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Credit card fraud

         | Volume I of The Adventures in Fraud Series |
         |             The Bible of Fraud             |
         |                     By:                    |
         |                 Sneak Thief                |
         |           Smog City..213-926-7720          |
         |            Thanx to: The Raider            |
         |     Copyright, (C) 1985 by Sneak Thief     |
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You ever wonder where that unemployed guy down the street got
enough cash to start a 1200 baud board with 60 megs?  Well, the
answer, most likely, is Credit Fraud.

Credit fraud involves getting a credit card number (a CC #), and
then ordering things by phone.  All you need is the card number
and the experation date.  And a few other nasties...

Well, forget this basic stuff!  Let's get into the good parts....

Getting Your Card

Always been meticulous about your appearence?  Don't like to be
dirty?  Then the primary method of getting credit cards is not
going to appeal to you.

When a customer buys something at a store or restaurant (with a
credit card, of course), several carbons are made.  The store
puts these into their files, and throws them away a week or so

What's that?  You say, "Why don't I go to the trash, and get
these carbons?", do you? Well, you're correct; this is exactly
what you do.  Here are some tips:

1) Go on the First of the month.  (In a lot of stores, this is
   the 'clear the files day'.

2) Go to the mall.  That way, if one trash can is empty, you
   have a hundred or so more.

3) Stay away from food stores.  Sticking you're hand into last
   week's fried chicken is a price too high for a lousy credit

4) For convienence, look for florists, video stores and the like.
   Video stores especially, since >every< transaction they make
   involves a credit card.

Ok, that is just one of the ways which you can get you're card
here are the other primary methods:


CBI and TRW are Credit services which have Credit Cards,
Addresses, names, and driver's licenses for most of the
population of the United States.  You can also use this system to
find out the credit card mend calling through a PBX, then XXXXX (insert you're
favorite phone service here).


You could also get them off the credit fraud board on you're
local elite BBS.  Not a good idea, since most cards up there have
about 1,000 dollars worth of porno tapes on them.

Better yet, you can ask a friend.  This will probaly work, but
sometimes people give a card that they have used, or used but
messed up with.  Oh, the death of friendship!

Ok, you've got your card?  Good.


You've got to order your merchandise.  To do this, call the
orderline for the company, and talk to these people.  If you're
known as "The Human Carrier" by you're friends, or modems connect
when you say "Hello", then forget it.  These days they are
getting mighty suspicous.

They will ask you what card you want to use.  Master Cards have a
5 as the first digit of the first cluster, Visas have a 4.

If ice--very
softly.  Just say, "I'm sorry...  I have this awful sore

The first rule is be polite.  Don't sound nervous.  If the lady
asks you for the driver's license, and you don't have it, make
one up, then before you hang up, say "I'm sorry, I'm going to
have to cancel this order...my husband told me that he had
already gotten the XXXXX (the item you were trying to order)"
Try to order from a pay phone, and when they ask for a phone
number, give them the pay phone's number.  Or scan for a number
that will ring, and ring...  A board that is down is a good bet.

Now, you may ask, what address do I give the salesman?

The Address

The pick up is one of the most crucial part of the entire part.
Here is what I think the ultimate address should be:

1) Abandoned.

2) Isolated (No little old ladies calling the police or spraying
   you with hoses).

3) About a mile or so away from your house.

Number one could also have a friend of yours who will sign for
the package, then when the feds come deny it ever arrived.  This
is unlikely.

Number two is obvious.  I have been yelled at by numerous old
people, and people that don't speak English.  Not fun.

The mile away from you're house is obvious.  Don't want people
that know you to be witnesses.

Also, you can order to an occupied house.  Send them a note by
mail, telling them about a "computer glitch that sent some of
our mechandise to you're address, and we will send a sales
representative (or his son) to come pick it up."  Spice this up,
by apologizing for any hassles, and giving a fake name for the
"sales represenative".  Then, when you go, just give them a
little note authorizing you to be there with an impressive

When you pick up the package, be calm.  Talk to the people no
longer than necessary, but don't run away or anything.  Wear a
hat, but don't wear a ski mask and sunglasses.  Look normal, yet
try and conceal as much of you're looks as possible.

If you do this right,  you will look like a normal person, and
the people will forget about  you in the month or so it takes the
credit agency to do anything about the fraud.

Advanced Fraud

To order more advanced, (ie: from Northwestern, or things that
cost alot of money), you will need the following (usually):

      The Driver's License Number
      The Bank or Interbank Number (For MasterCard)
      The Billing Addresss

Sometimes this will be written on the carbon.  But the best way
is just to use TRW...if you have a password for it.


Reading an issue of U.S News and World Report (June 3, 1985)
yesterday, I found an article on Phreaking, Fraud, and BBS's.
Very interesting.

Said something about mailboxing, which is going through a company
mailbox looking for let's say bills and the like which would
have a credit number on it.  Sounds interesting.  Go on a
Saturday, and look in the mailboxes.  The last few days of a
month would be a good idea, since maybe you could get lucky and
snipe their Visa statement.  That just goes to show that reading >some<

Look for cards like this one:

     5024 0000 6184 3847

The second cluster means it's a "preferred" card, and you can
order more stuff with it.  Some cards only have 13 digits (i.e:
5024 000 618 787).

If you think you have ordered the limit of you're card, verify
it.  You do this by calling a dial up (usually  800), giving them
a merchant number, the card number, the name on the card, the
expiration date, and the amount to be spent.   They will tell you
it the card has enough money for the purchase.  Get a dial up and
merchant number by going to the Department Store.  They are
usually written on the phones.

For MasterCard, the Interbank number is right below the name on
the carbon.  Visa cards contain a bank number in one of the

Don't order from Northwestern.  There prices are not worth all of
the questions you have to answer.

Order from Conroy-LaPointe at 800/547-1289, they are quite


There are no old carders.  You quit, or you get caught.  Plan
what you want to get, and don't try and rush your frauds.

The first rule of fraud is, "Greed Kills."  I think being
arrested by the feds and having to face my parents and lose my
computer about the same as death.  But what is life without a
little risk?

Try to sell most of the things you card.  If there is no stolen
(carded) stuff in you're house, they might go easier on you.

By the way, I am in no way responsible for any use made of
the information in this file.  It is for informational purposes
only.  And if you believe that, please leave me mail on Smog
City about a business opportunity.  I have this bridge...

That's about it for now.  Look for Volume II in The Adverntures
in Fraud Series.

<          Volume I In the Adventures in Fraud Series           >
<                      Copyright (C) 1985                       >
<                       By:  Sneak Thief                        >
<                     A Smog City Crew File                     >
<   Thanks to:  The Raider, Grandmaster DST, The Mugger, and    >
<   Simon Templar for telling me things I didn't know before    >
<                   Smog City....213-926-7720                   >

Now that you've finished the file, call Smog City...It's a great

Permission is given to put this file anywhere, as long as the
credits are intact.

        June 6, 1985 - Sneak Thief of the Smog City Crew

                             The End

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