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Quick and dirty Credit Cards

                         *How to Hack into CIS*

    3 = Amex
    4 = Visa
    5 = Mastercharge

                             For How to Make CC#'s

     For a VISA:
       Make the First 4#'s 4019 or 4128 and the last number 0012

           4019 0190 1450 0012
           4128 0190 1450 0012
           4128 4010 1450 0012

          Use a lot of zeros mixed with other numbers. These have
         already been used but us them for examples on how to
         "Create" your own!, GOOD LUCK!

          CI$ is a good service to try this on. you dial your
          local telenet number, then if your unfamiliar with
          Telenet, you hit return twice when you get carrier,
          then at the "terminal:" prompt press return. then you
          get a "@" prompt, here you type either "C 202 201" or
          "C 202 202" with no mistakes. Then after you get
          connected, at the "ID Number" (Or what ever) you type
          177000,5000, the password is and will always be
          PC*Magnet then the a agreement number is and always
          will be Z10D8810 then just make up the your info.
          ie. Mailing address, Phone number, etc. the last thing
          they ask is for your CC# this is where you get to see
          if your Card Number works or not, by using the way I
          described, It does work, so far We've gotten 3 free
          accounts and one is active now. The account will
          usually remain active for a week or two.

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