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How to lie in interviews, under polygraphic surveillance, etc.

(taken from the book How To Get ANYTHING ON ANYBODY)
                                         By Lee Lapin

rewritten by Woman Watcher for P-80

1) NEVER COP OUT. This should be obvious, yet it is one of the most
 frequent method of identifying liars. Remember, the applicant has
 nothing to lose by lying, except being branded a liar.

2) BE CONFIDENT. Two items were significantly related to being a better
 or worse, within the questions asked at each office. Quite simply, the
 better the liars SAID they were good liars. Also, the better liars said
 they expected to beat the the polygraph. The worse liars were not sure,
 or did not expect to beat it. No other conceptions about lying,
 ambivalence, years of undercover work, etc., had any effect on the
 ability to lie.

3) LIE OFTEN. Out of the people who told five or six lies on the test,
  eight were among the best liars and one was in the worse group. Of 
 people who told four or less, three were better, and 12 were in the
 worse group. One concludes that the more lies one tells, the greater
 chance of being a better liar.

4) DRUGS. The best drug seems to be VALIUM(a preparation of diazepam
 marketed by Roche). It is the number one prescribed drug in the country
 and it is easy to get, legally and illegally. The prime dosage seems to
 be 10 milligrams on an empty stomach. The second drug is ELAVIL (Amatry-
 ptilene, made by MSD). Subjects took 50-75 milligrams and were able to
 pass lies.

5) good ol' TACK IN THE SHOE. This did not work as well as the drugs but
 one subject used is on all questions including the control questions. 
 He was found to have a 'strong guilt complex' and was judged unsuitable
 for testing.

How to Beat any Stress Analyzer

Unlike the lie detector(polygraph) there is a very simple way to 
invalidate and PSE(Psychological Stress Evaluator) or stress analyzer

Drop your voice down to a fairly low register and say the stall-
syllable, "ahhhhh", as if someone has asked if you have cheated on your

"Ahhhhhhhhhh,well,ahhhhhhhhhh,noooooooo...Not exactly.."

The "ahhhh" in a non-modulated tone. IT WILL LIGHT UP THE RED LEDS like
a christmas tree.(making the test invalid). Try speaking in the same
manner, a low, steady raspy growl from the back of your throat..

The machine wil now indicate everything you say as a lie...
VALIUM works well for this one also..as it calms you down..BOOZE also
works, though not as well as valium.

Next time you talk to an insurance adjuster over the phone and he wants
to record your call, you might remember these tips...
                                                                              -Woman Watcher

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