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AudioGalaxy Satellite - Spyware left on your system even after you uninstall

    AudioGalaxy Satellite - SPYware


    AudioGalaxy Satellite - SPYware


    Derek   Reynolds   found   following.     Installing   Audiogalaxy
    automatically installs  a small  tracking or  "spy" program called
    Webhancer.   This  program  not  only  tracks  where you go on the
    Internet but also reads files  on your hard drives and  sends info
    to some  company.   Even after  completing Audiogalaxy Satellite's
    rudimentary recommended uninstall  method which involves  manually
    deleting it's file folder, Webhancer  was still on up and  running
    in the background.   One would never known  it were there were  if
    not  for  router   logs  showing  outbound   TCP  connections   to
    a1.webhancer.com to port 80 (web).

    Looking  at  download.coms  download  stats, AudioGalaxy Satellite
    was the 3rd ranked most downloaded application last week  (341,129
    downloads  last  week  and  4,238,587  downloads  at  the  time of


    Don't get me wrong, AudioGalaxy satellite is a great  application.
    They  just  need  to  remove  the  spyware.   And You can do it by
    yourself.  webHancer is installed  on everyone's machine - it  can
    be  uninstalled  by  going  to  control-panel  add/remove programs
    (webHancer reports network latency about websites you visit - they
    throw away your IP address BTW so its anonymous).

    You can uninstall it with 'Add/Remove programs' in Control  Panel.
    It has the name 'webHancer Agent'.  You can also kill the  process
    with the name whagent.exe.

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