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How to rip off BMG Music Club

How to Rip off Your BMG Cd Club

Well if you are like I am and have no money to buy cds or tapes.
Then just sit back and read this little bit of information I have 
collected.  First off, find a order form that says BMG cd club out of tv
guide or teen magazines.  It will ask you to fill out the form of four
cds you want to get for free and ask for your address and other stupid
shit like that, but the catch is to give them a fake address and name
(be smart about the info you give them) the address you give them should
be an empty house and in a few weeks your cds will arive.  When the
mailman drops them off then you get your ass over their to get them (so
nobody else will find them), in the following weeks several notices will
be sent to pay, but it's not your house.  Finally, when you want four more
free cds find another house.  Also, I must add Columbia House is good to
steal from but after awhile they will catch your ass if your not good
enough, one of my fellow Anarchist got busted for doing it and is now
paying off a big fine for it.

Lithium !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did it all in 94' phucking phreaker

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