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"Test Free" - a substance you can buy that defeats drug testing

  Test Free (tm) - The Ultimate Defense Against Urine Tests!

  This file contains information on urinalysis, as well as information on a

product designed to help people defeat urinalysis.

  Transcribed by the Dak - 8/3/90 - Holiday Inn, Cambodia BBS - 209/456-8584


     Drug use is a problem.  We, as citizens, shouldn't stop worrying about

the problem.  But maybe we should start worrying about the solution!  To

some, the solution to the American drug catastrophe is simple...MASS DRUG

TESTING!  Could it be?  Think of it!  All we have to do is make everyone pee

in a cup and POOF!  The national cancer of drug abuse will disappear faster

than the family farm!

     Why did your national drug problem suddenly become the focus of

political and business decisions?  Given the speed and enthusiasm with which

many of our elected officials and business leaders have accepted drug testing

as a cure-all, did this change mean there was a sudden worsening of the

problem?  The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that nearly

two-thirds of those entering the work force have used illegal drugs...44%

within the past year.  But, ironically, the current craze for wide-scale drug

testing has gained populatiry just when most types of drug use are stable or

beginning to drop.  NIDA reports that for all drugs except cocaine, current

rates are, for the first time below those of 1979...our peak year of drug


"No person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against

himself." - Fifth Amendment

     So why the frenzy now?  Drugs are just too good a political issue! 

Wide-spread drug tests make it look as though our national leaders are "doing

something about the problem!  Drug testing seems to be the product of

election-year sculpturing and well-timed and well-financed marketing efforts

by the test manufacturers!  Sales of drug tests have recently gotten a big

boost from the attitudes and orders of the Reagan administration, which has

recommended a drug testing program that will affect most American workers.

     Strangely, drug testing is becoming wide-spread in spite of general

agreement that the results of mass tests are more often than not grossly

inaccurate!  Studies of laboratory accuracy have confirmed ridiculously high

error rates.  One group of researchers reported a 70% rate of "false-

positives", while other groups have claimed that the rate of "false-

positives" have been closer to 100%!  False-positive mistakes (identifying a

"clean" urine sample as containing an illegal drug) are far more serious than

any false-negative mistakes.  This is because false-positives can, and have,

resulted in innocent people losing their jobs...or not being hired at all. 

Ironically, since the ERROR RATES derived from the drug tests are HIGHER than

the ACTUAL RATE OF ILLEGAL DRUG USE in the general working population, as

reported by NIDA, the tests are far more likely to label INNOCENT PEOPLE AS

DRUG USERS than to identify REAL USERS!  Wouldn't you or your mother love to

be labeled an "addict" after taking a couple of Advils for that holiday


"Urine tests are overly sensitive to marijuana; detecting chemical by-

products for months after use!"

     Many false-positive results stem from "cross-reactivity".  This refers

to the fact that hundreds of over-the-counter medications, vitamins,

prescription drugs and even everyday food items can produce false-positive

results on these tests!  For example, Contac, Sudafed, most diet

preparations, decongestants, heart and asthma medications can all register as

amphetamines on the tests.  Over-the-counter cough syrup can cross-react as

opiates and antibiotics show up as cocaine!  Anti-inflammatory drugs and

common pain-killers, including Datril, Advil and Nuprin show up as marijuana.

Even those poppy seeds on your dinner roll can cause a positive result for

morphine...and some herbal teas show up as cocaine!  And tonic water...common

in mixed drinks...makes it look as though you are shooting heroin!

     Commercial testing companies always claim very high accuracy and

reliability, but these labs are not uniformly regulated and employers who

buy their services find it impossible to confirm these claims or even to

conduct informed comparative shopping!  The companies that mass-market

testing kits (such as the popular EMITs...which cost an estimated $15 to $25

per test) always recommend that positive test results be confirmed with other

laboratory procedures, which can run from $100 to $200 per test!  But,

relatively few employers are using the expensive back-up procedure before

firing employees who test positive.  Even when employers DO verify positive

results, employees who, upon retesting, turn out to be drug-free will be

stigmatized!  TWO to THREE tests are sometimes needed for conclusive results,

and even then they DO NOT DIFFERENTIATE between someone who has tried drugs

ONCE and someone who's a chronic user!  The tests CANNOT tell WHEN a drug was

ingested, and if a drug was taken at home or at a party on a WEEKEND, should

an employee be penalized for that?  URINALYSIS CAN REVEAL A LOT ABOUT


     Another critical failing of these tests are their limited sensitivity to

certain drugs (A shortcoming their manufacturers readily admit.)  Cocaine,

the only illicit drug whose use has risen is the one drug to which the tests

are the least sensitive.  By contrast, urine tests are...if anything...OVERLY

SENSITIVE TO MARIJUANA; detecting chemical by-products (not its ACTIVE

ingredient) for MONTHS after use, and even picking up the residue of passive


"...the right of the people to be secure in their persons...against

unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated..." - Fourth


     Also note that there is one "drug" nobody is saying much

about...alcohol.  Nearly 25,000,000 Americans are alcoholic or problem

drinkers.  Alcohol is legal, but potentially detrimental to job performance. 

