before 1989)

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