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List of books, reports, and tapes on income tax avoidance (not evasion...)

            --  R E F E R E N C E   M A T E R I A L S  --


The Great Income Tax Hoax, by Irwin Schiff
It  was  the  publication  of this book in March, 1985 that caused the
author's arrest in April of 1985.  It contains the most  comprehensive
analysis of the income tax ever written, and uniquely explains why the
income  tax  was  declared  unconstitutional  in  1895,  why  the 16th
Amendment was passed, and how that Amendment (which "amended" nothing)
has been totally ignored  by  the  government.   The  book  thoroughly
details  the historic and constitutional development of the income tax
from its earliest direct taxing roots, through the income  tax  passed
during the Civil War, to its modern counterpart.  It contains the only
accurate  description  of the legal meaning of "income" ever to appear
in print.  In reviewing this book for the Copley News  Service,  Ralph
de  Toledano  stated:  "Puts  to  shame  our  economists,  our   legal
profession, our great law schools,  the  federal  judiciary,  and  the
Justice  Department  ...  should be in every university library and on
the bookshelves of every senator and congressman."  The  book  reveals
how the Supreme Court has so emasculated the Constitution as to render
that  document  practically  meaningless  today.  Numerous tactics for
frustrating  the   IRS  and  combatting  its  illegal  procedures  are
presented.   Extensive  appendix material also provides an eye-opening
understanding of the illegal nature of *all* U.S. coin  and  currency.
Must  reading.   An  indispensible  companion  to 'The Federal Mafia'.
Hardcover, 568 pages, index.


How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes, by Irwin Schiff
Published in 1982, this book became an instant best seller which  sold
out  of  its  first printing of 30,000 in nine weeks.  It was directly
responsible for the many punitive provisions that were  added  to  the
Internal  Revenue  Code  in 1983, as the government sought to prevent,
punish and intimidate the public  from  using  the  lawful  procedures
presented  in  the  book  for stopping the voluntary payment of income
taxes.  While the book is more limited in scope than is  'The  Federal
Mafia',  and  while  it  duplicates a good deal of the material, it is
still extremely readable and covers some aspects of the income tax and
the author's battle against it, that were not covered  in  that  book.
It will also be helpful to those who want a more complete and thorough
understanding  of  the  subject.  Hardcover, 179 pages, while supplies


The Social Security Swindle --
How Anyone Can Drop Out, by Irwin Schiff
A comprehensive and extremely readable expose' of Social Security, the
*biggest chain-letter* of them all.  The book thoroughly refutes every
actuarial, economic and social claim ever made  for  this  socialistic
scam,  and  reveals  the  absurdity  of  any belief that future Social
Security "surpluses" will be able to pay future claims.  The continual
misrepresentations by the government, of the real Ponzi-like nature of
this scam, is fully documented.  The fraudulent basis upon  which  the
Supreme  Court  upheld the constitutionality of this swindle (after it
had been correctly held as being unconstitutional by the First Circuit
Court of Appeals) is alone worth the price.  Hardcover, 256 pages.


The Biggest Con:
How The Government Is Fleecing You, by Irwin Schiff
Over 100,000 copies of Schiff's first book, an economic  classic,  are
in  print.   The  book  will  give  you  a  thorough  understanding of
economics and is guaranteed to make you an expert on  the  subject  --
*even  if  you  read  nothing  else*!   It will convince you that most
American "economists" don't know what they are talking about --  which
is  why  this  country is in such deep economic and financial trouble.
It provides irrefutable proof of how the federal government  has  been
continually  undermining  the  American  economy  and  forcing a lower
standard of living on us all.  While  the  book  covers  many  complex
topics  (such  as:  why all U.S. coin and currency is counterfeit, how
the U.S. declared bankruptcy in 1971, how the government  *hides*  and
*doesn't  report*  90  percent  of its debts, and the absurdity of its
gross national product statistics), it does so  in  the  humorous  and
entertaining  style  of Irwin Schiff.  "The single most important book
on the status of this nation I have  ever  read,"  said  Howard  Ruff,
editor of The Ruff Times.  Softcover, 359 pages, index.


How An Economy Grows And Why It Doesn't
by Irwin Schiff with illustrations by Vic Lockman
Now  there  is  *no  excuse*  for  *anyone* not knowing the subject of
economics.  It should not take you more than 45 minutes to  read  this
108-page,  fully  illustrated  book  which  will  provide  you  with a
thorough understanding of why some economies grow, and others do  not.
Although  the  book deals with complex economic issues, such as: where
capital comes from and how it is  wasted  and  destroyed;  the  *sole*
cause  of inflation and why governments produce it; where credit comes
from and how governments waste it; the basis  of  profit  and  how  it
benefits  everyone  -- it does so in a way that any junior high school
student will understand.  Many an  "economics"  major  will  not  have
learned  in  four years what this book can teach any teenager in under
an hour.  Never again be intimidated by the  mumbo-jumbo  of  economic
"experts."  Softcover.


The Kingdom of Moltz, by Irwin Schiff
A delightful tale of our monetary system written and fully illustrated
so  even  a  child  of  10  can understand it.  Primarily a tale about
inflation -- where it comes from and why we have it.   "I  laughed  so
hard  I  cried.   Schiff's  book  is  the  greatest thing since sliced
bread," commented Dr. Camille Castornia, economics  professor  at  St.
John's University.  Softcover.  (Currently out of print)

@5.00	--	when it becomes available

The Schiff Audio Report
The Schiff Audio Report consists of a series of six 60-minute cassette
tapes  designed  to  be sent out over a six to 12-month period.  These
tapes will enable the author to update the material  in  'The  Federal
Mafia'.  In addition, the first two tapes of the first series focus on
the  eight  most  important  aspects  of  the  income tax (and how the
government illegally collects it), so that subscribers will achieve  a
solid  grasp  of  these fundamentals and become powerful and effective
advocates of this subject.  This  can  be  achieved  while  you  drive
around  in your car.  In addition, these initial tapes expose a number
of fallacies which are  misleading  many  in  the  tax  movement,  and
interfering  with  their  understanding  of this subject.  This series
will correct the situation.


The Federal Mafia:
How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes
by Irwin Schiff

See the posting titled 'Federal Mafia' by Pendracon for an informative
introduction to this book.


These books will usually NOT be found in local bookstores.   For  this
reason,  Freedom  Books  has  a  much  faster  turnaround  than  other
publishers.  Usually in under four weeks for most orders.

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