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Complete: Extra cash through cheating at chain letters

		     A point by point, no bullshit file,
	     with all the free resource materials you will need.
	 (KKK)opyright 1998 Console Cowboys and Internet Injuns Inc.

 - This file is evil and anti-social.  Do not read if you dislike spam.  Do
   not read if you are on a crusade to clean up the internet.  What you are
   about to read is the shameless promotion of practices that are widely
   despised by internauts.

 - Chain letters are a form of fraud.  You can beat them by originating
   them yourself, targeting who receives your first level mailing/spamming,
   and by other means of cheating.  Do not engage in a chain letter unless
   you understand that what you are doing is illegal and unethical.  If
   this worries you, read no further.

 - Don't use your own email/news account.  Use a hacked or stolen one, or
   create a throwaway account, maybe on a freenet somewhere, preferably in
   a different state from yours.

 - You will definitely receive hate mail, flames, threats, and unwanted
   subscriptions to everything under the sun.  Your account will definitely
   be cut off when your inbound volume starts increasing and your ISP
   starts receiving postmaster complaints.  That is why you need a
   throwaway account on a system you have no moral problem with causing a
   big problem for.  AOL and MSN come to mind.

 - Use E-mail, not news directly.  If you MUST spam to newsgroups, use a
   mail2news gateway such as the one offered by demon.co.uk.  The
   anon.penet.fi server was ideal for this, too bad it's gone.

 - If you MUST spam to newsgroups, choose them carefully - select groups
   that have a lot of high school kids or college freshmen.  No offense to
   young readers, but they are the most likely to fall for this scam.
   Don't pick technical groups like alt.2600 or comp.sys.unix, don't pick
   victim groups like alt.sexual-abuse.survivors, and don't even bother
   with moderated groups.  Do not post to alt.test - no doubt someone out
   there will forge your address and do that for you.  With careful
   pruning, you should have no trouble finding several thousand groups to
   spam your message to.

 - Once you have eliminated the newsgroups you are not going to spam to,
   spam to the rest.  The idea here is to increase response by cornering
   the market on chain letters spam.

 - Send one physical message for each newsgroup you spam to.  Do not use
   crossposts.	This is the Canter and Siegel method, and makes your spam
   more cancellation-resistant.  It will also generate more flames, because
   it REALLY eats disk space.  Use a bot or some other program to do your
   posting so that you can have a different header for each message -
   further increasing resistance to cancellation.

 - Don't use the Dave Rhodes letter, or its more recent descendant (the one
   in which the guy has a Circuit City card).  Everyone has seen this one.
   Instead, use the Edward Green letter.  In the Edward Green letter, there
   are four names to send $5 each to.  In return for the money, the person
   has to mail back a "report" which is a one or two page letter explaining
   how to do something.  These are sometimes also called "tracts" or
   "folios".  Variations include how-tos on investing, finance etc,
   recipes, household tips, whatever.  The original Edward Green letter had
   four reports on multi-level marketing, which is what chain letters and
   pyramid scams often call themselves.  I have attached a copy of the Edward
   Green letter to the end of this file.

 - Mask your identity by putting yourself in the #2 position (#9 if you are
   using the Rhodes letter).  The first person in an Edward Green letter is
   the person who sent it to you (or spammed it), and the same is true of
   the last person in a Dave Rhodes letter.  Many Internetters know this
   and some may try and track down or mail something nasty to the person at
   the head of the line.  So make sure it's not you.  You'll lose a level
   but so what, we already know you're not really going to make $50,000

 - Use a mail drop.  You can use a post office box but these cost money and
   the P.O. might figure out that that you're in a chain letter.  Vacant
   houses work better as mail drops (and they're free), and there are many
   other text files (read: "Carding") with excellent info on mail drops.
   If you are cheating you will need several mail drops - you shouldn't be
   paying for them.  If you are an apartment building manager (or live with
   one) you're in the perfect position: you can use empty suites in your
   building and will have plenty of advance notice when the suite is about
   to be occupied.  If there are more mailboxes than suites you can even
   create a non-existent suite and continue indefinitely...

