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Pricing to get in on AT&T Multiquest 900 Service

I found my crayon scrawled scratch paper regarding AT&T's "Mulitquest

Let's see if I can get this straight. If you have any questions, give
_HALLIE_ a call at 800-243-0900.

"900 service"
$1200 - install
$ 500 - monthly service charge.

On top of that..... THE SERVICE CHARGES
For an analog SINGLE LINE, it is
$1100 - install (depending how far you are from an AT&T CO)
$ 250 - month service charge

For T1.5 service (24 lines), it is
$3500 - install (depending how far you are from an AT&T CO)
$1200 - monthly service charge.

You can charge your customers (callers) 1cent to $50 first minute AND
0cents to $10 each additional minutes.

AT&T gets 10% gross + transport rate (30cents/minute) + service charge.

In some states, (California for an example), you can use AT&T for
out-of-state calls only! For in-state 900 service, one needs to use
another facility (PacTel, GTE, etc). One can also use a _Service_Bureau_
that can get around this "gotcha" by putting equipment (a switch I
assume) in another state (such as Nevada) and then providing a line(s)
to you.

Some service bureaus that I haven't spoken with yet are....
Low Ad Communications

Accel Voice

Ideal Dial


Now you guys know all that I know. Is it worth putting a 900 line into a
BBS? How about a network such as RIME?


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