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Email Privacy Bibliography

Here, at long last, is the next bibliography installment...  There's a
small bit of overlap with the first one, particularly the articles on
the Shoars vs. Epson case, but most of this stuff is new (to me).  I
have about an inch of printouts of stuff I didn't use, but that is
of interest-  I will send that along, too, eventually.  But I figured
I might as well forward this to you now...  (Eventually, I'll combine
it all into one great big list, but not yet-  when I eventually do get
around to it, I'll send it to you, if you want, even though by then
you'll have everything on separate lists...)

Okay- here it is!  (drumroll, please!)

**********************BIBIOLOGRAPHY #2 STARTS HERE*********************

Compiled 12/91 by Stacy B. Veeder
                  BITNET:    SBVEEDER@SUVM.BITNET
                  Internet:  sbveeder@suvm.acs.syr.edu

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