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Privacy Digest 3.13 (INDEX to Vol 03, #01-12), 7/3/94

PRIVACY Forum Digest      Sunday, 3 July 1994       Volume 03 : Issue 13

          Moderated by Lauren Weinstein (lauren@vortex.com)
            Vortex Technology, Woodland Hills, CA, U.S.A.
                     ===== PRIVACY FORUM =====

   	  The PRIVACY Forum digest is supported in part by the 
	      ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy.

        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 03, Issues 1 through 12;
	   1 Jan 1994 through 30 Jun 1994
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)

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The Internet PRIVACY Forum is a moderated digest for the discussion and
analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy (both personal
and collective) in the "information age" of the 1990's and beyond.  The
moderator will choose submissions for inclusion based on their relevance and
content.  Submissions will not be routinely acknowledged.

ALL submissions should be addressed to "privacy@vortex.com" and must have
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to be distributable without limitations. 

The PRIVACY Forum archive, including all issues of the digest and all
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        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 03, Issues 1 through 12
		      1 Jan 1994 through 30 Jun 1994
		               (12 issues)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Wednesday, 12 January 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 01
        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 02, Issues 22 through 38;
	   1 Jul 1993 through 31 December 1993
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 16 January 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 02
	GAO Data Matching Report (Dave Banisar)
        Postal Service Still Selling NCOA Info (Dave Banisar)
	Wiretaps (John Higgins)
	Extracts from CPSR Alert 3.01:
	   [1] FBI Pushes for Enhanced Wiretap Capabilities
	   [2] Public Hearings on Privacy in DC & California
	   (Original mailing from Dave Banisar; extracted by MODERATOR)
	Sprint VoiceCard - Maybe Not Such a Good Thing? (GOODMANS@delphi.com)
	National Computer Security Association 1994 Security Summit -
	   Washington D.C. 1-25-94 and Encryption Export Control (Sharon Webb)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Tuesday, 8 February 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 03
	The CERT advisory regarding Internet security
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Crypto Experts Oppose Clipper (Dave Banisar)
	Cryptography: Policy and Technology Trends
	   (Lance J. Hoffman)
	Personal Information Via the Internet (Diane Barlow Close)
        EFF Wants You (to add your voice to the crypto fight!)
           (Stanton McCandlish)
        Campaign Against Clipper (Dave Banisar)
        CFP'94 (Lance J. Hoffman)

