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Privacy Digest 4.01 (INDEX to Vol 03, #13-25), 1/7/95

PRIVACY Forum Digest     Saturday, 7 January 1995     Volume 04 : Issue 01

          Moderated by Lauren Weinstein (lauren@vortex.com)
            Vortex Technology, Woodland Hills, CA, U.S.A.
                     ===== PRIVACY FORUM =====

   	  The PRIVACY Forum digest is supported in part by the 
	      ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy.

        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 03, Issues 13 through 25
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)

 *** Please include a RELEVANT "Subject:" line on all submissions! ***
            *** Submissions without them may be ignored! ***

The Internet PRIVACY Forum is a moderated digest for the discussion and
analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy (both personal
and collective) in the "information age" of the 1990's and beyond.  The
moderator will choose submissions for inclusion based on their relevance and
content.  Submissions will not be routinely acknowledged.

ALL submissions should be addressed to "privacy@vortex.com" and must have
RELEVANT "Subject:" lines; submissions without appropriate and relevant
"Subject:" lines may be ignored.  Excessive "signatures" on submissions are
subject to editing.  Subscriptions are by an automatic "listserv" system; for
subscription information, please send a message consisting of the word
"help" (quotes not included) in the BODY of a message to:
"privacy-request@vortex.com".  Mailing list problems should be reported to
"list-maint@vortex.com".  All submissions included in this digest represent
the views of the individual authors and all submissions will be considered
to be distributable without limitations. 

The PRIVACY Forum archive, including all issues of the digest and all
related materials, is available via anonymous FTP from site "ftp.vortex.com",
in the "/privacy" directory.  Use the FTP login "ftp" or "anonymous", and
enter your e-mail address as the password.  The typical "README" and "INDEX"
files are available to guide you through the files available for FTP
access.  PRIVACY Forum materials may also be obtained automatically via
e-mail through the listserv system.  Please follow the instructions above
for getting the listserv "help" information, which includes details
regarding the "index" and "get" listserv commands, which are used to access
the PRIVACY Forum archive.  All PRIVACY Forum materials are available
through the Internet Gopher system via a gopher server on site
"gopher.vortex.com".  Access to PRIVACY Forum materials is also available
through the Internet World Wide Web (WWW) via the Vortex Technology WWW home
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For information regarding the availability of this digest via FAX, please
send an inquiry to privacy-fax@vortex.com, call (818) 225-2800, or FAX
to (818) 225-7203.


   Quote for the day:

	"Push the button, Frank."

	 -- Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu)
	    "Mystery Science Theater 3000" ["MST3K"] (1988- )


        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 03, Issues 13 through 25
		      1 Jul 1994 through 31 Dec 1994
		               (13 issues)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 3 July 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 13
        INDEX to PRIVACY Forum Digest; Volume 03, Issues 1 through 12;
	   1 Jan 1994 through 30 Jun 1994
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)

