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How to get free CD's and cash


   Whenever you are in need of a relatively small amount of cash, I have found
that CD club fraud can be a good steady soarce of cash flow.  The process is 
relatively simple and quite safe, if executed with exactness and care.  I will
probably receive some flak for compiling this text, since this scam is rather
well known, both in the H/P scene and out in the world of blue collar crime 
alike...but if one novice is enlightened, then I have accomplished my task.
The first step that needs to be taken is that one must scout out a drop site.
Preferably one which is vacant, such as a house that is up for sale, but still
has a mail box and address.  Then look in a music magazine such as Spin, or 
any kind of guitar magazine.  They will usually have ads for CD clubs like
BMG, or Columbia House.  Use only the ones that send free CD's without the 
requirement of a purchase.  Then fill out the application under an alias and
have the 4 or 5 free CD package sent to the drop site.  They usually arrive in
about a month.  I would recommend that you pick up the drop at an obscure hour
such as 3 or 4a.m. since it is a federal offense to tamper with the mail of 
others, not to mention the fact that no further purchases will be made from the
music club.  After the 1st order is made, simply change clubs and order more 
free merchandise.  Or, a safer more time consuming alternative could be 
employed... a new drop site could be found and the same company could be used
under a different alias this time.  I have found that BMG falls for this scam
every time, and they send 4 free CD's, no questions asked.  This type of fraud
also works with books that are advertised with a 30-day trial period, and can
be sold to a used book store for cash.  The CD's can be either pawned, or 
sold to a used music dealership usually with no resistance since they are 
always in brand new condition, and still wrapped with plastic.

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