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Phreaker War I

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*                 WAR!                 *
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*      A helpful series of philes      *
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[               VOLUME I               ]
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[         Gathering information        ]
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     In the course of phreaking, many conflicts may arise.  These may be small
scuffles among individuals, or large scale wars between phreak groups.  This
series of philes was intended to assist those persons to help the wise to win
and triumph over the poor and foolish.  However, I shall claim NO 
RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for whatever mischief that may arise from the actions 
as described in this series, nor for mistakes appearing hereafter.  With this 
in mind, welcome to the mighty world of phreak war!


     Gathering information may be the most enjoyable, or the most aggravating 
of a phreak war depending upon the way in which it is approached.  It basically 
involves the real world identification of an individual by his alias.  The 
order in which this info. should be attained is:

          I.  Alias
         II.  Phone Number
        III.  Name
         IV.  Address

     In this volume, I will discuss all ways known to me (that I choose to 
disclose) used to obtain the preceeding information.

Phone Number
     Once you have the name of the phreak you are going to destroy, getting his 
phone number should be of little trouble.  Many phreaks will disclose others' 
phone numbers at request, but if this person is powerful and threatening and 
others choose to refrain from openly disclosing his phone number, then it is 
time to turn around and call up your friendly neighborhood sysop.  Knowing 
sysops can be very helpful, for if the individual is a validated member of the 
sysop's board it is very probable that the phreak's phone number was required 
(and recorded) for validation.
     If you do not know the sysop of the local board, getting his phone number 
should be rather simple.  Call up your local CN/A bureau and say, "Hello.  This 
is Jim Reynolds from the local business office and I'd like the name of the 
customer who is at xxx-xxx-xxxx" [xxx-xxx-xxxx should be the board number] 
(some CN/A's service more than one area code).  The operator will return 
shortly with the name and residing city of the person who owns the line (this 
works for unlisted numbers, as most boards are unlisted anyway).  Then, just 
crosscheck the sysop's last name in the phone book.  Then, eliminate all those 
listings that are from cities that the SYSOP doesn't live in.  Call the 
remaining numbers (about 3-4) and ask for the sysop BY HANDLE.  Then, once you 
get the correct number, write it down and tell the sysop who you are (by 
handle) and tell him the handle of the guy who you're trying to destroy.  If 
he's nice and helpful (as most sysops are) he'll go check his userlist and find 
the guy's number (amazing as it is, a lot of people these days still use their 
real numbers when calling a board).

     When you have his number, his name should be relatively easy to get.  Just 
CN/A him and take down the city and last name.  Then, call him up and ask for 
him by handle.  When he comes to the phone, tell him you're some dude (like The 
Pirate or something) and say you'd like to trade some wares.  Talk about games 
for awhile and say "By the way, my name's John.  What's yours?"  Write his 
first name down, and continue to talk for a little while.  Then, suddenly say, 
"My mom has to make a call.  I'll call you back in 5 minutes.  Bye."  Whatever 
you do, make sure he doesn't convince you to give him your phone number and for 
him to call you back.  If this happens, it is more than likely for you to 
become the target.

     When you have his name and phone number, address is a breeze.  If his 
phone number is listed in the book, this part is no sweat.  Just call the 
library and tell them you want to do a crisscross by phone number.  Give them 
the dude's # and presto!  If the librarian speaks English, he'll have the 
address for you in a flash! (Illegal aliens may take a bit longer).  Another 
simple method is just looking him up in the phone book (if his last name is 
sorta uncommon) and you can manually scan through it.

This is the end of Part I.  Coming up in Part II: Striking your enemy from home.

Neon Knights


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