 - Triple your take by putting yourself in the #2, #3 and #4 positions
   under different names and with different drop addresses.  If you don't
   care about risking receiving unabombs, put yourself in all 4 positions.
   That way you will get $20 from each sucker.

 - If you're feeling really greedy, try adding a fifth report to the scam
   (with another alias and mail drop).	We will leave the writing of this
   fifth report to you.  You can also try attaching sales of reports to
   this as "bonuses for participating members only" without including them
   in the chain.  Revenues from this will always go to you no matter how
   long the chain lasts - until you shut down your mail drops.

 - If you can't get a mail drop & must use your home address (dumbass!),
   then this is best done if you are about to move away from where you live
   now. Post your spam or email eight or ten weeks before you have to move.
   Within a couple of weeks most of your potential victims will have read
   your spam and those who are going to send you money, will have done so
   by the end of the third week.  After two more weeks your first level
   responses should have peaked.  Another week and the second level, which
   should be larger, should also have peaked, and after another week the
   third will have peaked, and after a couple of more weeks the fourth
   level, which will be bigger than all three previous combined, will also
   have peaked.  If you're about to graduate college, your on-campus
   residence is probably a perfectly good address to use.

 - If you must do this through physical letters rather than the internet,
   you are stupid and will lose money.  At least do yourself a favor: Make a
   really slick copy of the letter that fits all on one page, get 500 of the
   cheapest photocopies you can find made, and go door to door (or pay the
   local paperboy to do it for you) or maybe put them under windshield
   wipers in the parking lot at your local mall.  Or better still, the
   parking lot of your local Bingo parlor or casino.  DON'T spend money on
   stamps or envelopes to distribute the letter.  Some people spend
   hundreds of dollars on this and receive: $0.00 in return.  DON'T knock
   on doors, just stuff mailboxes.

 - Get your victims to send you their email addresses with the money, and
   then use email on another throwaway account to mail the reports.  This
   will save you LOTS of money in postage and envelopes - the Edward Green
   letter was designed for snailmail.  Or just screw 'em - don't send a
   report at all, after all we ARE cheating.

 - Hope for beer money, a few hundred at best.	Chain letters don't work at
   all for those who follow the instructions and only barely for those who

Here is a well written version of the Edward Green letter:





The next five minutes will change your life... if you allow it to happen!

This is a very exciting business opportunity.  It is NOT A CHAIN LETTER, it
is NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME, it is legal, easy and  extremely profitable.
Are you thinking "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"?
Please  read all of this material  before making up your mind.  I had to
read it three times  before I was convinced!

This incredible opportunity is legal because it involves the sale of
product through multi-level marketing (MLM).  MLM is quite legitimate!
It is being taught in Harvard Business School, both Stanford Research
and the Wall Street Journal have stated that between 50% and 60% of all
goods and services will be sold by Multi-level methods in the 1990's.
This is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry!  And of the over 500,000
millionaires in the U.S. and Canada, 20% made their fortunes in the last
7 years in MLM, also the statistics show that MLM makes 45 millionaires
per day.


If you have some spare time and you can afford to  purchase four reports at
just $5 per report, then you too can  become a report distributor!  When
you  purchase these reports  you also receive the right to sell them - just
photocopy them (for pennies per page) and sell them like I'm doing. The
great mark-up and the "magic" of MLM (explained later) will ensure an
income beyond your beliefs!  The investment tiny - the return...
TREMENDOUS! Returns are much better than any lottery or bingo.

If you note the testimonials contained in the following pages, you will
see returns of $190 to $250 for each packet mailed out.  What you are
reading is called a sales packet.  Based on these averages, if you
receive a 5% response in the distribution of just 200 packets, your
expected return should be between $36,000 and $56,000.	Your return is
large because of the "magic" of MLM.  There is NO limit to the number of
packets you can mail out.  Mail more packets... Make more money!  It's
that simple.  Mailing 1,000 packets could return about $200,000; ten
thousand packets could return about $2,000,000.

