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Some online marketing tips

Some Online Marketing Tips Just for YOU!

  These are some excerpts from the very lucrative
and helpful online marketing report:

               BY A WHOPPING 150%!!

First, let's look at the seven steps that will lead to
your success as you market your product or service via
              STEP 1:  Set REALISTIC Goals.

     Make it small enough that you believe you can do it,
yet BIG enough to get you excited.
It's got to be enough to motivate you to get out of bed on
gloomy mornings. Some marketers see $700 per month as a
realistic goal while others see $7,000 per month. Hey,
if you're going for the gold, GO FOR THE GOLD!

              STEP 2:  "Scoreboard" your Results.

     It helps to run a tote board or graph to measure
your progress.  This way you can finish each day seeing
that you've accomplished something.  It can make work more
              STEP 3:  Products Ideas.

              STEP 4: TEST your ads.

              STEP 5:  Test your PRICE.

      REPORT...See Address Below]

                      WHOPPING 150%

       STEP 6:  Keep your product/service in front of 'em!

GET IT FOR NEXT TO NOTHING!! Just Request the report mentioned
below...We know you'll want to Purchase the complete report!]

              STEP 7:  Sell BACK-END products.


    We'd like to give you a HOT little tip that will help
you keep track of your customers in your CompuServe
Address Book! Although this is a "technical" operation,
you'll find that once you have your prospect/customer
list under control, you'll be able to make sound  business
decisions that will ultimately yield you increased profits!

Subject: Overloaded WINCim Address Book>>

** Here is an excerpt of an e-mail that I sent
a valued customer who had followed instructions
in one of our Special Reports. I thought you
might find it most helpful in case your
CompuServe Address Book maxes out!! This can
really happen if you have a lot of leads and
customers. It happened to this customer who spent
a frustratingly large amount of time trying to
get assistance from tech support. Their solution
was to load another copy of WinCim from a different
directory!??   :-(

<<Hi again Joe!

Here is a special secret that a real "techie"
like me would come up with. [No, I'm just a simple
online marketer who happened across this amazing

Go to File Manager and find the file addrbook.dat in the
C:\cserve\support\   subdirectory.

Temporarily RENAME it to something that YOU will remember!

Now, go back to WINCIM and click on the Address Book Icon...
   viola!! You now have another address book. Quickly switch
back to file manager, be sure you're back in the subdirectory
mentioned above and press the F5 key to refresh it.

You should see both a NEW addrbook.dat file and your RENAMED
file. The potential here is UNLIMITED!! This new addrbook.dat
file will be empty until you add names and CServ addresses to

You can have a file for every category of prospect, lead,
sale, etc!!!

Just keep temporarily renaming each .dat file and Rename the
file that you want to work with BACK TO addrbook.dat as needed!
As long as there is an addrbook.dat file, WINCIM will open it
whenever you click on the Address Book Icon or open the Mail/
Address Book menu...[Ctrl+A].  If no addrbook.dat exists because
you have everything renamed, one will automatically be created!

Pretty nifty, huh?

In my more than 5,000 hours of using these crazy machines, I've
found that I have acquired considerable tech knowledge.
(I'm blowing my own horn; sorry)
What I really want to get good at is online marketing!! ;-D

Thanks for the critique and the info about CServ tech support.

Thanks again,


P.S. Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!>>


We're still experimenting with DOSCim...

   $$$ Here is a sample of some more of this exciting report
on how to increase online sales:

                       COULD FAIL!
                   (Failure Prevention)

1.  Lack of a Positive and Well Defined Purpose for Your
Business Idea.

5.  Practicing Procrastination.

6.  Not Being Persistent About Persistence.

Not knowing how or not having any desire to quit day in or day
out if and when confronted with a tough break, Murphy's Law, or
an uncontrollable circumstance, makes for a perfect positive
asset -  by not accepting it as a setback, but as a lesson and
self motivator to continue on...

9.  Not Understanding the Strength of Decision Making.

Efficiency, productivity, co-operation, profits, growth, trust,
respect, etc. is a direct result of successful people who are
able to make the right decisions quickly when the opportunity
presents itself or change a decision, if at all necessary,
slowly and cautiously.  The opposite of that, failure, is a
result of people who are slow to reach decisions, if they can at
all, or  who more often quickly change decisions.  Indecisions
and waiting for the right time go hand in hand. Make a decision
now, stick to it, in order not be a failure...

12.  No Concentration of Effort.

Always concentrate on every aspect of your business plan.  It
breeds desire, knowledge, familiarity and results.  Avoid
straying into an unrelated direction, creating distractions that
break the momentum of continuity.  Concentration will reward you
with quicker completion, a quality product, faster and better
customer response and profits...

17.  Deliberate Dishonesty.

20.  Start Up Capital

These are just some of the many revealing and helpful topics
that are covered in this report.

Thank you for letting us share them with you!

   21st Century Publications
   4600 Chippewa  #106
   St. Louis MO 63116-1660
   (314) 664-6374
   (314) 664-6384 FAX

   CServ 74462,1127


     Since this file was originally created, we did
extensive testing with DOSCIM and found that the
ADDRBOOK.DAT file manipulation mentioned above works
exactly the SAME AS WINCIM!!

   {It is suggested that ,if you can, you work via
    DOSSHELL to speed things up; i.e. task switching, etc.}

     Moreover, we found that if you have an addrbook.dat file
that contains info related to more than one product, you can
make a copy of it, temporarily rename the original, then DELETE
those names that don't apply to the product(s) in that
particular address book that you've chosen to use for that
particular product. [This deletion routine is done from
within WINCim or DOSCim with each particular addrbook.dat
file while you are OFF LINE!]


The report that contained the original info on contacting
tech support is

  "How to Increase YOUR Online Sales by a Whopping 150%"

Now that we have solved the problem for
our customers ourselves, this highly valuable report is a
must for ALL online advertisers! If you'd like more info
on how to obtain it, just E-mail us at 74462,1127 and ask
for info packet 150frm.  Be sure to include your mailing

BTW we have over 300 valuable reports to offer the
entrepreneur who wants to become part of the 21st Century
marketing boom "ahead of time"!! Plus, we have a complete
online marketing guide [Yes, I know, "There are too many of
these already," you say...well, you haven't seen ours yet!
Besides, we guarantee it for one year and a day!!]

    "The Common Sense Way to Wealth in CyberSpace"
                   Version 2.0

Send your request for more info to 74462,1127.
Request packet 144Cs and include mailing address.

Happy Online Marketing!

Copyright C 1995 21st Century Publications

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