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So you don't wanna be recognized? Quickly alter you appearance and get away! Complete revision of Disguise.txt

______________________________Not Getting Caught:_______________________________
___________________________A directory of disguise______________________________
    This is for those people who want to try carding, money order scams, or
 whatever else, and don't want to be recognized.  All material herein is for 
"information purposes only," and any use of this information is the sole
 responsibility of the user.

1) Clothes.

     The first thing noticed by a person, and on most immediate reactions is
based, is clothes.  The right choice will make you more inconspicuous,
especially needed when you want to remain unnoticed.  The first step taken
should be choosing clothes that fit in with people that are expected to be the
re.  If you are delivering flyers while searching mailboxes for credit cards, 
heavy leather and spiked bracelets are usually a bad choice.  You would 
probably be best with jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap for 
concealment in this situation.
     Try to choose colors and patterns mostly neutral or balancing, so people 
won't pay much attention.  Avoid plaid, neon, and choosing only one color. 
     If you want people to especially be unable to recognize you after, try 
clothes that are very different from what you normally wear, especially if it 
fits the expected norm for what you are doing.  For example, if you are using 
a stolen credit card, more formal, business attire will help.

2) Altering appearance.

    There are many ways you can slightly alter the way you look to make 
yourself more unrecognizable.  Use which ever ones seem necessary and helpful 
for your situation.

a) Hair:  Put in different style.  If you have a mop, slick it back or style it
heavily.  If you usually slick it, let it go wild.  You can also stick it up to
 make you seem taller.
    Try some dye.  Pick a type that comes out in one wash.  Switch blond hair 
to black, and vice versa.  This is especially good for hair that stands out, 
like red hair, but try not to make hair red, for the same reason.  Gel and
 water also make light hair darker, and adds a bit of a shine.
    Investment in a fake moustache, goatee, or beard may be wise, especially if
 you want to appear older.  Make sure it is the same color as your real or dyed
 hair.  If you can, you might want to grow a beard or moustache just for the 
purpose of disguise, and it can easily be shaven off.

b) Makeup:  Use slight touches of make-up.  You should ALWAYS cover any unique 
blemishes or marks that could identify you.  Make-up is good for slightly alter
ing the shape and size of the mouth, color and size of the eyebrows (especially
 to match a dyed hair color) and making skin tone lighter or darker.  (make 
sure you also do your hands, neck, and other exposed surfaces.)
     Use a little outliner or something to add a well placed mole or two.  If 
it's on you face, or maybe your hand, it will get noticed, and if they think 
they recognize you, they'll think, "Nah, they had that bit ugly spot on their 

c) Clothing and padding:  As mentioned, use clothes to blend in.   You should 
try to wear loose clothing to hide body shape, and may use padding to give to 
illusion of a beer belly, heavy muscles, etc.  This is VERY effective in giving
 a female the appearance of a man, and vice-versa when used with make-up, and 
this is probably the best way to easily disguise yourself.
    All personal items and jewelry should be removed.  To throw people off the 
trail, alternate pieces should be worn, and hair items if possible.

d) Height:  To gain more height, make two or three inch pieces of wood to fit 
in your shoes.  This gain will make an amazing difference in your appearance, a
nd there have been several instances of famous people being unnoticed because 
they were not the expected height. (For axample, McCoy the football player self
 admittidly had this problem) This also works well with an abnormally high hair
 style.  If you usually slouch, make an effort to stand even straighter.
    To lose height, bend your knees as much as you can without looking strange 
and in a way that you can stay comfortable.  Try to slouch down and bend your 
head a little.

3)  Acting.

    Acting will give a misleading impression, and may be the needed touch to 
make people think you are a different person.  Though physical appearance is 
more important, any disguise can be seen through with your personality.

a) Mannerisms:  Look for any fidgety habits you have, such as twitches, chewing
 on you nails or lips, playing with pockets and items, etc.  Have your friends
 describe any others you have.  Practice stopping these habits.  These can be 
used to  identify you.
    If you can, create some fake habits that a very noticeable, especially if 
they draw attention away from your real habits.  This might be continually 
ripping a piece of paper with you teeth, or rubbing you lips with a finger.  My
 favorite is a head twitch:  to practice it, look in the upper-left corner of a 
room, quickly lower your head to the lower-left corner, and raise it to the 
upper-right corner.  Do these things more often when you are talking to person 
you want to fool or when they are talking to you.  Pick habits that affect the 
head and face, because that area is more concentrated on.

b) Talking:  Raise or lower your voice while you act.  Try making in more raspy
 or sweet than usual, especially if you are disguised as another sex.
    Talk more quickly or slowly than usual.
    Talk in a manner that you usually don't.  Try longer, intelligent words, or
 say things very, very simply and curtly.
    An accent can be helpful, but is very difficult to use.  If you do not do 
the accent well, people will realize it's fake and will become more suspicious,
 so sometimes it's best not to use.  But if you are good enough, it can throw 
people right off the trail.  The lighter the accent you use the less effort it 
takes and the easier it is to fool people, but heavier accents work better.  If
 you can, combine all three voice variations into one.  But try to avoid well 
known fake accents, such as those ones on James Bond movies and such.

c) Stance:  If you usually slouch, stand up straight, if you usually stand 
tall, slouch, but don't defeat the purpose of a height change.  (Don't put 
wooden plugs in your shoes, and then slouch down to your regular height)

     If you usually lean on things, and let yourself sag when standing, hold 
yourself stiffly, and vice-versa.