You should make your own judgement, form your own opinions.  Decide if
you think this business will work for you!  If you have any doubts or
are a skeptic like I was, put this letter away and read it again in a
few days.  The following pages explain in detail how the system works.
Read them carefully.  Learn about the "magic of MLM".  Make your own
decision and take action!

You can start this business by distributing this offer randomly - to
people at the shopping entre, unemployment office line-ups, sporting
events, etc: or deliver it door to door, especially in apartment
buildings!  However, once you have made your first $1000 (which won't
take long), you will be able to afford to purchase address labels from a
mailing list company which has already identified people who will
understand this offer.	By using a mailing list, your return rate (the
number of people who act on your offer) will increase dramatically.
Then your job becomes easier and much more profitable!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using a mailing list to
accelerate YOUR success.  There are hundreds of sources of mailing lists
across the country, start by looking in the yellow pages.  Once you have
chosen a company make sure they understand your target market.


Order your four reports today.  Then follow the attached instructions for
changing the names on page 3 of this sales packet and reproduce the
corrected page and the rest of this packet along with your own cover letter
similar to this one (or just photocopy mine).  This now becomes your
"master" sales packet.  Make at least 500 photocopies and start
distributing them to people who want to buy your reports and make a lot of
ENTIRE LIFE!  Remember... The only limitation is the number of packets you

						Good luck to all of us!


By the time you have read the enclosed information, looked over the plan
and purchased your 4 reports, you should have concluded that such a plan,
and one that is legal, could not have been created by an amateur.

Let me tell you about myself... I began as an independent small businessman
in 1981.  Using good business practices, I developed a profitable business
for 10 years.  Then in 1991 my business began falling off.  I was doing the
same things that had been previously successful but it just wasn't working
anymore.  The economy had gone crazy!  Recession had replaced the period of
economic growth we had been experiencing since 1945.

I don't have to tell you what happened to the unemployment rate... Because
many of you know by first hand experience that there were more small and
corporate businesses downsizing and going into bankruptcy than ever before.
The prospects for employment were vanishing.


Those who knew what they were doing and invested wisely moved up.  Like
most of us, those who didn't have much to save or invest, were moving down
into the ranks of the poor.  As the saying goes, the rich get richer and
the poor get poorer.  Traditional ways of "making money" will never allow
you to move up or "GET RICH".  Inflation and taxes will see to that!

With practically no risk and just a little bit of effort you can have more
money in a few months than you have ever dreamed of.  I should point out
that I will not see a penny of your money or anyone else's who participates
in this plan.  This one is for you!

I've made over 4 million dollars and retired from the plan after having
sent out over 16,000 letter packets to sell my reports.  I have moved to
the rich side of the tracks.  Will you be able to say the same in a couple
of months?  If you only send out one tenth as many packets as I did... You
Someone in turn may send out thousands of packets and YOUR name will be on
every single one of them!  Remember, though, the more you send out, the
more potential customers you will reach!  I've given you the ideas, the
information, materials and opportunity to become financially independent.

							Edward L. Green



1.  Order all four reports numbered 1 to 4 on the following page (page
3).  Do this by ordering one report from each of the four names listed
on the right hand side.  For each report, send $5.00 in CASH AND A SELF
SPECIFIC REPORT and advise which report you are ordering from that
person, (in order to protect from postal theft please put the five
dollar bill inside your S.A.S.E. return envelope).  You will need all
four reports because you will be reprinting them to sell to your
customers.  Please do not alter the names or their sequence other than
instructed in this sales packet.

2.  Replace the name and address under REPORT ONE with yours, moving the
one that was there down to REPORT TWO.	Drop the name under REPORT TWO
to REPORT THREE, moving that name to REPORT FOUR.  The name and address
that was under report four is dropped off the list.  Either retype the
following page, making the necessary changes, or simply type the names
and addresses themselves on labels and place them directly over the old
ones.  When doing these changes PLEASE make certain that you copy
everyone's name and address accurately!

3.  Having made the necessary changes on the name list, take this page
and the others you've received to your "Quick Copy" shop and have as
many copies of each as you can initially afford to print.  There is no
need to over extend yourself as you can always print more later when the
money starts coming in.  Of course you may want to consider that there
are very good discounts for large printing or photocopying jobs.

