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Autoresponders for profit on the net!

NOW!  Learn THE secret to the MOST effective way to advertise on the Internet.

Everyone knows that the Internet offers advertisers access to 40 million
potential customers at little or no cost.  Unfortunately, the 'Net has not
generally welcomed commercial messages on its newsgroups, responding to
them with angry "flames" and "mail-bombs."   This has severely limited the
effectiveness of on-line marketing.

Until now.

My name is Sheila Danzig.  I have been marketing professionally for
twenty-five years, and I have many years' experience marketing on the
Internet in particular. I am the author of "Turn Your Computer Into a Money
Machine," I am the creator of the Information Super Highway Catalog, and I
have made $16 MILLION in only 7 years, following my own marketing advice.

I have found an astonishingly simple way to advertise on the Internet
without getting any flames or complaints.  You need only two things: an
autoresponder and a signature file.  Although simple, this method WORKS,
and it will work for you.  To make it even easier, before the end of this
message, I will show you how you can get an autoresponder for six months
for no monthly cost!

First, you need to use a signature file.  A signature file is just a fancy
way of referring to six or seven lines of text placed at the end of a
newsgroup, discussion group, or forum posting.  These few lines can be
about anything.  They can have nothing to do with the message to which they
are they are attached, and they can have nothing to do with the newsgroup
to which they are posted.  For whatever reason, these signature files are
not considered to violate the rules of "Netiquette" and so are generally
welcomed by Internet users.

The chief limitation of the signature file, however, is that if it is
longer than just a few lines, it WILL be considered inappropriate and will
generate flames.  Yet, it may be impossible to fully extol the virtues of
your product or service in such a small space.  The solution to this
dilemma, and the key to the future of marketing on-line is to get an

An autoresponder is a program that acts like a little robot, automatically
answering your mail with a pre-written response.  Thus, if you send a
message to my autoresponder by sending e-mail to autoresponder@request.com,
a computer will automatically send back the document which you are now
reading.  Perhaps that's how you received it in the first place.  Try it
out if you haven't already.  You'll notice that it generally takes only a
couple of minutes until you receive your reply from the autoresponder.  My
autoresponder works whether my computer is turned on or not, and whether I
am awake or asleep.  The computer does all the work!

Alone each of these two tools, the signature file and the autoresponder,
are very useful.  When used together, however, they are immensely powerful.
In just a few lines, a signature file can tell people on the 'Net a little
bit about your product-- just enough to pique their curiosity-- and then
include the e-mail address of an autoresponder to which they can write to
get more information.  For example, two of mine might look like this:

-Sheila Danzig
-----NSMI - In business since 1969-----
Add *POWER* to your marketing with an AUTORESPONDER.
Send any message to autoresponder@request.com.
Learn how to use, get, and make money with one.

Or this:

-Sheila Danzig
 -----NSMI in business since 1969-----
Send any message to credit@request.com.
For complete info + application for the
BEST deal around.

In a recent, small-scale test, I grossed over $2,500.00 using a signature
file and an autoresponder.  And I did not receive one flame!

Until now, the main barrier to using an autoresponder has been the cost.
For example, one firm in New Jersey is charging $995.00 per year for an
autoresponder, PLUS five cents for each response it sends after the first
6000.  As far as I am concerned that defeats the entire purpose of the
autoresponder.  What makes the autoresponder the most amazing weapon that I
have ever seen is that it will send an UNLIMITED number of messages, at no
extra charge.

Did I really say that I would give you an autoresponder FREE for 6 months?

Yes I did and here it is.

This offer is not being sent to everyone.  I posted information about this
autoresponder to newsgroups and forums where I believed that I would find
the serious online marketers.

I truly believe that any serious online marketer who tries an autoresponder
will keep it forever.

My regular fee for an autoresponder is only $35 per month. This is a fairly
typical fee, though there are many that charge much more than that.  I also
charge a $25 set-up fee to put your information into the electronic
autoresponder setup.

I will give you the full unlimited use of an autoresponder (with up to 150
lines of text) for 6 months with NO monthly charge.  You pay only the $25
set up fee.  After 6 months you can cancel and owe nothing.  Or you can
keep the autoresponder for only $15 a month, automatically billed to your
credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, or Discover).  But you will not pay
one cent in monthly fees until you have had six months to test the power of
this amazing marketing weapon. FREE.  With unlimited responses, for six
months.  FREE.  The ONLY way you will pay anything after the set-up cost in
the first six months is if you want to change the message that your
autoresponder gives out; there is a $20 charge every time you change the
copy.  You just send the new copy and we will bill your credit card number.
The changes will always be made within 4 days.

Because I want you to succeed so I can keep you as a customer, I will give
you a FREE subscription to my online marketing newsletter.  It normally
retails for $299.00.  It is full of tested marketing insghts and strategies
that will make sure that you succeed in all aspects of online marketing.
This newsletter is yours FREE, starting immediatly, for as long as you keep
your autoresponder.

Why am I doing all of this?
I am giving the autoresponder to you for FREE for 6 months, because I know
that you will LOVE IT, it will work for you and you will never want to give
it up.  After 6 months, I will be charging less than half of my normal
price, only $15 a month.

I also know that once you try it you will want a second and a third and a
fourth autoresponder as the years go on.  I am sure that you will get those
autoresponders from me as well.  I want you as a customer for years and
years to come.  I want to make it impossible for you to leave.

You have nothing to lose.  You have unlimited use of an autoresponder for 6
months, paying only the one time set up fee of $25.00.  If it is not the
most powerful tool you ever imagined, just e-mail or fax me a message to
cancel.  You paid nothing other than a small set up fee. You owe nothing.

But you owe it to yourself to at least try this weapon.  I take all of the

It is easy to get started.

Send your file as you want it to appear, as a message to danzig@gate.net.
Send your credit card number (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX) with the
file or call our office at 1-800-214-6404, and tell them you are paying $25
for an autoresponder.  The copy must be sent via email to danzig@gate.net.
You will be charged only $25.00 for the set up and nothing again for 6

You will be given an email address that will belong to your autoresponder.
As soon as you get that address, send an email message to it, and watch how
quickly it bounces your message back to you.

The Secret Weapon of the Internet is YOURS free for 6 months. Limit, one
free autoresponder per person.  This is a limited offer that may be
withdrawn at any time.

Send any questions to danzig@gate.net, or if you are ready to do business
on the net, send in your order today!

Yours for success,
Sheila Danzig

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