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How to cut your taxes - BREAK FREE!

                            Taxes -- BREAK FREE
                             Libertarian Party


   The Libertarian Party is working every day to cut your taxes.  All other
parties, the professional politicians, have no plan but to take more of your
money and increase the size of government.

   Since the turn of the 20th Century, the federal government has exploded in
size.  No subject is free from Congressional meddling.  Even under the
"conservative" Republican President Reagan, in eight years the cost of
running the U.S. government doubled.  We cannot expect tax cuts from the
professional politicians.

   It doesn't have to be that way.  With less government and lower taxes, you
could keep more of what you earn.  You could plan, for yourself and your
family, and carry out your plans.  You could be charitable and compassionate
your own way, with others of like mind, helping those you choose.  You could
live free.  If only you didn't have to worry about higher taxes, red tape,
audits and IRS harassment.


   We had no federal income tax before 1914.  Americans prospered as no
people on earth ever before.  The U.S. government didn't try to police the
entire world or play nanny to everyone from cradle to grave.  People expected
to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities.
That's how the founders of American thought it should be.  And it worked.  It
can again.


   Government isn't magic.  It's just people, like you and me.  Think of it
as a huge conglomerate of service businesses, like a much larger General
Motors or IBM.  The federal government is in the business of national
defense, roads, trains, dams, power plants, banking, savings and loans,
charity, housing, medicine, insurance, oil, coal, parks, ranching, mail,
farming, shipping and many others, most not authorized by our Constitution.
Virtually every service provided by government is also provided by private
business better and cheaper.

   Must these services be provided by government or be paid for by taxes?
No, not necessarily.

* Privatize; Cut Taxes

   Today, all over the world, governments are selling airlines, power plants,
housing, manufacturing plants and other properties to private owners.  Where
inefficient bureaucracy lost money (tax dollars), private owners make

* Defend America; Cut Taxes

   Military expenses are up to $315 billion a year.  About two thirds of this
is spent overseas to defend wealthy countries like West Germany and Japan.
Take them off military welfare.  We can defend America better and save $150
billion a year in taxes.

* End Foreign Aid; Cut Taxes

   Most foreign aid doesn't reach people in need.  It's stolen by corrupt
officials and winds up in Swiss bank accounts.  The U.S. government gives
your tax dollars to socialist governments so they can repay loans to big U.S.

* End Business Subsidies; Cut Taxes

   No one has the right to cover his losses at taxpayer expense.  The federal
government has bailed out railroads, shipping companies, banks and other
businesses with your tax dollars.  This must stop!  We can save $25 billion
a year just by ending "farm programs" which pay farmers not to grow food or
to subsidize food sales to foreigners.

* Improve Welfare; Cut Taxes

   The bulk of your welfare tax dollars pays the handsome salaries of
well-educated welfare workers.  The poor get little from government welfare
except meagre handouts and invasions of privacy.  Get government out of the
charity business and end the welfare plantation.  Private charities and
groups do a better job helping the truly needy.  With a big cut in taxes, we
can all be more compassionate more effectively, and put welfare victims back
to work.

* Less Government = Real Tax Cuts

   Can we cut taxes?  Sure.  By cutting the size and activity of government.
We must constantly pressure the politicians to do that, just as the people
pressured Congress to repeal its "automatic" salary increase.  That's what
the Libertarian Party is doing.  All the time.


   Libertarians believe government's role must be limited to protecting our
lives, rights and property.  The federal government should defend us from
attack by foreigners and protect our constitutional rights.  A federal
government which did only those two things, could do them well and at a
fraction of what government costs now.

   Libertarians believe people do best when they deal with each other
peacefully and honestly, with mutual respect.  Taxation is wrong because it
involves some people (government) using violence, or the threat of it, to
take your earnings from you.

   Libertarians want to replace violence in politics with peaceful, honest
cooperation.  We want proper government functions paid for voluntarily rather
than by taxation.  No one knows how far we can go toward that goal.  But, it
is the right goal for anyone who wants to live in a sane and humane society.


   If you agree that action is needed now to control the politicians, to
begin real slashing of government spending and taxes, then please call or
write to request additional information or to join the Libertarian Party:

   800-682-1776            Libertarian Party
   202-543-1988            1528 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
                           Washington, DC 20003

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