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Double Your Money!

                            | Doubling Your Money |
                                  by Dissident
                                     of TES

     This is a very simple, very effective little scam I came up with earlier
today...  Almost anyone can pull it off, as long as you have a little common
sense...  Quite simply, this will allow you to double your money...

     What you need:

     A normal looking friend (one whose face isn't likely to be remembered)
     A fake ID for said friend
     A sum of money (less than $300, please)
     Either a mailbox or a Post Office box
     Some guts, some intelligence, and greed.

(It is best if the friend is out-of-city/state, but if not, that's what vehicles
are for)

     Alrighty, this is how its done.
     You or your friend finds some secluded place out in the middle of Bufu
Egypt, preferably near a house...The house should either be abandoned, or noone
should be home when the mail is delivered...  Once you find the location, plant
the mailbox.
     If you are going to use a PO Box (not a bright idea, but), your friend and
his fake-id will have to get one...
     Now, you go to your Post Office and purchase a money order for the amount
of money you wish to double.  Then, fill in the blanks on it with the name on
the fake-id and the address of the mail/PO box...  The comPost Office gives 100%
refunds if the MO is lost/stolen if those blanks are filled in...(Beginning to
get the picture, eh?)
     You then proceed to mail the MO to your friend.  You can either do that
legitimately, or you can put the fake address on it, a bogus address to be sent
to, and no stamp...  They'll return it to your friend's box...
     When the friend gets it, he promptly removes the mailbox (or closes the PO
box), cashes the MO, gives you the money (minus his kickback), you report the MO
lost or stolen in two or three weeks, you get a refund, and you are now twice as
rich as before...

     Neat, eh?

     Now, for my comments...  I recommend a mailbox instead of a PO box...  You
can steal a box much cheaper than you can get one at the comPost Office.  They
are easier to remove, they leave no chance of fingerprints being found, etc.
     The real risk involved here is for your friend.  The ID had better be legit
looking, or he'll be nailed quicker than he can shit about it.  The MO should be
handled carefully so that fingerprints are at a minimum (hold by a corner with
the tips of the index/thumb).  If there are problems, take the ID, the MO, and
RUN LIKE HELL...  Obviously, the license plate on the car should be screwed up a
bit (electrical tape), or taken off...  The car should be fast, and not
conspicuous at all...
     If something falls through, the MO and the ID get destroyed, and you still
report the MO stolen/lost...  You get a refund, and you lose nothing...
     You should also have a story worked up in case they ask what you were
ordering...  Some believable reason for sending the money to the box in the
first place (a donation to needy children which you were told about via phone
call from some lady, if your friend is a male, or from some man, if the friend
is female...)

     I guess that about does it.  The scam will work, with little risk and very
high gain-possibilities...  Do one for $250, and then get a 9600...  Need
another harddrive?  Want some blank 3.5" disks?  Need a new system?  The
possibilities are endless, and it is much safer than carding or check fraud...
(Although Check Fraud and Carding can give greater benefits when successful...)

                                 (c) 1989  TES
                                    TES are
                Dissident  Cronus  Schwarzenneger  King Diamond

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