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Carding - from someone who's actually done it.

   I am just writing this little text file because I am so sick of seeing 
all these other carding text files around which are total bullshit.  I know
what I am talking about, i have tried all methods of carding, and the only
way to be sucessful is to do it in a way no one has seemed to mention as of

    Who fucking cares?  It's real simple.  Easiest way is to go into a 
hardware store or other place where things are crowded and messy, no cameras,
unintelligent salespeople, etc.  Calling people up is bull.  I don't feel 
like digging around in a garbage can.  Please.  This is the easiest part, 
any lamer can get a card.

    Obviously, this act of getting the hardware or other shit you want is
the hard part.  And this is the part i find bullshit in other text files. 
Basically this is what they say:  "Find an empty house, order next day 
shipping, go to the house, write a note, UPS will leave it, and u get it."
Great, right? WRONG!  People who write that are idealisting idiots who have
probably never carded anything.  Many things can go wrong...A) the mailorder
company may not believe your bullshit about sending to your work or mom/dad's
house, and will be especially wary of sending overnight to an alternate 
adress.  In fact, many companies wont send alternate sooner than two days. 
And almost no company will send alternate without a proper voice verification
of the card.  Give them a busied out or ringout number?  Bullshit, they are
not that stupid.....you see, if something gets carded from this company they
still by law get their money, but they dont want it to happen because if
it happens a lot VISA or another company can take away their credit card use
liscence and the government will do shit too...alternate adress will almost
never work....ALSO B) if you somehow managed to fool the mail order, don't 
thing that FED X or UPS will just come by and drop the package.  THey will
be very suspicios of leaving this package to a totally foreign name to the 
adress.  Hell they may even know the person!  

    Ok, so i've shot down all methods previously available in these txt files.
So how do you card?  You've got to have balls, and brains.  It's very simple..
  If its the school year, take a day off...if its the summer u may have some 
more free time.  Call up a mail order, and just fucking order some shit.  
Then have it sent next day to the actual house of the person who's card you
have.  All you have to do is get a card in a local store to u, which is not
all that hard.  It's easier if u live in a city.  Also, it is a big plus if 
this person works long hours, and also has an answering machine.  So at 
around 3:00 time of where you're ordering, call up and u will just make the
mailing deadline.  Order your shit, and they will not be suspicious at all.
Why should they be?  You're just ordering some shit to your house.  Next day
stake out the guys house.  Hopefully he won't be home.  The chance exits that
the mail order company will call to voice verify from the time u order to the
time they ship, but it's not likely.  If the card holder works give them 
the voice # to verify, if he is at home at the time u call give them a fake 
number.  So when the shipping guy comes up he will most likely leave the 
package, after all, it's got the correct name and adress.  A not may help, 
but i've had lots of shit left on my porch with no note.  A not may add
to suspicion, but if you leave no note they may leave the package with a 
neighbor who would know you're a bullshitter if u tried to get it from them.
If the shipper guy shakes his head and goes back to his truck, and you have 
MAJOR BALLS you can run up to him and show him some bullshit id (write the
name on a library card or make a fake ID) and ask for the package.   I've 
seen a few UPS guys on my way home from school and i've stopped them on 
occasion and they've given me my package with no ID at all.  Admittedly, in
my method it will take you longer to get a card of someone who lives near u, 
and things can go wrong, but overall u will have a MUCH better chance of
getting somethiing at all.

    NOTE:  THis file was written on the spur of the moment cuz i was pissed
after reading some other lame credit.txt thingy.  I HIGHLY condone carding,
phreaking, and any other act that puts brains above law.  It's a shame if
someone gets screwed cuz of us, but i firmly believe that if you are smart
enough to card/phreak/hack/etc. then u are a boon to humanity and should 
be allowed to do it, in reality the phone company and credit cards will do
fine anyway.  If you disagree with my ideas shove a plunger up your ass. 
If you want to get in touch with me call 1-800-388-PIR8 and give them your
name, address and phone number. L8r all.

                                      - The Unknown Asshole

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