4.  Send a copy of the entire package (it is most important) to everyone
whose name and address you can get a hold of.  Then, as your finances
allow, mail to anyone and everyone!  The best plan of all is to purchase
a list of "Hot Names" from a mailing list company.  This will give you
access to the best name lists in North America.  You will find that a
good name list will earn you more money than you could have ever
imagined.  It's a great investment.

5.  When the orders start coming in, always provide a same day service


Let's say you decide to start small just to see how it goes, and we'll
assume you and all those involvedonly send out 200 sales packets each.
Let's also assume that each mailing receives a 5% response.  (By using a
good mailing list the response would be much better.  Remember also that
many people will be sending out thousands of packets instead of just
200!)  With a 5% return on your mailing, that's 10 people who
participate by sending 200 each.  That's a total of 2,000 sales packets
from your original mailing!  The 5% on 2,000 is 100.  When the 100 send
out their 200 or 20,000 in total and the response will generate 200,000
and the 5% response will be an incredible 10,000 five dollar bills.
Your total income in this example situation will be
$50+$500+$5,000+$50,000 = $55,550 in total.  All of this from your
original 200 sales packets that YOU sent out.  Remember, friends, this
is assuming that 95 out of every 100 people you mail to do absolutely
nothing with this opportunity and trash this offer.  Dare to think for a
moment what would happen if everyone sent out 1,000 sales packets
instead of just 200!  Believe me, many people will do just that and


This is my third time to participate in this plan.  The first time
about four months ago, I was full of doubts.  Before it was over, I had
received 3,792 orders for a cash income of $18,960.  About six weeks
ago my wife and I both worked sending out 1000 packets.  From that
mailing we have already received over $87,000.	The next mailing will be
15,000 names.  We have quit our jobs and quite soon will be buying a
home on the beach and live off the interest from our money.  The only
way on earth that this plan will work for you is if you do it!	For your
sake and your family's don't pass up this golden opportunity.  Remember,
when you order your four reports, send cash!  Checks have to clear the
bank and create too many delays.  Good luck and happy spending!

					Charles Fairchild, Spokane, WA

Before you throw out this packet in the waste basket, as I almost did,
take a little time to read it, reread it, and really think about it.
Get a pencil and figure out what could happen if YOU participate.
Figure out the worst possible reponse, and no matter how you calculate
it, you'll make a bundle.  About all that could go wrong would be if you
forgot to put postage stamps on the packets.  (I even checked the Post
Office to verify that this plan was legal).  It definitely is (refer to
Title 18, Section 1302 and 1341 of the postal and lottery code).  I just
want to pass along my best wishes and encouragement to you.  Any doubts
you have will vanish when your first orders come in.  It works!

					     Paul Johnson, Raleigh, NC

This is the only realistic moneymaking offer I've ever received.  I
participated because this plan truly makes sense.  I only sent out 200
packets, but was surprised when the $5 bills started filling my mail
box!  By the time it tapered off, I had received over 8,000 orders with
over $40,000 in cash!  Dozens of people have sent warm personal notes
too, sharing their good fortune.  It's been wonderful!

					       Carl Winslow, Tulsa, OK

Not being the gambling type, it took several weeks to make up my mind to
participate in this plan.  But, conservative that I am, I decided that
the initial investment was so little that there was just no way that I
wouldn't get enough orders to at least get my money back.  Boy was I
surprised when I found that my medium-sized post office box was crammed
with orders.  After that it got so overloaded that I had to start
picking up my mail at the window.  I'll make more money this year than
in any 10 years of my life before.  I'm now working with a good list
broker in Los Angeles and plan on sending out 10,000 packets this
summer.  The nice thing about this deal is that it doesn't matter where
people live.  Any valid name and address is a good prospect.  There
simply isn't a better investment with a faster return anywhere!

					    Mary Rockland, Lansing, MI


We looked at different plans.. This one's a WINNER!

The $20.00 each of us invested is about the cost of a Family snack at
the local fast food joint.

Do you have any idea what 9,623 five dollar bills look like piled on
your kitchen table?

