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Arcade Machines

.:--==--==--==--==-->> Ripping off Arcade Machines by Wyzewun <<==--==--==--:.
::                                                                          ::
:: This method was originally thought up by Vortexia, but he is too busy to ::
:: write a file like this and probably wouldn't admit to thinking this up   ::
:: anyway, having thought up much more amazing stuff than this before, so I ::
:: wrote it myself. ;)                                                      ::
::							                    ::
:: If you've ever been to an arcade that uses a card system, you've         ::
:: probably seen the card thats just a piece of cardboard, with a line of   ::
:: tape in it, a lot like the tape you'll find on an audio casette.         ::
::                                                                          ::
:: Get about 20 of these cards, or however many you'll need before you can  ::
:: spool them inside an audio casette. Then play this sound to your PC,     ::
:: record it in WAV format and loop 90 minutes of this sound onto another   ::
:: audio casette. Then, whenever you need a card, cut a piece off this tape,::
:: stick it on a piece of card, and you're fully recharged. If you ever     ::
:: play e-nuff games to finish the 90-minute tape, then just make another   ::
:: one with the WAV file you still have on your HD.                         ::
::                                                                          ::

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