PRIVACY Forum Digest;  Saturday, 16 July 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 14
	New National ID Card Proposal (David Banisar)
	PrivacyGuard/CUC Int'l, Inc. (William E. Carroll)
	Privacy & "Discovery" (N. R. Sterling)
	Re: Newsgroup censorship (Marc Horowitz)
	USACM Calls for Clipper Withdrawal (US ACM, DC Office)
	ACM Releases Crypto Study (US ACM, DC Office)
	Re: Thank you, France Telecom (Peter Kaiser)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Friday, 12 August 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 15
	PrivacyGuard (Beth Givens)
	Privacy at risk: Educational Records (CPSR)
	Leahy on Gore Clipper Letter 7/21/94 (Dave Banisar)
	Medical Privacy Dilemma ([Name withheld])
	Re: Discovery (Geoff Kuenning)
	More Foolish Use of the SSN (Willis H. Ware)
	Privacy Book Project (Gini Graham Scott)
	Health Care Privacy Alert (Dave Banisar)
	EPIC Seeks Release of FBI Wiretap Data (Dave Banisar)
	The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Information Service -- Correction
	  (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse)
	Privacy Conference (Dave Banisar)
	International Cryptography Institute (Dorothy Denning)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Saturday, 3 September 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 16
	Sprint's phone-card stupidity (Alan Wexelblat)
	More problems with Sprint Voice FonCard (Bob Stratton)
	Re: Medical Privacy Dilemma (Joan Eslinger)
	Re: Medical Privacy Dilemma (Chris Hibbert)
	Re: Medical Privacy Dilemma (a_rubin@dsg4.dse.beckman.com)
	EPIC Statement on FBI Wiretap Bill (Dave Banisar)
	New indecency rules proposed for all online services 
	   (Daniel J. Weitzner)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Tuesday, 20 September 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 17
	PRIVACY Forum materials now available via WWW
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Electronic signatures (Bill Hensley)
	Access surveillance (Diane Henderson)
	Some privacy notes (Phil Agre)
	Database Marketing (Mark Stalzer)
	ACTION: Fight US bills: SB 2375 & HR 4922 (Shabbir J. Safdar)
	Patient Privacy at Risk (FWD) (David Banisar)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Wednesday, 28 September 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 18
	No responses in favor of Wiretap Bill received
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Digitizing signatures (Bob Rahe)
	Electronic Signatures (Terrence P. Maher)
	More Electronic Signatures (John French)
	Looking for Help (Mary Zahn Hanin)
	FBI Wiretap Bill (Marc Rotenberg)
	Another Civil Liberty Group Opposes Wiretap Bill (Dave Banisar)
	ACLU release and letter on FBI wiretap bill (ACLU Information)
	Privacy & American Business conference in DC next week
	   (Lance J. Hoffman)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Friday, 7 October 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 19
	*** SPECIAL ISSUE on the Digital Telephony Bill ***
	PRIVACY Forum Special Issue on the Digital Telephony Bill
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Support the Digital Telephony Bill! (Dorothy Denning)
	Rebuttal (Marc Rotenberg)
        The FBI's Wiretap Plan: Welcome to the Information Snooper Highway
	   (Marc Rotenberg)
	Rebuttal (Dorothy Denning)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Saturday, 22 October 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 20
	 O.J. Simpson Trial Jury Questionnaires now in PRIVACY Forum Archive
	    (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	 EFF Statement on Passage of Digital Telephony Act 
	    (Stanton McCandlish)
	 Caller ID debate (Phil Agre)
	 Electronic Signatures [Sears] (Jim Conforti)
	 MCI Employee Charged in $50 Million Calling Card Fraud
	    (Monty Solomon)
	 Call for Participation - CFP'95 (Carey Heckman)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Sunday, 6 November 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 21
	Risks in VAP? (Jim Guyton)
	Calling Card Privacy? (Charles R. Trew)
	Lies, damn lies, and statistics (Geoff Kuenning)
        Re: MCI Employee Charged in $50 Million Calling Card Fraud
           (Barry Gold)
	Drivers license as universal ID? (John Sullivan)
	Discover Card "Fraud" Mailing 
	   (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	HTTP, New Browsers, & Privacy (Ed Kubaitis)
	Orwell was off by 499 channels, and what to do about it
           (Curt Bramblett)
	Intelligent Transportation Systems (Phil Agre)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Saturday, 12 November 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 22
	PRIVACY Brief (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Local authority housing id scheme in London (Steve Bowbrick)
	Re: HTTP, New Browsers, & Privacy (M. Hedlund)
        The dangers of half-hearted privacy measures (David Dyer-Bennet)
	CMU blocks access to nasty newsgroups (Mich Kabay)
	Followup on Sears captures signatures (Steve Holzworth)
	Minnesota driver license (Daniel Frankowski)
	Discover Card "Fraud" Mailing update (dgh@BIX.com)
	Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Privacy of SSNs (David Banisar)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Tuesday, 6 December 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 23
	UK CLI gets go ahead (Sue Schofield)
	How to remove "SSN as account number"? (Michael McKay)
	Re: Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins 
	   (Jerry Leichter)
        Re: Sears captures signatures (Bernard Gunther)
	New Penal Code in Spain (Rafael Fernandez Calvo)
	How to stop invasions of privacy (Gary Martin)
	PATNEWS: A review of a book on PGP (Gregory Aharonian)
	EPIC Alert 1.07 [items selected by MODERATOR] (Alert@epic.org)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Friday, 16 December 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 24
	IMPORTANT: PRIVACY Forum Status and Problems
           (Lauren Weinstein; PRIVACY Forum Moderator)
	Privacy on the WWW (Scott Coleman)
        What's wrong with customized service? (Michael McCarthy)
        Re: Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins (Nevin Liber)
        Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins (Scott Coleman)
        Re: Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins (Karl Anderson)
	Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins
	UK concerns over personal data grow (Sue Schofield)
	Re: How to stop invasion of privacy (Arthur L. Rubin)
	The problem with preference recording (Marc Thibault)
	Maintaining Privacy in Electronic Transactions (Benjamin Cox)

PRIVACY Forum Digest; Friday, 23 December 1994; Volume 03 : Issue 25
	What's wrong with customized service?  (Phil Agre)
	Re: Orwell, 499 channels, and where privacy begins
           (Christopher Zguris)
        Re: Where privacy begins (Jeremy Grodberg)
	Nosy lawyers (Joseph A. Drain)
	Regarding Web Servers and Stats collection (Neil Briscoe)
	Caller-ID harassment syndrome (Paul Baclace)
	Re: How to stop invasion of privacy (Robert A. Rosenberg)


End of PRIVACY Forum Digest 04.01

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