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Lose a Fed in 4 easy steps

[ Loose a FED In 4 Easy Steps! ]
The first thing most investigators would do when they find an access code has
been abused is to wait until it has a large bill to act upon it (which may
never happen).  This is because it is unprofitable to the long distance service
to try to find and prosecute a person who has made less than $500.00 worth of
calls (depending on the LD service).
A FED is a very different case.  As soon as he finds an access code
is being abused, he will take immediate action.  The following is the series of
events which will take place once a FED discovers an abused account.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In the following steps, "you" are the phreaker in question that was making the
calls (heaven forbid).  The steps listed are for both "you" and the person(s)
receiving the illegally made phone calls.
Step 1:  The FED will personally call *EVERY* destination number on the account
         and ask for information on who called them on the date(s) the call(s)
         were made.  If it is a bulletin board, he will contact the sysop by
         voice or if there is no voice number available, he will send one or
         more investigators from the nearest MCI Investigations Department to
         question the sysop.  He will ask them for information pertaining to
         the phreaker.  Hopefully, your amnesiac friends will somehow forget
         all about you and be able to tell the FED nothing.
Step 2:  The FED will wait a couple of days, then again contacts the person(s)
         that received calls and says that he has found you and that you have
         told him that the people "you" had been speaking with also made those
         calls and that the FED will bust the person(s) who were called
         unless they would like to pay for the calls.  (If this part pertains
         to you, that is if you were the one who received calls and the FED or
         any agent said this then, at this point you should contact an attorney
         as this is telephone harassment, a federal crime committed over an
         interstate communications carrier, and you could sue MCI or whichever
         company it involved).
Step 3:  If some of the person(s) called by you weren't as amnesiac as you
         would have liked when the FED spoke to them and then the FED calls you
         or your parents, then you should deny everything that the FED accuses
         you of, no matter how many people he says turned you in.  a FED will
         be lying (one hopes) so deny everything.
Step 4:  The FED will call you again in a couple of days and tell you that you
         have one last chance to turn yourself in.  When you say no again,
         The FED will try to scare you by telling you that MCI is going to make
         an example of you and prosecute to the fullest extent.  If a FED
         does this, then you know he has no evidence on you or at most,
         circumstantial evidence.
You might get a couple of calls after that.  Keep denying it and make sure you
drop out of phreaking for approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months. If you get a call
from your local phone company then drop out for at least 6 months to a year.
They will most likely put a pen register or a DNR on your line.
a FED usually has a degree in Criminal Psychology so be very careful!  He
can't do anything to you if you follow the above guidelines unless he had a
trace put on the account you were using.  If that is the case, then he will
show up at your door arrest you.  Your best bet is to stay away from it
entirely. a FED's home phone is unlisted (of course), but his office number
can be obtained from any operator of the company he works for. (ex: MCI, GTE)

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