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The Felt-Pen Method of beating Audio CD Copy Protection
The felt-tip pen method: Calm hand necessary

The felt-tip pen method: Calm hand necessary

Look for on the CD lower surface (the blank) for one about two millimeters spread dividing line, by keeping the CD diagonal against the light.

Away with the copy protection: With a foil pin you cover the dividing line and parts of the outside TRACK, without affecting the last audio trace.

They find the line distant up to two centimeters from the outside edge. Draw now with the pin a tangential line, which covers the dividing line accurately, into which outside range project, but does not affect the last audio TRACK. A sticking tire helps as ruler.

Try the result out. If it did not fold, the line covers either the dividing line not completely or lies over the last audio trace - here geht's around tenths of a millimeter. Then you wipe away to the pro copying bars with a damp speed and correct after.

Note: This was translated from German by Babelfish

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