We are on our way & we want YOU in with us.

						 Paul & Gary


    This report will give you much needed information to help you in
    this and other MLM plans.  It will show you how you really can make

	Order Report #1 from:

			Dave Somebody
			4630 Somewhere Drive
			Chilliwack, B.C.
			Canada	 V2V 2V2

    From this report you will learn the Money-making secrets of well
    known Giant Corporations

	Order Report #2 from:

			Orville Maybe
			Suite 666
			1313 Morning Glory Lane
			Penticton, B.C.
			Canada	 V2V 2V2

     You have read about the importance of mailing lists.  Here is where
     to find them.

	Order Report #3 from:

			Maryanne Beltway
			10 Downing St.
			Vernon, B.C.
			Canada	 V1V 1V1

     Which ones work, which ones don't, and why

	Order Report #4 from:

			Martin Ventura
			Box 69696969
			Kamloops, B.C.
			V2V 2V2



I am now enjoying an early, secure retirement on the firtune that I made
by sending out packets just like this one.  In three or four weeks, you
too will be earning easy money!  Follow the simple steps outlined in
this information.  They are the key to financial freedom and success.
To be financially independent is to be free.  Free to make decisions
like you never have before.  Go into business, get into investments,
retire or take a vacation.  No longer will the lack of money hold you
back.  However, very few people will reach financial independence
because, when opportunity knocks, they choose to ignore it.  It's so
much easier to say "NO" than to say "YES" and this is now the question
that you must answer,  Will you ignore this amazing opportunity... or
will you take advantage of it?	If you don't think that this is a
spectacular opportunity then take time to reread this material.  You
have indeed missed something.  If you have any questions please feel
free to write the sender of this information.  You'll get a prompt and
very informative reply.

My method is simple.  I sell thousands of people a product for $5.00
that costs me pennies to produce and mail.  Everyone in the program
makes money for everyone else in the program.  If anyone makes money,
everyone makes money!  I should point out that this program is
completely legal!  At times you've probably received chain letters
asking you to send money but get nothing in return.  No product
whatsoever!  Not only are chain letters illegal, but the risk of someone
breaking the chain makes them quite unattractive.  This plan has the
effect and appeal of a chain letter, but it is legal since you are
offering a legitimate product to your people.  After they purchase the
product from you, they simply produce more and resell the product.  It's
simply free enterprise.  As you have learned from the enclosed
information, the product in this plan is a series of four financial and
business reports.  The information contained in these reports will help
you in making your participation in this plan more rewarding, and will
be useful to you in other business decisions you make in the years
ahead.	You are also buying the rights to reprint all of the reports,
which will be ordered from you by those to whom you choose to mail this
packet.  The reports you'll be buying can easily be reproduced at your
local printer or copy centre for a cost of approximately 4 cents per
page in small quantities or 1,000 or more.  A little work at home and a
very small financial investment will give you a tremendous return.  All
that most of us need in life to be successful is just one good break -
this is yours!	Don't let this chance pass you by!  Good Luck with this
plan and God Bless You!

						    Edward L. Green


The checkpoint which GUARANTEES your goal is simple this: you must
receive 15 to 20 orders for REPORT ONE!!  This is a must!!! If you don't
within three weeks, send out more sales packets until you do.  Then a
couple of weeks later you should receive 100 orders for REPORT TWO.  If
you don't, send out more letters until you do.  Once you have received
100 or more orders for REPORT TWO, you can sit down and relax because
you are going to make at least $55,000.  Also remember, every time your
name is moved down on the list, you are in front of a different report
so that you can keep track of your progress by knowing which report
people are ordering from you!  "IT'S THAT SIMPLE & THAT EASY."


Here are the four reports in full text, OCR'ed and spell checked.


	Henry Ford once said, "I wouldn't care if someone took
	all my money from me because I know how to make it back.
	In fact, it would be easier for me to make it now
	because I have greater knowledge and a better plan than
	I did the first time." Men like Henry Ford, Andrew
	Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and others all had in
	common a very simple plan for success which they
	followed religiously. The plan which you are now
	considering and are going to read more about, can make
	you more money than you could have ever imagined! A plan
	so simple that you may not believe that it will work.
	However, one of the reasons that it does work is because
	it is so simple! All you will have to do is follow these
	eight steps to success and you will have a shot at your
	quarter-million dollar fortune:

	CAUTION: you must not be tempted to shortcut or very
	this formula in any way!

