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Basic information gathering resources Imagine a world where complete privacy exists. Your business affairs are your personal matter. The government, nosy friends, and miscellaneous muckrakers aren't looking over your shoulder all the time. Such a world does exist. The only question is whether the government will be able to get its electronic tentacles into it. Learn more from this fascinating electronic book.

                       ! HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYBODY !
                       !            PART III            !
                       !                                !
                       !     MORE INFO-GATHERING...     !

CROSS DIRECTORY --- Each local phone company publishes a cross directory.
This book lists every address in the district by street and then gives the
occupants' name and telephone number.  It DOES NOT list unlisted/unpublished
numbers.  The directory is normally updated every couple of months and is
rented on a subscription basis.  Many local libraries will have a copy.
Most collection agents, some answering services and many news departments
of radio and television stations will have a copy you can borrow for a
moment.  This directory is invaluable when tracking someone.  If you can't
find their number you can at least call their ex-neighbors with a nice story
and come up with some information...

CITY DIRECTORIES --- Since the 1800's R.L. Polk Company of Taylor,
Michigan has published city directories for most cities in the US.
Sometime later they were joined by Cole's Householder Directors, Lincoln
Nebraska.  These directories are NOT based on telco information, but are
compiled by having some $3.00 an hour ''investigator'' walk from house to
house asking who lives there, how many in the family, the phone number, etc.
If they miss anyone they leave a mail form.  Many people who would not
list their phone numbers, or don't have a phone in their name, will
obligingly fill out these snoop forms because of the accompanying
propaganda about how important the information is... Most libraries will
have at least one of the directories for their area, phone companies will
list the local office of the directory compilers.  Collection agencies and
news departments will have a copy of the directory.

CERTIFICATES OF EXISTENCE --- The government loves you.  To prove that they
are constantly collecting data to verify that you exist...

BIRTH CERTIFICATE --- Name of child, eye color, name of father, mother's
maiden name, date and place of birth, father's occupation, if couple not
married at birth, name of doctor who delivered.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES --- Name and place of birth for the man and woman,
her maiden name, man's occupation, status of any previous marriages, birth
dates and places, blood type.

DEATH CERTIFICATES --- Date and cause of death, doctor who signed the
certificate, residence and occupation, SS number, military record, birth
date and place, cemetery and funeral home names [whatever turns you on...].

DMV --- The Department of Motor Vehicles is a natural source for important
data; in some states a call will give you the info sought, in some one mails
a license number and a small fee (around $1.00) to the DMV and they will
return the favor with owner info, and in some states they will not give out
any details to anyone but the cops.  One approach to this problem is to go
thru the cops (I was hitchhiking and left something in this car, the license
number is...).

SCHOOLS --- A cumulative file is kept on every student from kindergarten thru
PH.D. by the school involved.  This file will include such things as
parents, addresses, grades, IQ, receiving and forwarding addresses.

[This has been yet another boring excerpt from ''How to Get Anything on
Anybody.''  Buy it, or I'll find you and throw rocks and garbage at you.]

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