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Copying Money

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      Have you ever gone to an Arcade and get playing a game and then reach
 into your pocket and.. SHIT!! You're out of quarters! What are you going to
 do now?? Well here are some ways to solve that problem...

      You will need just a few things for this..

 1 one dollar bill or five dollar bill
 1 office business photocopier

 And that's it!

     Take your single bill and tape it to the glass of the copy machine. You
might want to use masking tape to outline the bill to ensure proper
registration if your copy machine is capable of double sided copying. (upon
occasion, you might come across a change machine that demands double sided
copies. It's not that much harder to make double sided copies with most

     The reason that you need a quality office copying machine is quite
simple. The machines one usually sees in Post Offices, Libraries, etc, do not
produce an exact 1 to 1 copy! This is deliberate so as to make casual
counterfeiting difficult. Most of the change machines you'll encounter are
quite happy to accept X'oxed copys of US Currency, provided that the copies
are 1 to 1 copies.

     So, now you have a bunch of nice black and white copies of US Currency.
You have just commited a MAJOR Federal offense, and if you get caught...

     So be careful! Using the copies.

     If you don't act like you're doing something Highly Illegal, you can use
these things almost anywhere! Dimly lit arcades are the best, assuming
that you get quarters and not tokens. (Although tokens COULD be sold at school
or some other local hangout at a discount) Laundramats and Car Washes are good
places to exchange paper for coins.

     "Ok", you ask, "Where do I get access to an office copy machine?" Well,
if you're a student, a summer job is your best bet. An added benefit is that
you'll get paid as well. And since you'll be staying late to work (make your
copies), that extra effort will look wonderful to your next employer.


     For this elegant hack, all you need is... A piece of aluminum foil!

      Take that piece of foil and cut it to the size of a dollar bill. Just
slide it into the changer, shiny side up. The template used to check the bill
gets reflected right back into the sensor and CH-CHING! Here comes your coins!

     USE GLOVES when you are handling the photocopies and/or using the foil
method! The Secret Service gets upset about do it yourself money. Also, do not
keep hitting the same machines all the time! Establishing a pattern will get
you busted faster than you can imagine!

     These are only two ways to encourage change machines to shower money into
your waiting hands. There are many other ways as well, so look for Part II,
coming soon!

+  Written by: Egyptian Alchemist +
+                                 +
+ Special Thanks to: THE          +
+                    NIGHTSTALKER +

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