	You must follow these steps to the letter.

	1. Use a four step multi-level technique.

	2. The product that you offer for sale must sell for
	$5.00 and must be information that can be reproduced and
	sold by others.

	3. Your initial packets must contain the following:
	- a personal letter of introduction from the originator
	of the plan
	- the necessary instructions to understand the plan
	- an invitation to participate in the plan
	- a four level list of REPORTS with the name and
	addresses from which the reports can be ordered
	- testimonials by others who have participated in the plan
	- a conclusion, from the originator, to tie the whole
	package together

	4.	When the information is purchased from you,
	include a brief note, (testimonial), thank-you, etc..

	5.	Use stamped envelopes an all your packets, A
	postage meter can be used, but results seem to suffer

	6. Get yourself a good mailing list. Do not use a return
	address, and be sure to make your packets look

	7. Send out a minimum of 1000 packets. You can send out
	fewer but remember you are shooting for $250,000!

	8. Above all else, BE NEAT. A rich looking packet means

	REMEMBER: You must follow each step exactly as directed
	in order to achieve maximum success!

	Now let's look at the results of your efforts:

	Assuming the worst possible circumstances, you can
	expect 2% of the people to respond with an order, That's
	20 orders or $100. Unfortunately, about a third of those
	who respond will never get around to sending any packets
	at all. I'll never understand how they can pass up this
	wonderful opportunity, but they foolishly will.

	This leaves just 13 out of 20 who will send out 1000
	packets each. If only 2% of these 13,000 folks respond,
	that is 260 orders for you at the second level. Again,
	if only 2/3's of the people participate, 173 will send
	out 1000 packets each or 173,000.

	At level three, you'll receive 3,460 orders, or $17,000.
	Finally, the 2% of those who respond will send out 1000
	packets each with your name at level 4. Still allowing
	for only 2% return, that will be 46,120 orders. This
	will come to $230,600! Add that to the $100, plus the
	$1300, plus the $17,300 that you will have already
	received from the other levels, and your grand total is

	Now friends, let's not forget that we painted a very
	conservative picture in the above information. We
	estimate out of every 1,000 packets received, 980 tossed
	their possible fortune in the trash. We then estimated
	that 1/3 of those that order will do absolutely nothing
	with this opportunity. It never ceases to amaze me how
	many wonderful people would rather choose to do
	nothing...just because it is easier.

	Using a good current mailing list will help ensure a
	response of at least 2%.

	If you shop around, you'll find that printing costs vary
	greatly, so that the time to make a few phone calls and
	get the best possible price. The price of envelopes will
	vary a little, so I'd do some shopping there also, You
	can, if your lucky, cut costs if you work somewhere
	where you have access to printing, envelopes and even
	mailing lists at a discount. Also, don't overlook the
	easiest way to improve profits, simply mail out more
	than 1000 packets. SEND 5000 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE

	You are one of the 20 or more who have ordered this
	series of reports from someone who probably sent out
	1,000 or more packets. Will you be one of the seven who
	do absolutely nothing...or will you be one of those
	people who shoot for $250,000?

	If you are one of the wise, whose fortune is just around
	the corner, take time to re-read this report. Then begin
	at once! Follow the plan exactly at outlined. If you
	have any questions, contact the person from whom you
	ordered the REPORT. The sooner you start, the sooner
	you'll be heading for the bank with some of you


	How do Exxon, McDonalds, Tupperware, Amway and Avon use
	multi-level sales? Very profitably! All of the major
	corporations use the basic multi-level sales plan,
	pioneered in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago.
	Many millions of dollars in profits are earned each year
	by these giants, providing the wisdom of the multi-level

	Exxon the manufacturer, and traditional retailer,
	produce the oil (level one) which is sold to a refinery
	the jobber (level two). The refined products are sold to
	a wholesaler (level three), who sells to the retailer
	(level four), who then sells to the customer.

