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How to make money -literally

**                                                                         **
**                       How To Make Money (literally)                     **
**                                                                         **
**  by Schilke                                                             **
**  transcribed by Yoyoma                                                  **
**  August 1990                                                            **

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The information contained within this text is for informational purposes
only.  The method explained in this text should not be tried, as theft of
services is a crime and punishable by law. However, the author or anyone
distributing this file cannot be held responsible for the actions or
results of anyone attempting to use the methods.

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Have you ever wanted to know the secret to making money?  Well, worry no
more.  Using the method contained within this file you can MAKE all the
money you want, cheap!

Yes, this file is about <hush, hush> counterfeiting and defacing U.S.
money for fraudulent purposes.  This file is not for the weak of heart, so
if you are offended, read no further.

This text is concerned with the conversion of pennys to dimes for use in
vending machines.  With a little of your invested time, you can turn 10
cents into 1 dollar.  Of course, you can only spend it in vending
machines, but think about all you can get from vending machines these days.
Drinks, food, candy, smokes (but please don't smoke, sell them to someone
for a buck), and shaving supplies (if you happen to be in a hotel), just
to name a few.  You might even be able to make real cheap long distance
phone calls.  And, if you insert your money to buy certain priced items,
you can even get back real money for change.  More on this later.

Supplies you will need:

     - a file, just about any type will do

     - pennies, preferably the zinc kind (after 1984 (I think)), but old
       copper ones will do, they are simply harder to file.

     - a C-clamp, vise grips, or a table vise, or just about anything you
       can use to hold the penny while you work on it.

     - a dime, to size up the penny while you work on it

If you have one, substitute a shop grinder for the file.  It will grind
the pennies down in a matter of seconds.  If you do it this way, be sure
to wear saftey goggles.  You wouldn't want to hurt yourself, now would you?


1.  In the clamp or vise, place a dime on top of a penny and secure in the
    clamp or vise.  Now you can see what you will have to grind away.

2.  Grind.  You may have to rearrange the penny and dime in the vise a few
    times so you can get it all even.  It doesn't have to be perfectly
    round, but the more perfect, the better.

3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have as many 'dimes' as you want.

You should now have pennies that you can substitute for dimes in some
machines.  It will work in some, but not all, so try it out and experiment.
Use them wisely and think about what you want before you make a selection.

For example, if you have 5 one-cent-dimes, insert them and choose a 45
cent item.  If it works, you should get your 45 cent item and a REAL
nickel back in change.  The change will cover your costs for the pennies,
but your labor will have gone into getting the snack.  Some may think that
the time it takes to make the 'dimes' is not worth it, but it doesn't
really take too long, and the fact that you are thwarting the system and
ripping off the companies that rip everyone else off with their high 
priced machines is enough to make some people try it.

Also, some machines keep the coins you enter in escrow, and if you hit the
coin return, you get back the same coins that you entered.  Other machines
will go ahead and let the coins drop in the coin box.  If you decide you
want your money back, the machine will activate the coin changer and it
will dispense coins that are stored in the coin mechanism.  If you can
find one of these types of machines, you can really rack up.
Enter the home-made dimes, and then hit the coin return.  You will then
get back quarters and/or nickels and/or dimes back in the coin return slot.

If you're really daring, roll up the 'dimes' in paper rolls and try to cash
them in at the bank or grocery store (with a bogus name and address, of 

Using this method to 'make' money, you will never have to pay full price
for items in vending machines ever again.

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