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REAL Fake ID by Dispater

...Supreme Anarchy File 'o Mine #5...                                 06/13/89
[                                                                            ]
[                                 REAL Fake Id                               ]
[                                                                            ]
[                                 by: Dispater                               ]

"This is where it all ends!"        --   The Cult

        If you've ever wanted to just drop out of sight or just wanted to
become somone new, here's how to do it. --with REAL ID-- Not fake paperwork. 
All right, here's what ya gotta do. Go down to your local hall of records and
check out the death certificates. Find the death certificate of someone who
was born in the year that you born in (or year you wanna be born in).  On the
death certificate you'll find all the info you need to get that person's birth
certificate. (ie: name, mother's and father's name, place and date of birth,
SSAN, etc.) Then simply send away for the birth certificate, and use it to get
a new driver's licence, credit cards, etc. For best results, try to get the
name of a person who died as a child.  Even better is a child that was born in
a different state than they died in. This is because that person will not have
established identification documnets that might give you away. The birth
certificate in a different state assures that there will have not been a
cross reference in births and deaths, wich could result in you getting a
birth certificate with a big red "DECEASED" stamped on it.  So far there are
now interstate cross-referances.

        If someone asks you "why you wanna look at the death certificates", just
tell em that you are a college student researching geneology, or just say that
you are doing it for insurance or medical purposes.

Have phun in your new life, and I'll see you in hell my friend!

                       - |>ispater

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