	McDonalds buys beef, bread, etc. (level one), which is
	sold to the International Sales Organization (level
	two), who sells to the Regional Franchise (level three),
	who in turn sells to the local outlet (level four), who
	sells to the customer.

	Tupperware, Amway and Avon use a network distribution
	system to market their products. The manufacturer (level
	one) sells to the corporation (level two) who in turn
	delivers to the distributor world wide (level three) who
	then sells to the customer.

	Comparing network distribution with traditional
	retailing, you eliminate middlemen, offering a
	profitable, yet personal business opportunity. The Amway
	network distribution system allows you to develop a
	royalty or residual income for long term retirement and
	for many years after your death, so that your family can
	maintain its lifestyle, but it takes 6 - 9 months or
	more depending on your input to start any substantial

	The Edward L. Green program however, allows you to
	produce short term substantial income within 2 - 3
	months but with no long term royalty income.

	Each of these and many other large companies make their
	fortunes by using simple multi- level techniques.
	Different products are involved, but each of these
	companies have a few common denominators. Each company
	is expected to follow the plan without deviation. Their
	secret? A structure that works, discipline,pricing,
	excellent customer service and aggressive promotion.

	Anyone in this country, including "YOU & I" can become
	rich in a relatively short time,just by doing a few
	basic things:

	a)	find a multi-level plan that is simple, workable
	and doesn't cost much

	b)	use a four level sales technique.

	c)	be prompt in your business dealings...fill
	orders quickly and be honest.

	d)	encourage others to participate in your plan..if
	they make money, you will. if you make money, they will
	too..everyone wins!

	On today's market McDonald's franchise (if you can get
	one) will cost about $50,000. That amount does not
	include any land, building or equipment. That money is
	simply your admission ticket to buy into their plan.

	But you don't have to pay $50,000 (plus a lot of hard
	work) to be part of a proven successful, multi-level
	plan. There are a number of simple, workable,
	multi-level opportunities that you can participate in
	for $150.00...or even less. Usually the returns you
	might expect from these correlate to the amount of money
	and time you invest in them.


	But very few, if any, offer the scale of personal
	returns that are possible with the Edward L. Green plan
	for such a low cost to participate. Could you make a
	half a million dollars personally in less than six
	months at McDonalds? Exxon? Amway? Avon? They use
	multi-level sales techniques well, but the main proceeds
	from the success do not end up in the pocket of the
	little guys on the front line, who really do the work
	that makes the whole system operate so successfully.

	This mailing plan has a better way of rewarding personal
	effort at the front lines, where you are now.

	Speaking of effort and rewards, of course, you can also
	put as much time/ money as you can personally justify
	into this (Edward L. Green) multi-level mail order plan
	and thereby increase your returns. The best investment
	in a plan such as we are doing is in increased mailings.
	The more letters of invitation you send out, the more
	money you will make. It's as simple as that. You alone
	determine how much you spend, the volume of mail you
	send, and the timing. You are your own boss. The
	discipline and drive to succeed is internal.

	Finally, promotion. Don't overlook "word of mouth
	advertising". Tell everyone you come in contact with
	about your plan. Encourage them to get involved. Offer
	to help them if necessary...you will be helping yourself
	too. (If the thought of in-person promotion bothers you,
	stay shy and mail to strangers...it will work!)

	We have taken the best components from successful
	multi-level corporations (sales structure, good pricing,
	motivation and promotion) and have emphasized your role
	in providing the discipline to stick to the proven plan.
	Your incentive to serve your customers well is the
	reward that their participation will return to you. All
	of the ingredients for success are here before you.

	Will you take advantage of this opportunity and "JUST DO


	There's one thing you must be absolutely certain of to ensure
	your success with Multi-Level programs. YOU MUST USE FRESH, UNUSED
	NAMES. Always write to mailing list companies and ask them if they
	can sell unused names and how much are they. There are thousands
	of ways to get fresh names. You may buy a good list, use phone
	books, run ads, put them on cars, etc. Use your imagination! When
	you buy a mailing list they will add your name and you will start
	receiving other offers. Some of them will state that your program
	is no good, and then they in turn will try and sell you their
	offer. Simply ignore these and don't let them discourage,you. You
	are using the best program around, anywhere.

