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Mailboxing - how to acquire credit cards

                      How to Aquire Credit Cards-
                How to use Credit Cards You've aquired
              What precautions to take to not get caught

This is a file I feel many people may find interesting and educational.
This is for entertainment purposes only.  I do not suggest this, or do I
practice this.  I hope you enjoy this file for you "entertainment

The number one way I have found in the past for aqquiring credit cards,
besides getting a job with the credit card agency or the post office, is
mailboxing.  This is a time-honored tradition of going out late at night
and finding quiet residential neighborhoods to get credit cards from.
Upper-class and suburban neighbor-hoods are suggested.  Once you have found
an good, quiet neighborhood, wait until it is far past sunset.  Remember
not to choose a neighborhood with a lot of teenage kids.  I would not
suggest entering the neighborhood after one in the morning, and before five
in the morning.  As you probably know, it is easy to forget to get your
mail when you get home.  It is also easy to stay away somewhere for a few
days- forgetting to get someone to bring in the mail and the paper.  (A
bunch of newspapers in front of the house is a good sign!).  So as you can
see, in a neighborhood of 100 homes- there are going to be a shitload of
houses with mail still in the box.  Go from mail box to mailbox cleaning
out everything within.  This may frequently result in a letter from oh say
"American Express", "Master Charge", "Discover Card", "Diners Club", or
"Visa".  The possibilities are endless when you count the numerous cards
such as "Best Buy", "Express/Structure", "Automatic Teller Machine Cards
w/codes", exc., exc.  Let's just say you don't find any of these "Lucky"
letters- There are still people who mail cash, send out credit card
numbers, and give out other important goodies. Don't be discouraged by a
package (letter) without a big name on it.  If you look care fully, many of
the credit card agencies are now marking their letters with very discreet
lettering in the return address (to cut down on credit card theft).  If you
can't see the possibilities in "Mailboxing" by now, you probably need a
testosterone (or estrogen) shot.  The possibilities are endless!

Yea!  Now I have a credit card.  What the hell do I do now?  There are
several different ways to use an unmarked credit card.  First sign the name
of the user in your handwriting on the blank.  That covers the hassle of
trying to forge their hand writing.  You now have a credit card that you
can use almost anywhere!  Worried about it being reported as stolen?  The
beauty of mailboxing is:  They won't know it's stolen if they don't know
they have it!. Your first purchase should be small, just to check it out.
To make sure the card is activated: go to a gas station with the credit
card machine on the pump.  This saves the hassle of having Billy Ray from
security jump your ass (just in case).  If there are no visible cameras,
what the hell, fill'er up! Now you have an active card that you can use
anywhere and a tank of gas!  If the machine says "please see cashier", you
should leave immeadiatly.  The cashier won't know the card is stolen unless
you take it inside.  If you know the credit limit (say $2500), try very
hard not to spend over 25% of it at one store (in this case, $625).  If
that's not descent cash, I don't know what is (Of course I never have any
money). This card should last for at least 2 weeks on minor purchases
(restaurants, clothes, food, small stuff). Some cards even come with an ATM
number along with the credit limit!  I don't recommend making more than one
big purchase, or the credit agency will catch on real quick and call the
owners.  If they do report it stolen, and you don't have time to check your
trusty card at the gas station- you risk getting caught.  Many times an
owner who has received a stolen credit card call from their local agency
will issue a card pickup. If this happens, the person at the store you are
trying to use it at will just take your card.  If the card is reported
stolen (after you've bought that new stereo and pentium server, and all the
other stuff you dreamed of having)  The people in the store will try and
stall you and sometimes call security.  This is when you tell them you
cannot stay and are in a hurry. "Uh, there must be some mistake.  I bet
this is one of the guys at work playing another practical joke."  Get out
of the store pretty quickly (haul ass MF!)  Try not to make stupid mistakes
and you won't have to cross that bridge.  In either case, the credit card
agency might ask to talk to you.  When the phone is handed to you, no
matter what the other line says, say "Yes, Yes, O.K. I understand.  O.K.
thanks, alright bye." Then place the phone down- don't let the storeperson
touch it and GET OUT!

There are many other possibilities with this beautiful tool (the credit
card), but I am only going to list one of the most simple.  Remember those
phone sex numbers and other junk advertised on TV?  Well, on a warm day go
to an open phone booth with a door- and have fun.  Don't use your own
phone, it can be traced.  And don't use 1-900, because they will charge the
phone your on, not the credit card.

I hope you have enjoyed this little brochure, or documentary, on credit
card theft.  Remember, this is only for entertainment purposes only.

[ Note from Tommy: This won't work - all the major card issuers call the
cardholder to "verify" the card BEFORE activating it! ]

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