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Docs for the Artisoft AE-2 Ethernet card

LANtastic for ARTISOFT

Artisoft Technical Bulletin

TITLE:           AE-2 Adapter Card Settings
UPDATED:         04.30.95
CLASSIFICATION:  Network interface card

o    IBM ISA bus compatible.
o    10 Mbps data transfer rate.
o    Can be used on the same network with LANtastic NE-3, AE-2 and
     LANtastic/AI Ethernet compatible adapters (both ISA and Micro Channel
o    16-bit Ethernet adapter.
o    Novell NE2000 hardware compatible.
o    NETBIOS compatible.
o    Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).
o    16K multi-packet RAM buffer, upgradeable to 64K.
o    100% compliance with IEEE 802.3 and Ethernet standard: -- 10BASE2 and
     10BASE5 (AE-2/C) -- 10BASE-T and 10BASE5 (AE-2/T)
o    IEEE registered NODE-ID (STATION-ID) numbers.
o    High performance on-board transceiver to drive cable lengths of up to 

W1          Selects Interrupt
            Request (IRQ) line                          IRQ15

W2, W3      Enables/disables Direct
            Memory Access (DMA) Channels                Disabled

W4          Selects Input/Output (I/O)
            port address                                300h

W5          Pins 1 and 2 select Artisoft
            or NE2000 compatibility mode.
            Pins 3 and 4 select 8- or  16-bit
            processing mode                             Artisoft 16-bit

W6          Enables/disables remote boot ROM
            and selects ROM base address.
            Also lets you specify the memory
            size of the chip and whether you are
            installing a PEROM or a standard ROM.       32K PEROM

W7          Selects extended length segment length
            for thin coaxial cable (AE-2/C)             IEEE compliance

W8          Makes the adapter compatible with
            PCs with a non-standard bus                 Disabled

W9          Selects thin or thick coax cable            Thin (AE-2/C)
                                                        Thick (AE-2/T)
W10         Selects TPI (twisted pair) or
            AUI (thin or thick coaxial)                 AUI (AE-2/C)
                                                        TPI (AE-2/T)

   +---------+     +---------+     +---------+    +---------+
   | x x o o |     | x o x o |     | o x o x |    | o o x x |
   | x x o o |     | x o x o |     | o x o x |    | o o x x |
   | A B C D |     | A B C D |     | A B C D |    | A B C D |
   |  300H   |     |  320H   |     |  340H   |    |  360H   |
   +---------+     +---------+     +---------+    +---------+

x - Indicates jumpers

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We have several methods, you can use to receive support. Our normal technical 
support line is 520-670-7000 (7a-5p MT).  You can post a message on CompuServe 
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before 6am MT).  You can post a message on the Arti-Facts BBS @ 520-884-8648 
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For immediate access to a technician, you can contact our Express Service @ 
$2.50/minute with extended hours of 6a-9p MT and 6a-5p MT on Saturday. Express 
service can be obtained at 1-900-555-8324 (billed to phone) or 1-800-293-3936 
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