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NAP/PA text file on Carding.

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A NAPPA Profile on Carding, written by Dr. Insanity

Carding Basics:

The Carbon (Carbon Copy)

Well, since this IS the basics, I will cover even the simplest thing.
This is what carding is all about, using someone else's credit card to
buy shit for yourself.  However, you dont just go out and steal someone's
credit card because then they'd report it stolen or lost, and the card would
be void.  Instead, you go for the carbon copies (carbons), which are those
little pieces of paper on which the store keeps you're ordering information
until the money is transferred to them.

Trashing (Looking for carbons)

The best place to look for carbons are in industrial and business districts...
in the alleyways and backstreets behind the stores.  I've had much success
behind floral shops, and music shops.  What you do is you go to the stores at
night, or after they close, and look for large trash cans or dumpsters.
Sometimes they'll keep them in unlocked bins, but I rarely find them there.
So, when you go trashing, it might be a good idea to bring a crobwar along as
well.  Hit the stores either early or late in the month, usually when they
get done with the credit card companies and throw them away.  After you get
the bin/trash-can/whatever open, look in the bags or just look for any papers
with personal info on them.  I've found a few interesting shit when looking
through a AT&T office trash bin.  Anyhow, once you get the carbons (and
especially if it was locked), dont hit the same place for at least two months.
They'll try to contact the customers if they can, and notify the credit
companies.  Also, let the carbons sit for a while before using them.

[Note] - For safety reasons, if anyone sees you trashing, RUN!  Thats about
         the only advice I can give.  And dont leave any traces that you've
         been there (Ie the crowbar, wallet, or whatever).

Using the Carbons

There are many ways and places you can use the carbons.  Some ideas are:
Airlines, Mail Order, Paintball, Phone Sex, Ticket Centers, Motels, etc
(anyplace which has a mail order or call ahead service).
    - Wait for other files by me about specifics on using them (steps, etc)

Drop Sites

In order to order something using a carbon, you're going to want to use
someone else's address as well (you dant the credit card goons to know where
you live!).  Thats where the drop site comes in.  Some places I've used for
drop sites are apartment complexes, houses for sale, houses in which the
owners are on vacation, or just anyone's house (more on this one).  Its
pretty much easy, you go find one of the places I've described above, get the
address, and when you order, say you want it sent to your son/daughter
/wife/whatever at the drop sites address.  'Pay' the extra money for
over-night delivery.  Then, go over to the drop site THAT DAY and say something

Carder: Hello, I'm a student at blah university, and my father sent this
        package to this address, he got the aptm # wrong (or street name,
        whatever applies here).  He said it wont arrive until tomorrow, and
        I was wondering if you would sign for it and I'll come back.

        - Most of the time they'll say yes, if not, don't go back to that
          address ever again

Anyhow, thinking optimistically, they'll say yes, you go back the next day
and pick it up.  BUT, I wouldn't just bring it home.  I usually find
another place to ditch the shit for at least a week or more.  Maybe in
some sewer, bushes, or whatever good hinding place you have which isn't
close to your house and wont incriminate you as putting it there.  After you
wait it out, go pick it up, and it'll be perfectly safe.

[Tips] - On finding the drop site, also look for low income apartments
         with non-english speaking inhabitants (illegal aliens, immigrants,
         you know).  They are pretty stupid, and will go along with your story
         a little better.

- Ok, thats it for this file.  Soon to come: Advanced Carding, and CVS.

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