Alcoholism costs us almost 200 billion dollars a year in lost work, medical

expenses, car wrecks and the removal of stubborn carpet stans.  Booze is

responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths per year and who knows how many dumb

marriages!  There are simple, cheap, accurate tests for alcohol use. 

However, nearly two-thirds of American adults drink...and that's A LOT OF

VOTERS!  So alcohol testing is done SPARINGLY, with PROBABLE CAUSE, under

HIGHLY JUSTIFIABLE circumstances...usually when you're driving home nude from

a New Year's Eve party!  Nobody is trying to make alcohol tests a regular

feature of work, school or sports, let alone Government employment!  How many

congressmen would care to be tested after 6:00 p.m.?  FRESHEN UP THAT DRINK


     Probably one of the greatest costs of mass drug testing involve

violations of worker's rights and the poor employee morale and broken trust

that result when workers must prove themselves from the PRESUMPTION OF GUILT!

     And don't forget the INVASION OF THE WORKER'S PRIVACY!  Urinalysis may

be great at revealing who is pregnant, who is diabetic, and a host of other

conditions, but it's very difficult to imagine how scatter-shot drug testing

could be acceptable...let alone LEGAL under the Fourth Amendment which is

clear that..."The right of the people to be secure in thier persons...against

unreasonable searches and seizures, whall not be violated..."  Searches are

permitted only "upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and

particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things

to be seized."  How could this type of testing be legal no matter how

"PARTICULARLY" the government describes the manner in which one urinates?

     And the Fifth Amendment is also clear:  "no person...shall be compelled

in any criminal case to be a witness against himself."  If using the contents

of your bladder as evidence isn't making you a witness against yourself,

then what would that be considered as doing?  Even people accused of the most

HEINOUS crimes are assured of this minimum protection from Government


     With all the critical failings, why has drug testing become so popular? 

Maybe some of the real solutions, such as education, rehabilitation, and

medical research are difficult and complex...much like reality itself.  (And

reality is one thing politicians could never stand too much of!)  Drug

testing is simple, objective and not easily challenged because it relies on

technology that very few understand.  It's quicker and cheaper than serious

and sustained efforts to reduce illegal drug use...such as the mass

educational efforts that have successfully reduced cigarette smoking.

     While drug testing does little to combat the Real problem of drug use,

it reinforces the employers ILLUSION of "DOING SOMETHING"!  Apparently, some

employers would rather test employees for drugs than build a relationship

with them based on confidence and loyalty!  A relationship doesn't just come

from a paycheck!  When you say to an employee, "You're doing a great job with

us, but just the same I want to you pee in this cup and I'm sending someone

to watch you", you've UNDERMINED that trust!

     Drug tests create an atmosphere of distrust, resentment and

demoralization!  Does any country in its right mind want an entire population

feeling this way about its Government?  Are we going to allow the Government

and private employers to make an unprecedented and probably irreversible

intrusion into our private lives?  If so this could very well be the first

step towards totalitarianism!


     About our Company

     Zydot Unlimited, Inc. is not an "Anti-law" organization, nor are we

"Pro-drug"...we are ANTI-DRUG TESTING!  We are representatives of the

public...here to protect and preserve the Constitutional Rights of the

American citizen.

     We do not promote or condone irrespnsible or illegal drug use of any

kind.  Our product Test Free (tm) was not developed as an aid for the drug

abuser, but as a defense against this most serious threat to our liberty.

     Test Free (tm) is a safe and simple means of INSURANCE to be used as

protection from unqualified laboratories, undertrained technicians,

inaccurate tests, hundreds of cross-reactive over-the-counter and

prescription medications, and even food items that can and do cause false-

positive test results.

     Positive drug test results have had a devastating impact on a multitude

of innocent people...drastically changing and sometimes destroying their

lives.  Yet, these urine tests are incapable of measuring impairment or on-

the-job performance, nor can they prove or disprove that a person is a "drug


     We would like to help educate the public and make them aware of the fact

that urine testing is a technology that is being iproperly applied and that

current testing programs do not and cannot provide information of sufficient

reliability to guide decision-makers.  We feel the public has every right to

defend themselves if faced with this unconstitutional situation.

Pass your urinalysis with TEST FREE (tm)

Eliminates any substance that could trigger a positive urine test result.

- All natural ingredients

- Works in less than 2 hours

- Effective 4 to 5 hours

- Mix with water and drink

- Undetectable in urine

- Not a drug

- Money back guarantee

This product was designed for personal use only and is not to be sold to or

used by anyone undergoing a lawfully administered urine test.

Zydot Unlimited, Inc. (tm)

Tulsa, Oklahoma




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