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Tel-Scan - The Ultimate Skip Tracing Weapon

 %%%                                                  %%%              tm %%%
 %%%   %%%%%%% %%%%%%% %%%           %%%%%  %%%%%      %%%      %%%%%%    %%%
 %%%                   %%%          %%%    %%%   %      %%%    %%%  %%%   %%%
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 %%%     %%%   %%%%%%% %%%%%%%      %%%%%   %%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%% %%%  %%%   %%%
 %%%                                                           %%%        %%%
 %%%                   The Ultimate Skip Tracing Weapon                   %%%
 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 14-Feb-94 %%%%


 Whats all the hoopla? Well I've been trying to find a good ANI demo ever
 since IIRG's went down at the first of the year [800-852-9932]. Well I
 finally got one from The Mortician. Here it is...

                           8 0 0 . 7 7 5 . 5 5 1 3

 This is an ANI demo provided by a security company called TEL-SCAN(tm). Now
 ANI is cool and useful and everything, but it isn't hardly worthy of one of
 my wonderful headers. But see, theres more at stake here. Call the demo and
 get the ANI info and all that, and if you're a lamer stop there. But if
 you're kK00l enough, stay on the line and find out more about TEL-SCAN(tm),
 the company providing the demo.


 TEL-SCAN(tm) is a Colorado based Security service that offers an improvised
 skip-tracing method to Private Investigators, (or anyone with money and a
 good MO). How it works is this: subscribers are provided with an 800
 "Identifier Line" which when called automatically identifies the incoming
 number and records it into a corresponding Voice Mail Box. The subscriber can
 then call the Mail Box and it will relay to him all incoming calls to the
 "Identifier Line". 2-o0 pH_ukYn /<eW/! The possibilities with ANI and VMBs at
 hand are endless!!!

 TEL-SCAN(tm) can be used as such: Get a bunch of business cards printed with
 the "Identifier Line" printed as your phone number. If you're looking for
 someone, leave your card around places where they're likely to get it. When
 they call, you've got the number they're calling from and possibly an
 important lead. Viola! Skip-Tracing improvised. No this of course is 
 constitutes intended use. As far as underground use goes...well...you know.


 For more information on TEL-SCAN(tm) write or call::

                    2641 North Taft
                    Loveland, CO  80538

                    Number: 303.663.1703
                       FAX: 303.663.1708

 By the way when you call, you will be asked where you heard about TEL-
 SCAN(tm). DO NOT say you heard it from me (duh)! Have a good one ready
 because they will hang up on you if they think something is funny.


 This service has a one time activation fee of $67.00 dollars. Thereafter you
 are charged $5.00 dollars everytime the service identifies a number for you.
 You are billed monthly if applicable, but there are no mandatory monthly
 fees. Now here's the good part: you can subscribe to the service via FAXed
 licensing agreement at which time you will IMMEDIATLEY be issued a Mail Box
 and a "Line Identifier". They will bill you later for the activation fee. Not
 to shabby huh? 


 Well thats it, and thanks again to The Mortician at Lies, Hate, and Deception
 (LHD·) for this one. Look for other oB files (with great headers) labeled as
 xxxxxxxx.oB. These files can be found at...
 .%   oleBuzzard's kn0wledge phreak   %.%   sUmthyn lykE 4000+ text fylez   %.  
 .%   AC 303.382.5968--NUP = NO NUP   %.%   hAck/phrEAk/AnArky/vIrII/cArd   %.  
 .%   24oo-14.4ooKiloBaud-Open 24/7   %.%   n0 phUckyn lAmEr wArEz do0dz!   %.

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