	The truth about mailing lists (facts that no regular list
	broker would dare tell you): Names rented from a professional list
	broker can be (and probably are) up to three years old. Old names
	are unresponsive, disappointing and can be very costly. List
	brokers charge up to $40 or more for each thousand names, and you
	can only use them once. You may even have to purchase several
	thousand names at the start. If the names are not good, you have
	lost the purchase price and your printing and mailing costs, not
	to mention your time Lists from individuals and small dealers can
	be just as old (or older) no matter what their advertisements might
	say. Many of these mailing lists are sold like an endless chain
	each buyer stealing the list from the previous seller. Each
	buyer of the list becomes a seller and no one really knows how old
	the list is.

	American Business Lists Inc.	Request their catalog and they
	5711 S. 86th Cir.		will sell unused names. Tell
	P. O. Box 27347,		them you are interested in
	Omaha, Nebraska 68126		opportunity seekers also.
	PH. 402-331-7169

	Aetna National List Co. Inc	Request their catalog and also
	570 Northwest Hwy. Suite 13	mention that you are interested
	Des Plaines, IL 60016		in opportunity seekers.

	Write to all mailing list companies in the yellow pages also.

	Jan Diane			Request information on mailing
	P. O. Box 06803 		lists.
	Ft. Myers, PL 33906

	Future Success Lists		Request info.
	D-3, Suite 777
	Larchmont Center
	Mount Holly, NJ 08060

	Group One Communications	Request info.
	2321 N.E. Dixie Highway
	Jensen Beach, FL 34957

	Venture 			Request info.
	P. O. Box 336
	Riviera, AZ 86442



	Literally thousands of multi-level sales plans are being used in
	our world today. In this report, however, we will discuss only
	those multi-level sales plans that are being conducted through the
	U.S. mails.

	There are four important elements to a mail  order multi-level sales

	1. The products sold.
	2. The levels of the plan.
	3. Addressing and posting the mailing.
	4. The invitation to participate.

	Each of these elements will be discussed individually.

	The product sold is very important. First of all, it
	must be reasonably priced. You can't expect someone to
	pay $10.00 for something they can purchase locally for
	$5.00. Secondly, there must be some incentive to buy the
	product. In a multi-level plan the only real incentive
	to buy the product is the opportunity the buyer has to
	reproduce the product and sell it to others. The best
	product to offer is information; reports such as this
	one you are now reading. Everyone who participates in
	the plan sells the same information to everyone else who
	participates. Extensive research in mail-order programs
	has proven this to be the most effective option. Beware
	of plans that have a company named in the plan who wants
	to provide some type of service, such as printing,
	mailing, etc. Usually, these companies want to sell
	their service more than they want to make the plan
	successful for all of the participants.

	Exhaustive research has shown that the plan should be a
	four-level plan. Fewer than four levels fails to allow
	enough people to participate. More than four levels
	causes the plan to be too lengthy. The best plans also
	allow for each participant to collect money at each of
	the four levels.  With four levels, each person involved
	knows where his/her name is at all times as well as how
	many people are participating.

	Addressing and postage have also been the subject of
	much research. Studies have shown that as much as 70% of
	all "bulk rate" mail is never opened! First Class is the
	ONLY mail to use in your multi-level plan. Studies also
	indicate that 50% of all mail (first class included)
	sent with a "mailing label" on it will remain unopened.
	For best results, address all mailings by hand...using
	RED INK. No one knows for sure why red ink works better
	than other colours... but it does. Use red ink.

	The invitation to participate is included in the initial letter
	that, you send out. Everything we've learned tells us that the
	letter packet you send out should contain four pages (in this

	1) A hand-written testimonial
	2) Typewritten testimonials
	3) An invitation to participate as well as the names on
	the four levels
	4) A letter from/about the originator of the plan.

	When the reports are purchased, another hand-written note should
	accompany the order.


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