PRIVACY Forum Digest;  Sunday, 20 February 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 04
	Emotion vs. Reason in the Clipper "Debate"
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Privacy & Automate Vehicular Identification (Joel Halpern)
	More on PGP issues (Diane Barlow Close)
	Private Info On Net (John Higgins)
	Information on beating telemarketers in small claims court?
	   (Andrew Shapiro)
        NII Testimony (Robert Ellis Smith)
	Campaign and Petition Against Clipper (Dorothy Denning)
        Who says the Clipper issue is complicated? (D. J. Bernstein)
	Clipper (A. Padgett Peterson)
	Notes on key escrow meeting with NSA (Matt Blaze)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 27 February 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 05
	The Clipper Saga continues...
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Re: Emotion v. Reason (Marc Rotenberg)
	Re: Emotion vs. Reason in the Clipper "Debate" (Jerry Leichter)
	Privacy Forum comments, v3i4 (Prabhakar Ragde)
	Clipper, Denning and PRIVACY Forum Digest V03 #04 (Lee S. Parks)
	CPSR Clipper Petition /rsp to Denning (Marc Rotenberg)
        Newsday article: The Clipper Chip Will Block Crime (Dorothy Denning)
        FWD>FYI: Rivest's response to Dorothy Denning (Dave Banisar)
	The Return of the "Digital Telephony Proposal"
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 6 March 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 06
	PRIVACY Briefs (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	TV Network News Seeks Victims of Privacy Problems
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Re: PGP (Charlie Stross)
	DES Recertified for Use (Mike Winkelman)
	'We {Will} Find you...' (Paul Robinson)
	FBI Digital Telephony and PCS mobile phones (M. Hedlund)
        Re: Newsday article: The Clipper Chip Will Block Crime 
	   (Brinton Cooper)
        Re: Newsday article: The Clipper Chip Will Block Crime
	   (Dorothy Denning)
	NTIA Releases Notice of Inquiry On Privacy Issues (Beth Givens)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Saturday, 26 March 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 07
	Outlawing non-(goverment) approved encryption (A. Padgett Peterson)
	Clipper & other countries (Konrad Van Zyl)
	NASA "privacy" controversy on Usenet (Jonathan McDowell)
	New Book From IOM On Health Data Privacy (Marc Schwartz)
        Tonya Harding E-Mail (Erik Nilsson)
	Gambling (Phil Agre)
        Intrusion-Detection Workshop (Teresa Lunt)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Wednesday, 13 April 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 08
	 Editorial: "Crime, Privacy, and Singapore"
            (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	 Searching for health care anecdotes (Marianne P. Lavelle)
	 Postmaster Gen'l wants to "certify elec.msgs. for privacy" ??? (fwd)
	    (Lance J. Hoffman)
	 We Can't Heeeaaarrrr You ... (Richard Johnson)
	 Dave Barry Responds To E-Mail Hacking Charges [extracted by MODERATOR]
	    (Erik Nilsson)
	 Let your fingers do the walking on the Internet (Paul Robinson)
	 NYNEX Calling Card Fiasco (George Feil)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Friday, 29 April 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 09
	Re: Internet White Pages (John R. Levine)
	FCC Issues Decision on Caller ID [Finally] (Monty Solomon)
	Medical Privacy Bill Introduced in Congress (Dave Banisar)
	Government-Assisted Housing (Joseph A. Drain)
	Alt.sex newsgroups.... (Elizabeth Chestney)
	Preserving Federal Electronic Mail (Barbara Simons)
	NTIA Privacy Notice of Inquiry - Deadline Extended, Act Now!
	   (Monty Solomon)
	Data Escape from Prison (Mich Kabay)
	Singapore IS pro-privacy --- about executions etc ([Name Withheld])
	Clipper Petition Delivered to White House (CPSR National Office)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 15 May 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 10
	ID Card Stories -- Reality Check 
           (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Public Employee SSN's (David Lesher)
	Contact Representatives NOW to help sink Clipper (Stanton McCandlish)
        EFF Summary of May 3 1994 Clipper and Digital Telephony Hearings
	   (Stanton McCandlish)
	FCC attacks (Carl Page)
	FCC order on interstate Caller ID (John R. Levine)
	IRS "Privacy Principles" (Laurel Kristick)
	Re: alt.sex newsgroups (kaiser@heron.vbo.dec.com)
	Censorship as applied to newsfeeds (Willie Smith)
	New Electronic Privacy Group Formed (Dave Banisar)
	DIAC Virtual Conference Listserv (Doug Schuler / Coralee Whitcomb)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 12 June 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 11
	Summer Submissions for the Digest
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Newsgroup censorship (Thomas M. Swiss)
	Thank you, France Telecom (Technology Strategy & Architecture)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Wednesday, 29 June 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 12
	Cell Phone Privacy (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	New York PSC letters to FCC and V.P. Gore regarding CNID 
	   (Anthony Grego)
	Caller ID (Monty Solomon)
	Brooks Statement on Crypto (David Banisar)
	Privacy: Your Secrets For Sale (Les Earnest)
	Request for Social Security # by video rental store 
	   (Michael McClennen)
	Re: Newsgroup censorship (Jerry Leichter)
	Security in Blood Donation (David Stodolsky)
	RE: Thank you, France Telecom (Geoffrey Pike)


End of PRIVACY Forum Digest 03.13

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