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Getting rid of junk mail (Short anarchaic solutions)

Some notes on how to reduce junk mail

1.  Mark first class mail "REFUSED" and drop back in mail box.  The article 
    will be returned to the sender at no charge.  Note that mail other than 
    first class will not be returned.

2.  Use supplied return envelopes to send label back.  Mark with "Remove 
    from mail lists".  

3.  Return to sender with  1 cent stamp and no return address but include 
    label and ask to be "Remove from mail lists".  The addressee will have
    to pay postage due of 24 cents.  This one gets there attention.

4.  Call the 800 number and ask to be removed.  Have label handy.

I have placed the addresses of mass mailers in my mail list manager to 
automate the envelope production, and made sets of labels with "Remove from  
Mail List" messages.

My junk mail has dropped by 50% in 3 months.

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