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Carding - file written by a 13 year old who's been doing it since he was 11!

ok, if you don't know how to card.....then this file is for you...

now, listen to what i have to say because my career total (dollar wise) is
$15,000+ in merchandise. also i must mention one more thing before i get
down to business...i am only 13 years of age and i have been carding since
i was 11 1/2 years old. carding is very easy and if i can do it anyone

(.i.)   what to get

first of all there are a few things that you must get. the very first thing
that you *must* get is a card....i prefer a visa gold or a mastercard gold,
but any new card (i.e.: visa,mastercard) will do....and if you are one of
those people who are sitting there and say hey, what about americanexpress
and discover...i say fuck'em....they are the hard god damn cards to use
because they check those for an address, phone number, name, and all that
other shit...

next, you must get a dummy house to send all your carded stuff to...here is
a list of types of dummy houses in a few different classes...

class 1 house -=- a newly built house that no one has taken up residence in
yet. (the best kind!!)

class 2 house -=- a house that has been moved out of and not moved into for
a while..better know as a vacant house...

class 3 house -=- a house that has just been moved out of and the new
people will be moving in soon...for here you must do what is called 'timed

all of the above classes are the same for apartments, condos, and other
stuff like that.

(.ii.) what to do

(1) get out *all* your info and have it all ready....

(2) call up your mail order place and say "hi, this is (your cardholder's
 name) and i would like to order (what ever you want to get) and my card
 number is (the card number) and the expiration date is (the exp. date) and
 my address is (the address of the dummy house). they will then say, how do
 you want this shipped...you should say "i want this shipped over-night
 express" and then they will say that there is this extra charge and then
 you should say "yes, i know and i want it sent that way..." they will then
 say fine and that it should be there in a few days.... now, that is all
 that you need to know....it would also help if you had a credit card
 checker...that's all for know...l8r...slate....

                                -=-the serial killer!-

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