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"UPSetting" by Axiom Codex and Lazar

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  ...presents...                   UPSetting
                                                         by Axiom Codex and
                      >>> a cDc publication.......1991 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

     Intro:  First, we would like to define the term "UPSetting".  UPSetting
             is a form of thievery that originally involved the United Parcel
             Service.  It is a very easy way to receive gifts, of course you
             don't really know what's inside... but that's the fun of it!
             Which we shall explain later.

 Materials:  You'll need a car, some gas, a driver and one helper, that's it.
             Oh, and a nice big ol' trunk.

                       Now on to the art of UPSetting...

        What you'll need to do is try and find a UPS or Federal Express truck.
        (I'll explain more on FedEx later.)  The best time to go UPSetting
        is probably between the hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm during the Christmas
        rush, excluding lunch time for obvious reasons.  Start following the
        truck, but make sure you don't get too close and that the driver does
        not see you.  Stay at least one or two blocks away from it.  When it
        stops, you stop.  Pay close attention to which house it's delivering
        to.  After it has left, wait for about thirty seconds and then make a
        drive-by.  If you don't see a package near or around the front porch,
        one of two things happened.
        (1)The package wasn't dropped off, or
        (2)the residents were home and received the package.
        If the latter happened, continue to follow the truck.  If you drive by
        and see a package sitting there, forget about following the truck and
        follow the next procedure.

                            Snagging the package...

        After you drive by the first time, drive by once again and take a
        closer look at the house containing the package.  Any neighbors that
        may be outside or looking out their window and any traffic that may be
        coming down the street are things to watch for.  If everything is
        clear, drive up casually to the house and take a couple of last-minute
        looks around.  Ready the location that you have already designated as
        the place that you're going to put the package and walk up to the front
        porch.  If you feel it's necessary, knock on the door first.  Then pick
        up the package, throw it in the car, and take off, making sure that no
        one has seen what you've done.  If it is a small package and you feel
        like picking up some more, continue to follow the UPS truck, snagging
        packages as the opportunity arises.  If not, take the package to a
        place where you can open it without problems.  Open it and see what you
        got....  If yer lucky you might get a 9600 baud modem or something.

                            Following Fed Express...

        Following Fed Express is just as easy.  However, getting packages is
        harder since they don't usually leave packages as often as UPS.  The
        package is usually worth more, although not all the time.  Just follow
        the same UPS instructions and you'll end up with some packages too.
        UPS will give you more packages but Fed Exp. will generally get you the
        more quality packages.  Enough now, go out and do it!

Additional notes:

     This addition was created to enhance your skills of UPSetting.  After many
experiments performed with the original "UPSetting" info, we came up with these
new helpful hints:

        1) After picking up the package, be sure to tear off the mailing
           address with the stamp labeled "UPS".  Dump it, burn it, do what you
           want with it, just make sure it cannot be found in the car.  If you
           happen to get caught with the package, no one will be able to prove
           ownership, and you cannot be forced to open it either, without a
           warrant of course.

        2) In the original "UPSetting", we MENTIONED that you could knock on
           the door if you wanted to, before picking up the package.  Now we
           STRESS that you do this because we were almost caught since we
           didn't make sure that no one was at the home.  Anyhow, we stress
           that you knock first for your protection.

        3) This hint is a time-saver.  If you spot a UPS in a commercial area,
           don't bother following it, find another one.  When a UPS delivers in
           a commercial area (stores, doctor's offices, etc.), it hardly ever
           makes any trips into a residential area.  Therefore, you'll probably
           waste your gas and the whole day waiting, since you can't make any
           pickups from businesses since more than likely someone will be

        4) And finally, the best season to go UPSetting is during the Christmas
           season because the driver(s) don't concentrate on the person
           receiving the package, they concentrate on the quantity of packages
           they have to deliver.

Intended for information only.  Do as you please with this.  We are not
responsible for anything in any matter or way.
Donated to cDc communications for release.

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