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Phreaker War II

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*      A helpful series of philes      *
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[               VOLUME II              ]
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[          Attacking from home         ]
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     In the course of phreaking, many conflicts may arise.  These may be small
scuffles among individuals, or large scale wars between phreak groups.  This
series of philes was intended to assist those persons to help the wise to win
and triumph over the poor and foolish.  However, I shall claim NO 
RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for whatever mischief that may arise from the actions 
as described in this series, nor for mistakes appearing hereafter.  With this 
in mind, welcome to the mighty world of phreak war!


     This part of warring is the one I enjoy most--being able to sit back at 
your desk, sip a cool glass of lemonade, and congratulate yourself on totally 
causing a cloud of doom to make your enemy tremble as he tries to evade the 
attacks of someone--someone whose identity remains unknown!  Most of these 
involve the use of the phone, but there are some that don't even do that!  
Anyway, for the most part, make sure you have the most phun in the process.  
One word of caution:  make sure you NEVER EVER disclose your true identity to 
anyone!  I suggest you always use fake names/phone #'s for validation 
information on all boards.  In fact, don't let your victim even know your 
handle.  Even your best friends might reveal your identity when he tries to 
strike back at you!

The Retail World
     Most of the stuff from home involves the annoyance of vendors to your 
victim.  I will do my best to categorize them, but for the most part they kind 
of blend together from one to the next.

Mail Order: CC Fraud
     If you want to really cause a total pain in the ass for this jerk off, get 
a VISA/MC #.  Then just go on a carding spree, using his REAL name and REAL 
address.  However, just don't order pointless shit.  Make it meaningful!  
Either get him stuff that he can use (so it looks like he fucked the whole 
thing up) or stuff to give him a definite message.  Hard drives make nice 
items, and when the feds come around in a couple of months, they might decide 
to use his computer as evidence and confiscate it for awhile.  Books and 
records are good to give the guy hidden messages (Once I carded a guy on the 
Compuserve mail order section 300 copies of Slayer's Hell Awaits!).  Books like 
"Sweet Revenge" or "Never Too Young To Die" are neat too.

Mail Order: Phone Books
     As you may know, you can order practically any phone book in the world by 
calling a simple 800 number found in your phone book.  Out of state books cost 
money (around $10 ea.) and out of country ones cost even more (sometimes in 
excess of $40) so this would be a really neat way to rack up his phone bill 
(the charges are directly added to his monthly bill).  I once ordered a guy a 
whole bunch of directories spanning four continents adding to his bill a fee in 
excess of $2000!  It's really funny if you live nearby to check his house every 
day until they come and then finding his porch, front lawn, walkway, and 
driveway, piled high with mailbags and mailbags full of phone books in Greek, 
Arabic, Swahili, and Chinese!  It's also not fun nor easy explaining to the 
phone company how it is that you accidentally got sent megga phone books!

Mail Order: Magazines
     This one doesn't even require a phone.  The next time you go to the 
dentist just rip all those business reply cards out of his magazines.  When you 
get home, spend an hour or two filling a nice thick stack of them out.  Your 
victim over the next couple of weeks will then begin to receive publishers' 
bills up the butt, and have to cancel a subscription to each of them!  That 
isn't fun!

Phone Order: Advertisement
     Call the newspapers, and advertise an article similar to this:  "You too 
can make calls free through MCI, GTE Sprint, and other long distance services 
just by making a local call.  For more information, send a self-addressed 
stamped envelope to: (fill in the name and address of your victim)"  After this 
has appeared in the papers, inform your local FBI agent or police officer of 
this ad.  You can also advertise an ad like this: "128k Apple //e, Amdek Color 
IV monitor, Hayes Smartmodem 2400, and much more.  $200/best offer. (victim's 
phone number).

Phone Order: Miscellaneous
     This one causes the most hassles for your victim.  Try ordering pizzas to 
be delivered at midnight.  Funeral wreaths (carded of course from your local 
FTD florist) sent to his house with his name on the enclosed sympathy cards 
make nice touches as well.  For really annoying shit call up 24 hrs. plumbing 
or electric services at 3 a.m. and tell them you need a rush job.  Wake up 
calls at his house at that time are just as bothersome.  The old taxi cab 
routine works nicely, as do outcall escorts somewhat late at night.  Also try 
exterminators, caterers, towing services, moving services, singing/striptease 
telegrams, locksmiths, or family photographers.  Call real estate agents and 
put the house up for sale, call the cable TV company, gardeners, house 
painters, window cleaners, maid services, or lawn sprinkler installers.  Also, 
try signing him/her up for the Sierra Club, the KKK, Neo-Nazi groups, the PLO, 
the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or French Foreign Legion.  Always remember 
to let your fingers do the walking in the yellow pages.

     Another nice one is involving fellow phreaks/hackers to join in the phun.  
Get them to call your enemy at all times of the night, and post on all BBS's 
that a new elite BBS is going up at his number.

Phone Orders:  Downright Dirty
     These last two are in a separate class simply because they are really 
royal pains in the ass (but they aren't that hard).  You can call up the 
PacBell (or whatever) order office and ask to have his phone disconnected.  All 
you need to do is say that you're the person to whom the bill is sent and the 
billing address.  Other neat things are putting call waiting on Data (BBS) 
lines or having phone numbers changed to unlisted numbers without a referral 
(that way he might not even know his new number!).
     This last one is the worst:  Besides 911, each local police department has 
its own 7 digit (non-tracing) emergency number.  Just call that baby up 
(through a PBX if you're scared, although there's really no need to) and say 
"There's an intruder in my house.  I live at __________.  Oh no!  He's coming!  
Aaaaaaah!" and hang up.  My friend once did this and six sheriffs with guns 
drawn busted into this guy's house in the middle of the night!  Also, reporting 
fires in an identical manner is just as fun.

Well, that's it for now.  Next volume: Direct interaction, involving more 
terrorist-oriented activities for really pissing someone off.  Until then, 

Neon Knights

Note:  Some of the previous ideas inspired by "How to get Revenge on Someone" 
by Black Fire and Captain Cloner.

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