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Beating drug metabolite tests

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From:  alt.drugs
Subject:  Drug Testing FAQ
Last Updated:  12-30-91

Beating Drug Metabolite tests (for informational purposes *only* of course).

     There are several commonly used drug metabolite tests:  EMIT, RIA,
Abuscreen, etc.  All of these tests are reasonably easy to beat, given a
little advance planning.  First of all, the drug which is most easily
tested for is marijuana -- its claimed that drug tests can detect
marijuana use up to two months previous.  By following the following
guidelines, its frequently reported that non-chronic marijuana smoking two
weeks prior to the test still resulted in a negative test result.  Two
weeks, however, is probably the minimum safety allowance.
     In order to prepare for a drug metabolite test, make sure that you
flush your system adequately.  Every day prior to the test, drink at least
eight glasses of liquid (preferably water).  Do *NOT*, however, do this
to excess -- you can end up with water intoxication, and people have
actually overdosed and died off of water.  On the day of the test, you
likewise need to dilute your urine by drinking water -- drink 4-6 glasses
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or so, and piss until your urine turnear.  When its clear that means
that the concentration of all the solutes in the urine is lower
*including* the drug metabolites. This process can be aided by taking some
caffiene, or the prescription diuretic Lasix (again, don't overdo anything
-- there is nothing to be gained by drinking more water/taking more
diuretics -- 80mg Lasix should be quite sufficient).  The clear dilute
urine can also be masked by taking Vitamin B-2 which will color it and
make it less suspicious (use 50-100mg).
     Should you fail the initial test you will most likely be required to
have a confirmatory GC/MS test.  For this test, the best precautions are
abstinence and prayer.  You should not smoke between the time you get
tested for the first time and the results come back -- if they're positive
and you have to take a GC/MS test, you will be screwed.  GC/MS tests are
much more sensitive than the preliminary immunoassays.
     There are several substances, some marketed commercially, which are
reported to interfere with the immunoassays to give a negative test
result. Generally, these are treated with some skepticism (but if you
really feel like trying them...).  In particular, vinegar and
phenylpropanolamine (Dexatrim) do not work.  Zinc Sulfate is reported to
work -- take 250mg the night before, and a few hours before the test -- DO
NOT TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS CHEMICAL.  Also the following two products claim
to be effective screens:

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     Test Free       -- Zydot Unlimitnc.
                        Box 9485
                        Tulsa OK 74157
                        (918) 747-2400

     Naturally Klean -- Houston Enterprises
                        PO Box 27776
                        Tempe AZ 85285
                        (602) 968-0773

     As a last resort, piss tests can be doped with chemicals.  Bleach
detergent, blood, Draino crystals are reported to work at least on the
EMIT test (I would not expect them to interfere at all on the GC/MS
tests). Its apparently not necessary to spike it with a large quantity,
and the chemicals will noticably effect the urine and could be detected.
     For more information see Abbie Hoffman's book "Steal this Urine Test".


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