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Drink 2 pints of Vinegar to pass piss tests?

                   rotherhood of Gds and etards
                          by The Egyptian Avenger

How to clean your system out, from drug test...
(very good if you wanna get a job)

        To clean out your system from all of the chemicals that you have been 
doing over the last month or two you can use vinigar.  It might not sound
like the coolest or best tasting thing in the world but it will work to
clean all the traces of foriegn chemicals from your system.  What you need
to do is get about 2 pints of Vinigar.  Sounds nasty so what you can do is 
mix it with some of your favorite drinks.  That will make it go down easier
and also help take away the rancid taste.  This is going to take a while to
do.  It could take up to 2 hours to drinnk all of the vinigar.  But what is
more serios, wasting 2 hours of your time, or getting thrown in rehab by 
your parents and always looked upon as an asshole, even though everyone else 
out there is getting high off of the shit anyway.  The vinigar actually will
get you very drunk and while this is going on you will be cleaning out your
system from all that shit that will get ya in trouble.  So the next time you
smoke, toke, and light it up or pack it down,  Don't forget to bring your
2 pints of vinigar along.

        This really does work and even after reading this and you think that 
you would never do it.  Look at the consequences.  Oh ya and while drunk on
vinigar don't drink and drive..:-)

                                -The Egyptian Avenger-

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