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How to card with Discover (but do you get cash back?)


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                  DiSCOVER , the card that pays you     
                .. period.                              
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    Hello , again welcome to another highly illegal greed workshop.

    today we will be learning to succesfully purchase large amounts
    of mercandise on someone else's DiSCOVER card. the first step of
    course is obtaining a DiSCOVER card , my favorite method has
    always been by 'hotboxing' or 'carhopping' as it is known , but
    most of you will probably go the traditional way and rob mail
    boxes , ( unless you are a good pickpocket ).
       This part is really up to you.

       Once you have said credit card , you have to choose a
    place to use it at. Any retail store will do , however prefered
    ones are those ;
            a.) without cameras
            b.) where the salespeople are on commision (Circuit City,Pawn 
                shops, etc.)
            c.) in a shopgroup as opposed to an inclosed mall
            d.) in the 'GOOD' part of town
            e.) where you can steer clear of for the rest of your life
    make sure to wear baggy clothes and a hat on the day of your shopping
         Before entering the store you can  ABSOLUTELY  check the
    validity of your Stolen card like this.
            a.) pick up the payphone right outside the store
            b.) dial 1-800-347-1111 (it's even a free call)
            c.) the first thing you will prompted for is a
                MERCHANT NUMBER

                this is a code identifying the merchant who wants
                to know if a card will be approved/denied

            you will have to enter the DiSCOVER prefix ( 6011 )
            followed by an 11 number mercant code ( 1's and 0's work best )

                FOR EXAMPLE: 6011 - 0014001 - 0010

                now press POUND (#)

            d.) Now enter the CC number, form of 6011-????

                press POUND (#)

            e.) Enter the expiration date in the form of MM/YY

                EXAMPLE: 0495 is APRiL of 1995 

                press POUND (#)

            f.) and lastly , the amount proposed to buy in the form
                of  $$$

                EXAMPLE - 2034 is  $20.34    15965 is  $159.65

                press POUND (#)


       of course you can see readily why doing this is MUCH SMARTER than
    calling the number on the back of the card.even if a card is reported stolen
    they will give you a balance (sometimes true , sometimes bullshit), but
    this tells you nothing of the VALIDITY of the card.
       now you enter the store , be friendly, but not too outgoing. Keep
    your purchases between $5-$350 but ABSOLUTELY under $500.
       done correctly you will be able to shop multiple spots on the same
       when you approach the counter if YOU HAVE NOT checked your card, or
    are for some reason unsure about it, just say, "Let me see if they are
    gonna hassle me today, late with one payment and they never forgive ya."
    or some such shit , this will remove the tension and suspicion if the
    card gets turned down.
       Of course for those of you who followed the above steps , you have
    no worries whatsoever , as you are using the same "iNSiDER" line
    shopkeepers use.
       You of course understand why certain types of stores (listed above)
    are preffered , they limit the risks , and make it less likely for
    you to be hassled.
       having purcahsed things on cards legitimately as well as illegally
    i can tell you now YOU NEVER WiLL BE ASKED FOR I.D. on _ANY_ purchase
    between $1-$150 , it is not common practice to I.D. , only new employees
    and those handling LARGE purchases even care. odds are they will swipe
    your card, and not look at it or the signature you sign. comparing
    the two is out of the question. it is considered 'rude' retail manners
    to 'insult' their customers in these manners.
       if the person looks absolutely stonewall , tell them it is INDEED
    not your card , you were asked by your boss or girlfirend (depending
    on the card) to pick up some items.
       if they Still harass you , tell them to put the items on hold for
    the person on the card, (He/She'll come by , but boy , will they be mad!)
    , retrieve the card, and leave sourly.
       and go on to the next store.

    The bottom line here is that stores (record, department , whatever)
    don't really care , as long as they get an APPROVAL (same one you got)
    the credit card company will PAY THEM, even on a stolen card.

     hopefully this will aid you, look for another about 'MASTERing the
     value of MASTERCARD' in the next issue of EUPHORiA.

                         Grand  Larceny


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