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Privacy for Sale - a rant

                  Jitsu-Disk [www.nmrc.org] / Jully-October 1999

  Anger was the state of mind, and still is, as of the completion of Pandora4 Beta2
  		  it's about time to upgrade this rant...

                              Jitsu's RANT

                      F R E E D O M  F O R  S A L E

Jeez it's been something of a year, but my friend we're back from hell with
the tools you asked for. Yet, the devils spurred some malicious spells while
we were at work and i urge the need to put you in confidence : freedom is on
sale and you're not expensive [NASDAQ FREE666].

They are many things that ought to be said, and i would like to begin with
this month of Jully event : Packet Storm Security was down.
Like many many others in the rainbowed security sceen, Packet Storm is to
me an invaluable source of PERTINENT information. Part of the Pandora4
project could not have been without. And like many many others i've been
lurking into Packet Storm Archive for months without any more reward towards
Ken Williams, it's creator, then a profound gratefullness each time i
connect and the wish to donate something to his archive. Small rivers makes 
large torrents. Yet someone managed to get Packet Storm unplugged,
the flow of information was denied and the blood of anger ringed my ears.
Packet Storm is not just "a coolz plaz for scriptoz kiddizz to leech
tha latest h/p/v/c/z", it's a hacker forum, a community front-end, one
of the greatest bazarr in the Open Source manner; It's free information for
all and someone tried to take it away from us. Today, Packet Storm is back,
not quite like we expected (you expect a lot from a gone lover whe she comes
back), yet not all that bad, content is there ... but for how long ? I mean
"what if", what if the company now behinds PacketStorm sees his interset 
conflicts with the site contents ? Maybe a buggy software they write ? Maybe
the one of their big clients ? Will we still have a place to stand and shout
every hacker source will be "sponsored", ha! owned! as we so much like to put
it. What's the good if YOU know but nodoby cares because no one can hear 
you... lost at large ... We must be vigilant, information want's to be free,
we have the keys - for now.

It's barrely the beginning, you are a direct target to control freeks. If we
roll back on this year most amazing? stories, there is intel trying to
literraly "stamp" you with their latest ID processor "feature", and Microsoft
actually doing it with their systems (check [www.hackernews.com] for the
stories). My next system will be running on AMD with Linux. Pandora4 will be
my last contribution to the wintel platform's. As far as i'm concerned i'll
code for Pandora5 on Linux. Period.

And there is the now infamous ECHELON spying my words (the latest European news
worn out my last belief for freedom : ECHELON was seen as problem in Europe, not 
because of what it does, but because it's not a European toy, "fortunately" 
ENFOPOL is around the corner to fill the gap...), and there are people
denying the philosophical aspect of the GNU project wishing to bend GPL into
there private agenda, and there are banks trying to make you believe "eyes"
recognition systems are "cool", and they are states selling your ID's to
companies toying "facial recognition systems", and they are some trying to
deposit human DNA genes as private license, and they are others giving
computers for free as long as they can spy your every mouse click...

Unfortunately there is probably no Big Brother, that would be to easy to spot,
but rather a complex world where each individual makes a choice that adds to
either side of the force... Choose your side, and may THE force be with you.
(hope that last sentence is not deposited or trade marked or whatever...) ;-)

Before i close this rant i'd like to add two things : a private note and some
great thanks. On the private note to those Novell geeks who couldn't make
Pandora3 level3-1 attack work, i hope you'll like this new edition which
automagically hijack's the Admin connection, and if you still can't have it
run ask your kids for help. Oh, by the way, it seems you guys somewhat changed
the response algorithm from the server when packet conflicts in Nw5Sp3, goooood, 
we love to play cat and mouse :-) You'll also notice something new in Beta2, file
recollection from live packet captures, heheee.. Why? Boredom? Yes. To add some
new trick ? (so you can rattle about it) Shure ! But first and foremost, what we
want is packet level encryption of than LAN traffic, period.

Finally the many GREAT thanks to those who makes
computer freedom a reality, and specially :

Ken Williams founder of Packet Storm Security where we found Peter Viano
routine to wintel packet drivers.

Vincenzo Morello [volftp.tin.it/italiani/MORELLO/index_e.htm] for his
donnation to the free community of his multiplatform GUI library, and how
kindly he gave us support for his latest library. Thanks Vincenzo !

The team at [www.pgpi.com] for keeping our privacy private

DJ Delorie [www.delorie.com] who gave us high quality and free wintel
compilers and development tools

Rainer Schnitker [www.mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de/~rainer/], your GNU build
of the wintel 32bit compiler and libraries simply ROCKS, this is one of the
most awsome piece of code i ever seen. Sorry Cygnus.

Last but not least, Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation
[www.gnu.org] who inspired us all

(1) see http://www.gnu.org/gnu/thegnuproject.html


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