     Try crossing your arms, or holding them behind your back, or which ever 
you don't do usually.

d) Walking:  If you have a limp, do your best to get rid of it.  A limp is very
 memorable, and very identifiable.

    If you don't have a limp, pretend you do.  Just make sure you don't 
overplay it (don't drag your foot behind you like Quasimoto, just favour it a 
bit).  And act as if you are trying to hide, or are at least comfortable with 
it.  So don't grimace, or perform any other theatrics.

e) Handedness:   It is very effective to appear to prefer your other hand.  You
usually have to practice a lot to appear natural, and this may be too much 
bother if you have to forge a signature or other delicate work.
    If you pretend to prefer the other hand, make a big point of it.  When 
signing something say,  "I hate these damned ink pens, they always mark up my 
jacket.  Why can the invent a way for lefties to write?"
    This is a good choice for people who are ambidextrous (can use both hands 
with equal ease),  and you should use in public the hand you usually don't.  
(Probably the left because you use your right hand for writing).

4)  Preparation.

a)   Make up a collection of stories in case you are caught in a compromising 
position.  If a person asks for I.D., search yourself,  (grinning 
apologetically), and start muttering under your breath  "that little weasel,"  
and "I'm going to kill him!" just loud enough for the clerk to hear, and 
finally say to them  "I'm sorry, but my little brother made off with my wallet.
I'll have to go home and get it back."
	Try to make your stories ambiguous.  If you are caught lurking around 
the back of a store, say  "I was waiting for a friend to finish work."  If they
keep questioning,  "His name is John- he didn't say his last name, we met here-
and-here, and he had to go, and he said meet him here at such and such a time, 
blah blah blah."  If they happen to know that there is no "John" working there,
or a John DOES come out, then just say  "Oh, he must have meant at the OTHER 
computer shop,"  or  "He SAID he worked here, but I thought he was lying," etc.
Then get away as soon as you can.

b)  Fingerprints:  It may be helpful to prevent fingerprints from being left.  
You can do several things to hide them:
    Put bandages on your three or four main digits, the ones you use to handle 
paper, write, etc.  If anyone asks, say a dog bit you, or you had a little 
accident cutting lettuce, or you grabbed a hot pot by the rim.  If you want, 
use those special clear bandages so they might not be noticed.
    You can also put little stickers or tape on you fingers, though they will 
probably have to be covered with make-up, which would come off handling stuff.

c)  Alibis:  Take the effort to have an alibi for the time of the alleged 
occurrence.  Something as simple as having your friends claim you were at their
house at the time is better than nothing.  Just make sure everybody involved is
clear on what "happened."
     When saying your alibi, don't immediately blurt it out (likr the well 
prepared speech it is), think for a moment, maybe count you fingers and ask for
 the exact date again, and finally say, "Oh, yeah!  Me and Jeff went to the 
arcade that afternoon.  I remember I almost picked up a chick but she slapped 
me.  And I lost a buck to Jeff 'cuz we had a bet who could get the higher score
on twin eagles..."  The use of an incident or two which makes you suddenly 
"remember" what you were doing makes it seem more realistic
     Have a friend call a BBS on your account and do all sorts of stuff, like 
write messages, etc...  (don't download BIG files becuase it's too easy to say 
you could have left the computer while they downloaded).  Call for a chat and 
talk to the sysop for a while, and even capture the chat to disk.  Make sure 
your friend knows enough about you to talk convincingly like you.

5)  Props.

a) Tabacco:  If you smoke, don't smoke for half a day before you have to be 
disguised, to get rid of the smell.  Make a comment to the effect you dislike
smoking, etc.  If you don't smoke, get a cigar or cigarrettem or butt, and put 
it in your mouth when you are disguised.  Practice a bit to look comfortable in
it it.

b) Handicaps:  Borrow a cane or wheelchair.  A wheelchair is VERY good, as can
be imagined.  Put a limp in when you use the cane.  BE VERY, VERY careful!  The
cane MUST be on the same side as the limp!  A quick person will see any mismatch
and become suspicious.
     There you have it, some of the easiest ways to cover your tracks and enjoy
what you earned.  Of course you don't have to use EVERY device described in 
here, but a well selected array of misleading memories can save your butt.  It 
his highly likely that a person would recognize you after a week if you 
suddenly spoke with a different accent, dressed in jeans instead of that 
business suit you wore, and were suddenly right handed.  I hope those tricks 
and techniques will help stay out of trouble.  Chow, The Inebriate.

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