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Short piece on how to buy a new car for $200 over the dealers invoice price.

From: gary203@aol.com (Gary203)
Newsgroups: rec.autos.marketplace
Subject: How to buy a car from a dealer for the right price
Date: 10 Aug 1995 08:32:37 -0400

Go to your local library - they should have in reference department
book(s) published annually which list car's invoice  price & options'
invoice price.

Offer $200 over the invoice telling them that you arrived at your offer
based on the invoice + $200.

The dealer will respond in three ways:

1.  Tell you that the invoice price you have is too low.  When this
happens: Show them a copy of the page from your source & tell them that
the only way they can convince you their cost on the car was higher is to
show you the original invoice.  If they refuse to show you invoice &
insist their cost was higher - you walk.

2.  Tell you they paid additional costs to the manufacturer.   When this
happens: Same response - their original invoice will list all costs they

3.  Tell you $200 is not enough profit for them (e.g. "we have to pay rent
on the building and we offer buyers so many services, we can't afford to
sell a car for only $200 over cost").  When this happens: offer more if
you wish.  Decide beforehand how much you aere willing to offer over
invoice.  If you reach that amount, WALK.  I would pay no more than $750
over cost.  There are plenty of Honda dealers out there.

If you see the original invoice - LOOK FOR AN ITEM LISTED AS "HOLD BACK"
or some similar term.  This will be usually be printed in a random place
on the invoice (lower left, etc) not in the costs column.  The number
printed, usually with no "$" symbol (e.f. "Hold Back 350") next to "Hold
Back" is an amount the manufacturer will reimburse the the dealer after
dealer sells the invoiced car.  DEDUCT THE HOLD BACK from the invoice
price after you see the original invoice.

I write such a lengthy posting I recently spent time researching to arrive
at this procedure.  I bought a car this way successfully (I walked from
1st dealer & bought from 2d dealer).  It was much easier, quicker &
cheaper than traditional purchasing - no artificial dickering because the
dealer knows you are armed with as much info as is she.

Good luck!


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